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I have written previously about Ever Presence. This is a deliberate state that we create so that you repeatedly think about us. We weave into your lives a number of triggers that affect each and every sense. When we are not there then something will trigger and a memory of me will flood into your mind with the associated euphoria of that once wonderful moment. This serves a purpose in causing you to want to be with me and making you susceptible to the inevitable Hoover.

One of my trademark steps is to use a form of this Ever Presence at the outset of a relationship. I will select a particular fragrance applicable to the newly acquired target. A recent example was the use of Chanel Allure Homme Sport. When my bottle of fragrance is running low I do not use it all up but I go and buy another bottle. Then when I select a target I choose an applicable fragrance that is to be used in my seduction and ensnarement of them. Accordingly, I would always wear Chanel Allure which my target would naturally compliment me on and she would naturally associate with me. After three or so encounters at an opportune moment when she remarks on how good I smell I will give her the bottle with a little fragrance left in it.

“Here, take this,” I offer, “you can spray it on a scarf so you can always smell it an feel near to me.”

This gesture is always met with thanks and a warm smile. The target thinks that she is being granted admittance into part of my world with that small gift. Of course she is utterly unaware that I am sliding a tendril around her as I present this token. She goes away happy and I of course have created another connection. The sense of smell is a great evoker of memory and emotion. I know it will not be long before I receive that first text confirming that my use of this technique has proven successful. Sure enough that evening my ‘phone alerts me to a text message.

“I am lying on my bed holding a scarf to my face and drinking in your scent. How I wish you were here with me.”

Later still.

“It is dark. I cannot see you or hear you but I know you are here with me. All I do is drink deep of your scent and I can feel you next to me.”

After a day or two of deliberate incommunicado.

“I miss you. I have the scarf pressed to my nose. You are here but you are not. I need you. Please call me.”

In order to ensure that my target becomes subsumed into my world and is malleable to my manipulative wiles I need to ensure I am present as often as possible. Technology has made this task far easier than it used to be, but the seemingly thoughtful gesture of the provision of a near empty bottle of scent works wonders. It is a significant step towards conquest and victory. I have a further target in my sights so I need to allocate a sense to her. I think this time it will be Truth by Calvin Klein. That seems apt somehow.


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  1. Just though about this the other day, this is a really good article!
    Wouldn’t it be even better to pick a perfume that’s most popular (like Santal in NYC) to ensure that it is now linked to you in the Empaths mind, creating an olfactory everpresence? How do you determine which perfume you wear for which Lady, and which one do you wear for the Shieldmaiden?

        1. That is why it is expensive because it lasts a long time, one only needs a brief dab or spray and combining with the natural Tudor Essence it is an irresistible outcome.

        2. He’s right, MB. I have Aventus for Her, one spray lasts the entire day and it smells absolutely divine. Worth it.

          1. Are you trying to be irresistible too Desiree? 😊

            Scents smell different depending on who is wearing it, but I wouldn’t mind smelling divine myself!

          2. Sure MB! But apparently, I smell like finest fuel as well, still trying to cover that particular scent. I’ll let you know if I’ve found a way, haha!
            I agree, some fragrances work beautiful on others but not on me. So I like to try a scent on my skin for at least full a day instead of spraying it on paper. That way I see how it develops on me and some notes just dont seem to work in general. They kind of “sit on top” of the skin instead of blending in.
            But when everything comes together, it’s heavenly!
            I also recommend writing down the notes that generally smell great on your skin (for example woods, florals and vanillas always work well on me, fruits and citruses are hit and miss) and then use that as a “filter” when trying a new fragrance, although something may still surprise you.
            If you’re in the market for a new divine smelling fragrance, maybe that’s useful to you!

          3. Desiree, it sounded like we were at a wine tasting there for a minute! Just kidding. Thank you for all that information. The one I wear the most has iris in it (it was expensive but nothing like Creed!) and I get compliments on it when I do. I can only apply a teeny bit. I have such a keen sense of smell that strong odors can bother me even if it’s on me! I can sometimes smell things other people can’t. It’s my spidey sense. Because of that, odors are very important to my experiences.

