The Devil’s Toolkit

You may not realise this but my kind and me are always prepared. We carry with us at all times a toolkit which is stocked with many useful tools and instruments to assist us in our day-to-day machinations. These tools enable us to carry out our quest to obtain fuel. Sometimes you may not realise that we are actually using these tools and on other occasions you cannot help but notice. Every one of our kind comes equipped with this toolkit. Not all of the tools are used by every member of our brethren and we are always on the lookout for additions that can be made to it. It can be tiring lugging it around with us but it is a necessary burden if we are to achieve our aims. Luckily for you,I am going to provide you with an insight into what lies inside the Devil’s Toolkit.

Saw of Interruption – this is regularly used to cut you off when you are speaking.

Chisel of Misery – a very handy instrument which is used on a frequent basis to chip away at your self-esteem

Hammer of Intimidation – a blunt instrument that is used to bludgeon you into submission

Screwdrivers of Diversion – this flexible tool comes with two adjustable ends. The Denial and the Blame-Shift. Either of these ends can be fitted to twist the truth

Pliers of Manipulation – these are used to push and pull, turn and wrench until we get what we want.

Unlimited Tape Measure – this is used to see if you come up to standard but unsurprisingly you never measure up

Stanley Knife – a diverse blade which is used for figuratively making small yet painful cuts or if need be slicing you open

Spanner of Disruption – I have plenty of these in the toolkit and use them to throw into the works on a repeated basis to mess things up for you and others

Fuse Wire – I know you keep blowing yours so this is often used

Insulation Tape – for keeping you insulated from everyone else. It is a large roll and never runs out

Torch of Illumination – this does not work as there are never any batteries in them. Well they are fuel aren’t they?

Power Drill of Inferiority – this is used to drill into you over and over again how useless and pathetic you are

Charming Sander – very handy for smoothing everything over in an instant

Snare – always handy for trapping the unwary empath

Immobility Clamps– used for keeping you right where I want you

Blowtorch of Rage – I may need to take this back to Lucifer since it seems to blow hot and cold

Goggles of Reflection – I don’t want to get anyone,I mean anything, in my eyes do I?

Sugarcoated Knuckleduster of Attrition – wears you down but you don’t realise it

Laser Tape Measure – projects brilliantly

Ear Defenders – always necessary when doling out the silent treatment

Scissors of Snipping – all purpose tool for cutting through any barriers or boundaries

Gas Lamp – prone to going on and off without rhyme or reason

Circular Conversation Saw – I think this one is faulty as well as it goes round and round but never actually does anything

Pot of Fairy Dust – we sprinkle this liberally and everything sparkles and shines. Shame they could not make some that lasted longer though.

Quite the collection isn’t it and I am sure you will recognise some personal favourites of the narcissist in your life.

28 thoughts on “The Devil’s Toolkit

  1. Kdk says:

    For a split of a second, today, I understood everything. I saw the logic and appreciated it for what it was. I suddenly knew that he told me things about all of his other sources (secondary sources, I was queen at that time) when I was exhausted and couldn’t provide negative fuel. I understood fuel. It was a beautiful moment and had that sweet sweet freedom. For a split of the second. And then it was gone and I’ve been trying to find that connection to your logic again all day. I am so near. I am confident and happy I could have a touch on it. I shall be over him very soon. Next time I’ll have the connection will be my very moment of acceptance and letting go.
    Thanks for your blog HG. Powerful knowledge.

