Your Pledge To Me

You signed the pledge. Your tears of joy fell on it and washed away what I had written there revealing instead what has been carved into the stone underneath. It is your pledge to me.

You promise to supply me with the fuel that I need, be it morning, noon or night. You dedicate yourself to loving, cherishing but above all else admiring me. From the moment you wake until the moment you close your eyes and hopefully seek slumber, you will apply your every thought, word and deed to supplying me with the potent fuel that I require.

You swear that you will be cast adrift from everything that you once held dear. You vow that you will raise no complaint nor seek to remedy your splendid isolation and instead you shall give thanks for the opportunity to be beholden to me.

You will agree with me without condition. You will submit to my will and my word. You will be subjugated and dominated and you will allow this to happen with a great gladness in your heart.

You unconditionally accept the dogma of my thinking and you will without demurring or deferring accept my rules even where there are no rules. You shall speak when I demand it and remain silent otherwise. You agree that you will second-guess, anticipate and ascertain all that I require and you shall do so without assistance, hint or help. You will raise no complaint nor identify any contradiction in the diktats that I shall pronounce, no matter how wildly they alter and vacillate.

You agree to remain trapped in the altered reality that shall be created for you and you shall do nothing to seek your escape from it. You agree you shall polish my hall of mirrors and keep the same free from dust, defect or deterioration.

You shall not better anything that I do, you shall diminish anything that you do in deference to my brilliance. You agree to comply with my every wish, demand and command and in so doing recognise that it is for your own good.

You shall recognise that you over-react, forget, fail to remember, blow out of proportion and engage in crazy aberrations of behaviour and you shall give repeated thanks for the tolerance and forgiveness that I allow you in the face of such blatant and sustained provocation.

You willingly and without complaint, claim or seeking redress agree to forgo your self-esteem, your identity and your sense of self. You volunteer to lay your self-worth, reason and confidence as sacrifices on the altar of my greatness.

You will submit to every whim I express, each desire I create and every demand without regard for its depravation, degradation or denigration.

You will with marvellous enthusiasm praise and worship me and with clarion call declare your awe at my almighty brilliance. You shall not suffer others to denigrate my name and instead you swear to defend my honour and reputation irrespective of logic, reason or hypocrisy.

You agree to be coated in confusion, enshrined in bewilderment and driven to demented frustration. You shall willingly strive with every fibre of your being to pander, soothe and placate me save when I do not require such treatment and expect you to realise without indication or clue.

You will go down on your knees and give thanks for the largesse that I exhibit towards you, that you are granted a daily audience with my scintillating superiority and that you are allowed to breath the air that I breath.

You shall cast off all notion of self, forgo your relationships and  betray your friends and family in order to better dedicate yourself to my greatness. You shall relinquish all interests, hobbies and activities in order to devote your life to me. You shall forgo all assets and chattels, delivering them up for my use, abuse and destruction.

You agree that yes means no, no means yes and yes and no mean whatever I want them to mean. You shall always give thanks for the enlightenment that I shall bring to you and do nothing to evade, dilute, diffuse or ameliorate my greatness.

You agree to become my appliance and an extension of my greater glory. You understand that you have only one role and that is to supply me with my precious fuel. You will not diminish nor interrupt this supply on pain of most terrible retribution.

You swear on pain of damnation that you shall never ignore me, never show indifference towards me and never to fail to react to everything that I say and do.

You will sacrifice everything that you hold dear in recognition of the god that I am and you shall do so whilst smiling despite the trauma you will suffer, the abuse you will endure and the horror visited on you each and every day.

You shall say my name with your dying breath and raise no complaint when I forget who you are.

I note you have already signed this pledge. You are learning already.

9 thoughts on “Your Pledge To Me

  1. Lake15 says:

    Hello HG,
    What happens when you discard (so to speak) after ordering your primary source to switch her gym because hers resembles that of a strip joint, so she complies with you and starts going to your gym BUT you forbid her to talk to ANYONE or attend any fitness classes and then you give her the silent treatment and she pisses you off so badly that you take her off your account, but she stays because she knows you wouldn’t want her going to her old gym. But now that you have given you the yo yo effect yet again she decides she’s done paying for the expensive gym and you have told her “I can’t trust you”…blah blah. So she decides shes going back to the “strip” gym. Will this cause a final discard so to speak or should I re word this to being put on the shelf for some time.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No such thing as a final discard, please see the article by the same name.

      In your example, the victim has already been dis-engaged from, therefore her shifting gyms will make no difference in that respect.

  2. Miss_stress says:

    Now it all makes sense, why I missed this one….not everyone will yield or submit. Where the will and the mind is strong…the plus side to the beautifully defiant, are the flock that blissfully submit without a challenge. Permitting maximum adoration to free flow. Such Souls can be reaped abundantly.
    As an aside. I did enjoy reading this article. It was pre my time.

  3. Magda says:

    wow…speechless I am…had to check the pledge again.’ve already signed it….but I am different. ..

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Indeed you are.

  4. Mills53 says:

    I remember asking Satan what the word “no” meant to him. He replied, “you could be saying no but your body could be saying yes. I go with what your body says, not you. Your body knows what it wants, I listen to what it wants and I give it to you.” Very creepy. Whenever I said no, it was countered by “why not” or “I will make you do it and you will like it.”

    1. malignnarc says:

      Absolutely, only we are allowed to say no. You must be compliant and submissive at all times. We will find a way to interpret yes or make you say yes because we are so entitled.

  5. V says:

    Part of me wants to argue with you on this and another knows the mentality you portraying here is pretty realistic. I often thought,’ What he wants and requires is total subservience of me’. But…. When you put it into words here, it sounds ridiculous, like something out of a horror story……. Why on earth would anyone comply? It’s a good question with an even more messed up answer, in my case I complied because….. Well, it’s just the way it was…. It was… MY ROLE to comply and on a subconscious level I knew it could work no other way. I told myself… In my fantasy as I call it, that I was only accepting him for him with no judgements, but I had been trained by him, trained to be small and unheard. Looking back, I instinctively knew something was askew, but I was only loving him on his level… So it had to be ok- right? Wrong, very wrong.
    HG, with so much awareness on your end, so much heart into this writing and surely you know you are helping us, please explain again how you can operate like this and feel great??
    Are you married, girlfriend? How do you sleep if you know you are cruel? How can you have such awareness and feel nothing and be ok with it?
    Truly, do you feel nothing when you lie your head on the pillow?

    1. malignnarc says:

      Hello V, you are absolutely right, when you look back at what you actually did you would think “If someone said to me at the outset this is what you are going to end up agreeing to do and be like, I would tell that person he or she was mad.” You comply because of the way you are manipulated and how this is achieved. It is insidious and done through the salami-slicing techniques I have referred to. Yes, you were complying on his level because as you identified he trained you to be that way. My awareness has come about through my intellect and the work of the two doctors. I operate like this because I have to, if I do not, I will cease to exist (if you haven’t read Fuel, I suggest you do as this will explain more about why we do what we do and always have to). Yes I have a girlfriend. How do I sleep? Easily because I am centred on what I must do and I am not designed to worry about the collateral damage that arises. That is where you and I differ. I am aware of what I do but the effects to others do not matter to me

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