            AW (Ass Wipe) wore a scent I’ve never smelled before or since. He never told me what it was, but I know if it ever crosses my nostrils again, I will turn into a puddle of goo and be completely done for. #olfactoryeverpresence #mbisasuckerforsmells #drooling

        3. MB: I am always told that I smell lovely! What I like to do is to smell better the more I heat up, like during exercise, sports etc. It is a little secret challenge that I personally enjoy: The main trick is not the perfume. Yes, I said that! The trick is the shampoo and especially the deep hair conditioner that one uses on one`s hair, that one must make sure that they smell beautiful and expensive. The hair follicles on the scalp hold scent very well. Also the bath soap or gel must be good. I prefer a little citrusy in bath soaps or gels. Then the deodorant that one uses, that especially reacts well during heat, and also where you put it. One has to nail that particular brand of deodorant down, that works well with ones body chemistry, especially during exertion. And then, the body lotion that you wear, that smells very light and good, even during athletic activities. All these scents are around the pores, and hair follicles. So the scents rise especially during body heat. The perfume is the cherry on the cake, at this point. Used lightly. However, it must blend with all of the above. And that is how I smell good in the gym and on the subway, during athletic activities, during long days and long travel, etc. People have ran after me, both men and women, to ask me what I am wearing. I can not tell them all of this logistical info., so I just mention the perfume of the day, when I answer, but it is way more than that, going on as described above… Also, drinking lots of water and eating citrus fruit and green vegetables. The perfume is the last thing that makes my scent. Of course, I have to love it. However, it does not have to be in style, nor very expensive. Even though sometimes, it is the case that it happens to be in style and expensive. I just have to love it. ~~This all sounds like a lot, but once you have the products down that you basically love, in these basic categories, it is a piece a cake at that point: To smell just wonderful. It is the constant compliments that reminds one that all this was not in vain. And, I have never told my secret to smelling great to anyone, until now. 🙂

  2. WOW! And again WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I literally let out a loud F!!K and stopped in my tracks while reading this!!!!! ( i was walkn my dog) Sooo good ! So good!!! I fell in love with his smell before i fell in love with him. These blogs are so awesome. Thank you HD. Truly u are one of a kind. Finding you has been the blessing i never dared hope for. These blogs provide closure for me as weird as that sounds.

  3. I know of those of your kind who intentionally didn’t wear their aftershave and smelt strongly of cigarettes and alcohol and working on cars. They knew I hated it as it triggered unwanted feelings of another. They knew this and did it to help me to deal with my issues. All it did was to upset me. They knew that too. Then later would shower and put on “their” scent in order to comfort me…when in reality they caused the upset in order to cause the ebb and flow of my emotions. (You wrote this somewhere that I read in the example of a fear of spider and of the dark)
    He would also not wear it often at home and sometimes not even when we went out, but ALWAYS whenever he left the house without me. Ensuring the smell would linger when gone and/or would awaken me as he left.
    For me at least, smell evokes such emotion and memory. I guess it makes it very easy to affect me in this regard. Scent is indeed a powerful tool

  4. Thank you so much for your reply HG. Yes, I found Manipulated very enlightening. I am now reading Escape & there are so many lightbulbs turning on that I need to take some time to process all of this. After reading Manipulated I couldn’t help reflect back on myself & start to wonder if I have been almost as bad as my husband. The silent treatment, manipulation, withdrawing, struggle for control, etc. (only when provoked though), infidelity (and only after I found out about his other women). But now I am starting to see how he so cleverly & covertly manipulated me, causing me to react the way I did. I will get back to you with the answer to your question soon. This is all so very interesting & thought provoking. And if you are wondering if my husband really is an “N” because of the things I’ve been able to get away & still be alive, he most definitely is a malignant N. I now have “documented” proof for the first time. And it’s absolutely shocking. I think even you would be shocked HG

