A Jarring Thought

I suspect that you may have come across this tale before, but it is worth recounting and to enable us to consider what we have in our own jars. A professor was once stood in front of his class of students and he produced a large glass jar which he placed on the desktop for all to see. He then picked up a bucket containing some rocks and tipped them into the jar until they reached the brim of the jar.

“Is the jar full?” the professor asked his students.

There was a murmur of assent. The professor picked up a second bucket and this one contained pebbles. He poured them into the jar and they spilled downwards finding their way through the cracks and gaps between the rocks.

“Would you say the jar is full now?”

There was another murmur of assent although a few students remained silent waiting for the professor’s next gesture.

The professor picked up a third bucket and this time he tipped sand into the jar. The granules percolated their way between the rocks and the pebbles, until the third bucket was empty.

“Would you agree that the jar is full this time?” asked the professor.

There were more nods of agreement as the students wondered what else could possibly be added to the jar which now contained rocks, pebbles and sand. The professor produced a pint of beer and tipped this into the jar. The liquid was absorbed into the sand, turning into a dark brown. The professor waited for the gentle laughter to abate and then spoke.

“The jar represents your life. The rocks are all the important things which really matter. Your health, your family, your partner and your children. The pebbles represent other important matters but on a smaller scale, for instance your job, money, friendships and your home. The sand amounts to the small stuff in life. If you put the sand in first and the pebbles there will be no room for the rocks. If you fill up your life with the minutae you will not be able to accommodate the really important things which matter. You need to prioritise what you feel your life up with in order to be fulfilled rather than worrying about the small stuff.”

The lecture theatre erupted into smiles. A student raised his hand.

“Professor, what does the beer represent?”

“Ah, I am glad you asked. That goes to show that in everyone’s life there is always room for a beer.”

I found this tale interesting and wondered what would be in people’s jars? What would yours look like now? I am not prone to introspection but on this occasion I went to the figurative cupboard at the top of the house and opened it up to examine my large, glass jar. It was full to the brim with darkness.


15 thoughts on “A Jarring Thought”

  1. Dear Malignarc
    How come your jar is full of darkness?? Out of supply ?? I understand supply is supposed to be what fill your jar?

    1. A fair observation. My life is full of darkness. The darkness of the jar does not denote being out of supply but rather signifies the dark-hearted way I lead my life. Of course, if I was referring to supply the jar would not be brimming would it, since we can never become full?

  2. Anyway Alice I wrote long but it seems to be blocked. I thanked for the info but cant make it this time but wish you an enlightning meeting. 👍🏻👍🏻😃

    1. No problem Nikita,

      I know it was very short of notice;-)
      Maybe next time indeed, I am curious what it will be like and look very much forward to the Convention! I took over a near-to-simultaneous translation job so that’ll probably be a challenge, but I enjoy good challenges so I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun:-))

      If you speak German or French and need someone to talk to over the phone we could also exchange contact details through an anonymous mail address here – this extends to other fellow ladies who would like ‘real-life-contact’ as well of course – wouldn’t it be great to have a mini ‘European Narc Abuse Survivor and Thriver Meeting’ somewhere in Europe? We could gather speakers such as Kaleah La Roche, Melanie Tonia Evans, Ross Rosenberg, DelusionDispellar, Adelyn Birch, Claudia Moscovici, SpartanLifeCoach et al. for presentation à and maybe even invite Sam Vaknin or another ‘insightful narc’ (if any) for a presentation on the other side of the coin:-)

      Organising sich an event would be a wonderful challenge for me, and since I work in the networking/event/PR business, I am seriously thinking of setting this up! 😊

      x Alice

  3. Glad youre back! I really missed the blogs.
    Concerning the jar… Yes you say that you never have enough… So this would mean yes the jar is empty.. But I wonder if there is a not a person in this world who would give you enough?? Amanda??
    Why dont you write one blog where you let fly your fantasy and your dreams and you tell us how would it have looked and felt life with Amanda??

    1. Thank you for the compliment. Empty and dark is the way it is. Would someone provide enough? Yes, Amanda might because she is untainted by the failures that everyone else has when they let me down. There will be more Amanda in due course band I may use your interesting suggestion because we do have wonderful imaginations, so envisaging how it will be when I find her and we come together is something I may well share. Thank you.

  4. A few years back my jar was filled with rocks and pebbles and all the good stuff, but then I visited Planetnarc. It slowly filled with smoke and mirror shards. But that was then…


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