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Read all about the narcissist’s lifeblood in this eye opening book.

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6 thoughts on “Fuel”

  1. Good morning HG
    Well, this was really an eye opener.
    I am list for words for a change….
    Finished fuel just an hour ago.
    That’s this read and also No Contact.
    I have become very cynical…..
    Actually see that as a good thing.
    Another process I must go through.
    Thank God.
    Thank you.

      1. HG
        Ok will keep reading and leave a review later today.
        It’s a pleasure.
        I gave both books five stars as that’s obviously warranted.
        You are a wordsmith Sir.

  2. Fascinating how you describe it all and how it all works in a Narcissist. Really fascinating to read you….. Finally understanding in real life what narcissistic supply is. I read alot how people say Sam Vaknin as the bible of narcissism… I would add you to the list as of bible of narcisism in real life. Im not finished yet with the book …

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