    1. Hello Rain, I am pleased you are finding the books helpful, you will find something different and insightful in all of them. Yes most people know something is wrong but they do not realise just how much of it is manipulation. It is interesting to see your admission of similar behaviours but there is one huge difference. You did those things based on behaviour towards you and viewed in your reality this would be regarded as logical even the right thing to do. When we do these things they are logical viewed in our reality (but not yours). You doled out silent treatment because you were angry or hurt at something he said or did. He doled it out TO HURT you to gain fuel. You were unfaithful as a reaction to his infidelity and perhaps because you wanted to get back at him or spend some time with someone who treated you pleasantly. His infidelity was because he wanted to hurt you to gain fuel. I address infidelity in Sex and the Narcissist which will be available shortly and will doubtless be of interest to you. I doubt I would be shocked. I have spent so long doing similar things or being surrounded by narcs who do similar things that I have witnessed a lot.

  5. Somehow I believed your weren’t still actively searching for significant Fuel. I can’t stop thinking about the girl who will get Truth serum. I want to find her and help her see the “Truth”.

  6. Hello HG. Wanting more insight into my husbands narcissistic behavior, to put it nicely, I stumbled upon your blog about a week ago & have been following it since. Which I find very interesting btw. I also just started reading Manipulated. My question is, are there women other than empaths that N’s are attracted to? My husband is definitely an N, which I’ve known for over 10 yrs, but not to the extent that I now know. After reading half way through Manipulation, I realized, even though I’ve always thought myself to be, that I do not fit the description of an empath at all.

    1. Hello Rain and thanks for getting in touch,I hope you are finding Manipulated enlightening. Most people have empathic qualities even though they might not be described as an empath in the same way that most people have narcissistic traits but they are not even close to being a narcissist. Thus we will find what we want in an ‘ordinary’person because they will have some empathic qualities. We prefer empaths, i.e. those who have many empathic qualities and of course a super-empath (e.g. Mother Theresa style) or a co-dependent are top of the tree. You see most people would stop and ask someone who had fallen in the street if they are okay or if they see somebody upset they would ask if they need help. We can get plenty of fuel from these people. In what way do you consider yourself not to be an empath?

  7. Mine bought duplicates to leave at my place on the occasions he stayed over. When it was over… or in his mind.. when it was time for a break… he took his clothes and left his toiletries… I did the logical thing and tossed it all out! 🙂

  8. My ex didn’t wear too much if any aftershave. So I’m free of this trauma. Mine focused more on places to ruin for me.
    He used to say I smelt nice then he would say later in the relationship that I shouldn’t use so much.
    Well guess what I’ll do what the hell I like now.

  9. OO oo . I literally laughed out loud at this . 🙂 I won’t go into the reason why BUT .. whooohooo .Nail on head HG .. ty

  10. Narc knew he had potent pheromones along with a good dose of Obsession for Men it was mindblowing. He was quite aware of this tactic. When he ran out he had me buy the new bottle. Of course I worried a new girl would be the beneficiary but couldn’t believe it. I cannot smell that scent without leaving the room mentally. Kapow!!

  11. I forgot about his handkerchief! He gave it to me to wipe away the tears that he had violently provoked… He wanted me to keep it with me… It smelled of him….. I had it in my purse for a long time… A rosary to keep me safe..( he is a deeply religious man) prays before every meal 😉 After dinner, the Saint would terrorize me….

  12. I threw it all out…. I had bombs going off all day in my home… He bought me a new perfume, beautiful clothing,cards with beautiful messages of love, candles….I couldn’t get away from him so I had to throw it all out.. All deliberate? HG, I’d like to read the manual..😊

      1. I just got a message from him..” I love you so deeply and truly! Maybe he smelled me on something..😉

          1. When it’s 98 degrees outside, you tend to sweat, even if you’re simply sitting in a chair.
            I, personally don’t sweat….I “glow.”
            And, don’t tell my you don’t sweat, unless of course, you suffer from anhidrosis.

  13. HG would have never imagined this effects but yes very true. In fact I might habe been that target as I also received the scarf with the scent.
    Do you guys follow a book??💋

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