The Green,Green Eyes That Roam

th (6)I am driven by envy. You might wonder how someone who is naturally superior to everyone else could be envious of other people. After all, if they are inferior what is there to be jealous about? Therein lies the problem. Since I perceive most other people as inferior, if I find that they have something better than what I have, I immediately find myself angry. How dare they have a car that is more attractive than mine, they have no right to that. The anger rises inside and I must lash out. In the example given I will find some reason to denigrate their vehicle by adversely commenting on it. I will then puncture a tyre later or run a key down the paintwork. Once I have spoiled it I feel a tremendous relief and the power washes over me in an awesome way.

I am always looking around for the better deal, the trade-up and the improvement. Meet me at a drinks party and I will half-listen to you drone on until I can start talking about my achievements to you. All the while, I am looking over your shoulder to see if there is someone more interesting I can talk to, someone who is better known than you and will make me good. If I see such a target talking to someone I know, the envy rises again. Why are they giving that loser such attention and not me? Does that mean they regard me as people that fool? I cannot have that. I leave you and march over, barging into the conversation and grabbing the hand of my target for a firm handshake.

If I find someone has a larger television than me or one that is technologically superior, I must ensure I immediately buy one to beat theirs. It does not matter if the existing television is only six months old, I am jealous and I must address that envy immediately to state my superiority. I will look to improve my position and if possible, reduce yours. Doing both gives me a delicious sense of omnipotence that courses through me.

This is a never-ending process.My green eyes are flicking left and right as I seek out the larger, the bigger, the faster, the ore attractive, the higher, the sleeker, the more expensive and the superior. Upwards I must go driven by need to outsmart all around me. Yes it can be tiring for some of our kind and it is certainly expensive (although some of our kind can shoulder the cost better than others)  but nobody remembers who comes second do they ? My engine of envy drives me forward in my mission of improvement and betterment and surely that is a good thing, yes ?

5 thoughts on “The Green,Green Eyes That Roam

  1. Kasia says:

    You’ve said that you believe that MOST people are superior? What kind of people do you perceive as equal or better than you?

    1. Kasia says:

      Sorry, I wanted say most people are inferior not superior.

  2. Maddie says:

    And it’s me who has green eyes… unless Your have abilities to change colours during fury which is possible 👀

  3. Maddie says:

    It must be exhausting at some point …it is… I was there as a teenage girl up to my 20s…

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