  2. AMA says:

    I am a city girl, raised in Boston. I am also Italian… KNOWING ITALIAN AVENGING ANGELS is the blog that I will write… I don’t care how tough the Narc thinks that he is… . He was raised on a farm by a Narc father who treats him like cow dung to this very day. Yes I feel sorry for him with my Italian empathetic saintly heart… But like Saint Peter in Rome, I do NOT tolerate abuse, so I made him pay. Now that I put my Narc in his place, I am very very satisfied. I have happily moved on to a brand new beautiful lover who respects and honors me. RESPECT is another way of saying Italian. AMORE means LOVE. Love is life. My narc is not love which means he is not alive, which means he does not exist. I don’t even remember his name. Ciao Ciao… I am going to make love to my Amore Tesoro now… SMILE! I am and always was the best femme fatale … I treated my Narc like a king. I am known as a “beautiful” woman to men- never short of admirers, I am also highly educated and street smart…I DUMPED HIM AND NEVER LOOKED BACK. he doesn’t know where I am ( in another state). HE SHOULD HAVE NEVER MET ME because he got everything that he dished out to me tenfold. He is still eating his shit that I dumped back onto him. DO NOT TELL ME ABOUT THE GOLDEN PERIOD… He isn’t the only man on earth to provide me with Golden Periods. I experienced greater things with other men. I have had RESPECTFUL HONORABLE AMAZING LOVERS… And friends… Etc. My X Narc is delusional. You are delusional HG. I have a home in Italy where the golden period is everyday all day long- better than you can ever imagine and greater than anything that you could ever offer…. My X narc and you are both FOOLS.. Both of you can keep your lame golden periods. Hahahahaha your father was right about you… You really are a nobody. HUMBLE YOURSELF AND JUST ACCEPT IT!!!! . My X Narc may commit suicide over the fact that he feels so worthless and devalued by me and his father…yup he might kill himself over it and go to hell… Who knows?! It is Not my business, not my problem. I will light a candle for him at the Vatican… Perhaps he will repent and find salvation for himself. I pray that all of his victims find the peace, love and joy that they deserve. AMEN. PS GOOD ALWAYS WINS OVER EVIL. Narcissists are easy to stomp out when one is an angel of the highest order. The blessed mother stands on you and squashes you with her bare feet …. Michael the archangels cuts you in half… I was aware of all of this when I was being subjected to your filth… I quietly observed your pathetic behavior firsthand, and secretly waited to topple you, which I did the abrupt minute that I dumped you…haha and you had no secondary fuel lined up, so you basically had a panic attack that night.. I was so happy to see you fall. You had no idea since I played so stupid and dumb the entire time I was with you. Thanks for the vacations and parties and everything you paid for…who was using who??? I was empathetic and innocent in the beginning, but the minute you started your mind games was the very minute that my wisdom reigned… I plotted against your every move but you neverrrrr suspected that from me. I was too sweet. Haha!!! You didn’t see the iron fists beneath my velvet gloves. YOU ARE THE FOOL. Have you ever seen the Sistine Chapel? Hahahaha look at the narcs in the painting … NO ONE FOOLS GOD… NO ONE FOOLS A CHILD OF GOD… AVENGING ANGELS EXIST… YOU WILL BLOW UP FROM ALL OF THE FUEL that you have taken… and you will combust into a big ball of fire in HELL – the hell you created! …. Meanwhile, I walked away from you a long time ago and never looked back. Hahaha God, I love Justice! 😀 HAhahaha . Go try to save yourself. Good luck pitiful man.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Well that was a decent dollop of fuel AMA thank you for the message, mind you don’t singe your wings as you fly towards the sun!

  3. alexis2015s says:

    Very helpful. Thanks HG. Well a part of me doesn’t care about him getting fuel as long it’s mutual and not a negative one. And suits my purpose as well 🙂

    1. malignnarc says:

      Seems to me like you are seizing the power there.

  4. alexis2015s says:

    thanks HG.

    I understand. Not sure if I was clear in my comment.

    He hasn’t actually sent me a message because he doesn’t have my number. So my response was aimed at confusing him a little because I couldn’t have thought it was a lovely message or replied to him because he hadn’t sent one in the first place.

    1. malignnarc says:

      I am with you. The fact you still gave a reaction to something which could not have happened will still supply fuel. Think about all the lies he told you and how you reacted to them – same applies.

  5. alexis2015s says:

    So HG, what kind of reaction would not give you the reaction you want ? Other than NC obviously.

    I’ll give you an example. My ex N (the MN) tried to hoover several times after I went NC. And he would regularly ask for my number which I’d changed. The direct approach did not work for him so one time he told me someone had given him my number ( I knew he was lying) a couple of weeks later he asked, did I get his text he’d sent the other day (another lie, I figured this meant he wanted me to be frantic that I hadn’t received it). But I quickly responded telling him, I had received it and that it was a lovely message. I told him I’d sent a reply about five minutes ago, knowing he would not be able to check his phone for a couple of hours after which I’d already left.

    1. malignnarc says:

      Hello Alexis, indifference and inattention are the twin daggers that pierce my fuel tank and cause it to drain. How I hate to be ignored. Thanks for sharing your example. I see what you are aiming for with your response to your ex. In those circumstances the fact that you answered saying it was a lovely message (even though you had not) would give me a dollop of fuel through your loving words. Have you read Fuel at all? I think you would find it interesting in determining how we do what we do and why, plus what supplies us with fuel and what does not. I would not be bothered about checking my phone the fact you said you saw it and have reacted to it (even if your reaction is a lie) would serve as fuel.

  6. Tonia says:

    Hiya H.G. I do find your posts and books informative, in though sometimes they are are too digest. I like the fact that is is straight to the point and is not sugar coated.
    X and I were together 6 years and I knew nothing of his disorder. I only found out everything after he discarded me. I have reason to believe that out of all the women he will hate me the most. He hates me because I never stopped digging for information and found out his lies, deceit and his dating sites. I know I’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg, I know there is plenty more I don’t know. For this I know he hates me as we live and work close to each other. His new girlfriend (18 months affair while with me) lives in the next street. As soon as I was discarded and they were now an item, he upped his campaign on dating sites and he knows I know. You say a Hoover is always possible, I really don’t think so, as when us former intimate partners find out what was going on and what your kind is really like. When you know that we know all about you. Doesn’t it put you off potentially going back for the Hoover and don’t you hate that person even more because they know what you are ? Looking forward to your reply !!!

