My Pledge To You

I do sincerely and solemnly declare, by almighty God, this pledge to you. I have reducedย  it to writing so that this shall bear testament to the sincerity by which I have made these promises and so that a record may exist for time eternal to the dedication and commitment contained therein.

I will love and cherish you and be faithful to you. I shall not let thoughts of congress with others trespass upon my mind for it remains pure and devoted to you. I will only ever give you my heart and ask that you have a care for it, for I only have the one and it now belongs to you.

I shall strive each and every day to bring you happiness and joy. Through dedicated application to securing your contentment. I will not rest until delight permeates everything around you. I have one purpose and that is to love you with the most perfect love, in every facet of my life.

I will bring you security and solidity, banishing fear and darkness through my unwavering loyalty to you. I shall be that foundation on which we shall build our glorious and everlasting love. I will toil ceaselessly in my endeavours to bring about our togetherness and union.

I will be your angel that spreads his almighty wingspan that shall shield you from harm. No injurious intent or scathing tongue shall ever penetrate the wall that I shall form behind which you will always be assured of shelter.

I promise to make you laugh so that your heart is lifted skywards and no troubles will ever burden you. I will always be there when the forces of darkness seek to hurt you. With my fiery sword I shall smite them into oblivion. Wherever you may tread I will be by your side, ready at a moment’s instance to catch you and hold you should the road crumble beneath your feet.

I will never be found wanting when fate conspires against you. You will always be able to look to me and in my eyes find reassurance, hope and optimism. No task shall be too great if at its conclusion your happiness is assured.

I promise that though the winds may howl about us, that although lightning strikes at us and iced rain is driven at us, I will wrap my arms about you and steer you to shelter. I promise that you will always find sanctuary and protection with me.

I will honour your name and join battle with those that besmirch it. I shall only allow truth to pass my lips in all my dealings with you. I shall treat you with respect, reverence and dutiful worship, in recognition of your inner and outer beauty for which I give daily thanks.

I will craft the finest gifts to lay at your feet, toil so that no fruit is forbidden to you, no luxury shall be denied to you and every wish you make I shall deliver.

I shall treat you with deference, patience and compassion. Only the most noble of intentions shall I ever exhibit unto you. My every thought, word and deed will be forged in the furnace of truth and honesty.

I shall keep as watchwords to my burgeoning heart, the lessons of fidelity, humility and grace. I give thanks now and shall each day for the bounty that comes our way. I shall not let petty distractions deter me from my sworn duty to love and honour you.

I swear that I shall listen with an open mind, speak with a true heart and only have eyes for you. I shall fill each of my days with the wonder of you and dedicate myself to the furtherance of our dreams. Each day I shall give thanks for the fact that we have been brought together and I shall treat our love as the most perfect and sacred. Nothing that I shall think, say or do shall ever desecrate what we have.

I shall nurse you through sickness, hold you through sadness and carry you through adversity. My stride will be purposeful and direct as I strive to bring you joy.

I shall only ever lay my hands in sensual delight on you and with my lips kiss no other the way that I shall kiss you. My passion burns for you and you alone. I shall desire you as greatly in the years that come to pass as I do in this moment. Time and age shall not wither or diminish the love that I have for you. With every day that passes I shall find something new to love you for. We may travel over the same route many times but each time I shall make it seem as if it is the first time.

I promise to imbue our lives with magic and wonder. I shall show you the fantastic and the marvellous. I will take pleasure in sharing the simplest delights with you alongside the most extravagant.

I am yours and that is the only ever state I shall maintain. Though temptation may beckon and seduction seeks to lead me astray, I shall, by the grace of God and the fortitude with which I have been blessed, walk only to you.

When the sun sets on our scintillating journey together, as we look back on all that we have created together, all we have achieved together and all we have loved in one another, it is your name that I shall say with my dying breath.

This is my pledge to you. All I ask is that you sign this written pledge and in so doing acknowledge your acceptance of all that is herein contained.

9 thoughts on “My Pledge To You

  1. Magda says:


  2. Angel says:

    Oh, the castles in the sky… I am in a darkened room as I stand over all you create. How beautiful it sounds as it passes your lips. I am so warmed by the promises; it is the spark that consumes me. I reach for it fervently wanting all that you have indebted to me and more… greedy with my hunger for the voids only you could fill. I float along to your harmonic whispers. My hands clutch it – that dream you sold. I notice not whether it is fire or ice, for it burns just the same. It is black as night so I can’t see it but I can feel it in all of your musings. I am holding what I believe to be my saving grace. How could I be so lucky? And then like a flash of light I feel it cutting through my wrists and locking me in place. The light flips on. There is no castle. There is no fire. Just a man made of stone and the shackles that hold me by his side. How stupid was I to reach out in the dark… not knowing the evil that whispered so sweetly there.

  3. byoung19963 says:

    I have a letter just like this …..omg I would use it when it wasn’t happening …… I know its a strong weapon I got mine valentines day with a promise ring. Ugghh

  4. Freedom says:

    Is that extracts from the narcissists handbook / bible of fake dream making ?
    Think my ex must have been an avid reader as most of that I’m sure I’ve heard him regurgitate at one time or another.

    His dream was a big white wedding next to a waterfall. Probably so he could push me over and hit in the bridesmaids and guest no doubt,

    Thanks for the insight ๐Ÿ˜Š

  5. Nikita says:

    Of course! Whenever you want! Just let me know. Swiss alps & swiss lakes… Its a dream ๐Ÿ˜€. By the way I just bought several of your books just now and saw that you have twitter?? I also have twitter. What is your name in twitter?

    1. malignnarc says:

      Thank you for purchasing them, I hope you find them informative. @narcissist_me is my twitter handle

  6. Nikita says:

    Wow this is amazing. Youre a gifted writer. ๐Ÿ˜€. Somehow reminded me of English literature in 8th grade when I got introduced to shakespeare or some pices made me think of the Bible… This was very nice to read!!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ All this fantasy of a dream man and a dream love that does not exist in any corner of the world… Reading this from And knowinf it comes from you HG … I can believe that dreams are epic and nice to believe in, even when they cant come true.

    1. malignnarc says:

      Thank you Nikita, keep those dreams in your mind and save me that view by the lake.

      1. Gary Spotts says:

        I couldn’t be a narc because I’d gag on the sentiments you evoke from your followers. Yeesh.

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