    1. malignnarc says:

      Hi Tonia, thanks for your post. Lesser narcs generally move on as they do not want to expend the energy trying to hoover for long. The new target is an easier option for fuel. That said, if you ever give a narc an easy chance to hoover he or she will take it. With us grand narcs we will try harder for the hoover because getting a response from a former intimate partner is so sweet it is worth the effort. We will have moved on to other sources of fuel but we will still keep a tendril spare to try and coil around you from time to time. The fact that someone knows what we are does not necessarily mean they will be able to stop the hoover (some of course do) because the emotion overrides the head.

      1. Tonia says:

        Thanks for your prompt reply H.G. I must say I’m flabbergasted with all that I’m learning but what a knowledge to have. Wish I had this previously but I have it now. I don’t want to be one of those women who live in the past and want to move on with my life, but realise that I must work through my feelings and understand what happened so that it doesn’t happen to me again. I find myself looking forward to your posts and have bought all your books. How’s that for giving you a big heavy dose of fuel lol ? There’s lots of us “victims/targets out there lamenting but not many of your kind saying how it really is. Thanks for that, well that it for now !!!

        1. malignnarc says:

          Thanks Tonia, I am pleased you are finding the books and blog helpful. You are entirely correct. Many people who have fallen into our grip just go over and over it. Part of it is processing what has happened and that is understandable. Part of it however is linked to euphoric recall. There is a bittersweet pleasure that certain people take in keep remembering what has happened. They hurt because of what took place but also keep thinking of the illusion and still grasp for it and lament its passing. All I am doing is providing what has happened from my view point. Nobody else provides this. Those who read can hate me, abuse me and rail against me, that is their right. Those who read can also use that is written to aid their understanding. It is only through understanding can one embrace what has happened and attempt to move on. I know what I am and I make no apology for that. What I write is uncomfortable for many but it provides an inside one would not otherwise have. What people choose to do with it is entirely up to them. It is clear you are using it to become informed and to move forward.

  7. V says:

    The reaction…ok. It’s hard to believe this could be SO fulfilling to you that you would do some of the things you do. You were right I meant Sadism. So in reality you enjoy hurting or messing with people’s minds?
    My ex N’s son used to tell me that his Dad loved to stir the pot or watch people squirm, I guess what you are saying ties into this. I know it was done to me for 5 long years over and over, but I never understood WHY? So it’s purely the reaction you say…. Interesting.

    1. malignnarc says:

      Yes for the reaction. The reaction provides us with the fuel.

  8. Kat says:

    My hat is off to you, HG!
    One of my favourite posts yet.
    Not only wonderfully insightful, but funny too.

    1. V says:

      HG, you were right I did mean Sadistic.please tell me WHY the reaction is so vital? Emotional gestures and or words? What exactly does this fuel inside of you and for how long? I hope I’m asking this clearly? I guess it’s just baffling to me that a person could do so much stuff, just to get a reaction.

      1. malignnarc says:

        The reaction creates fuel and we need that fuel. If you read Fuel I explain what it is,how we get it, what it does for us, how we grade it and why we need it so much. I think you will find that publication especially enlightening.

    2. malignnarc says:

      Thank you Kat, the devil’s disciples are the ones with the best sense of humour.

      1. Kat says:

        We had our souls removed to make more room for sarcasm, after all 😉

  9. V says:

    So all of this just so you can get a reaction, control, cause some pain, mess with another’s head and what ….. What else? What is the main thing you desire to feel or see here? I understand fuel is what drives you, and what you seek, but, am I understanding correctly here…. That your main motivation is see others squirm or react? What you have de scribed here seems purely maschochistic, is that correct? Are your impulses derived from that?

    1. malignnarc says:

      Hi V, my main motivation is to create the reaction. That is what I require. It is the emotional gestures and/or words which provide me with the fuel which I need. I think you meant sadistic rather than masochistic if I have understood your point correctly. Yes, there are some behaviours which would be regarded as sadistic. I am not interested in how they are categorised, it is the reaction I require.

      1. Fitzy says:

        And what if we stop ginvumg reactions, change our phone number , start dating someone else?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Then you are taking steps towards become a F.R.E.E. and with the less able of our brethren you are less likely to be hoovered by them. Greater will try harder but at the end all is as the fuel wills it, if there is no fuel, we will go elsewhere.

  10. survivor says:

    No comment. I am speechless. Evil is still a good word for you and your kind .

    1. malignnarc says:

      I think you will find that was a comment.

    2. emmagc75 says:

      Yes, definitely evil but having the knowledge DOES help.

      1. malignnarc says:

        Exactly Emma.

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