Perfect Scents

I have written previously about Ever Presence. This is a deliberate state that we create so that you repeatedly think about us. We weave into your lives a number of triggers that affect each and every sense. When we are not there then something will trigger and a memory of me will flood into your mind with the associated euphoria of that once wonderful moment. This serves a purpose in causing you to want to be with me and making you susceptible to the inevitable Hoover.

One of my trademark steps is to use a form of this Ever Presence at the outset of a relationship. I will select a particular fragrance applicable to the newly acquired target. A recent example was the use of Chanel Allure Homme Sport. When my bottle of fragrance is running low I do not use it all up but I go and buy another bottle. Then when I select a target I choose an applicable fragrance that is to be used in my seduction and ensnarement of them. Accordingly, I would always wear Chanel Allure which my target would naturally compliment me on and she would naturally associate with me. After three or so encounters at an opportune moment when she remarks on how good I smell I will give her the bottle with a little fragrance left in it.

“Here, take this,” I offer, “you can spray it on a scarf so you can always smell it an feel near to me.”

This gesture is always met with thanks and a warm smile. The target thinks that she is being granted admittance into part of my world with that small gift. Of course she is utterly unaware that I am sliding a tendril around her as I present this token. She goes away happy and I of course have created another connection. The sense of smell is a great evoker of memory and emotion. I know it will not be long before I receive that first text confirming that my use of this technique has proven successful. Sure enough that evening my ‘phone alerts me to a text message.

“I am lying on my bed holding a scarf to my face and drinking in your scent. How I wish you were here with me.”

Later still.

“It is dark. I cannot see you or hear you but I know you are here with me. All I do is drink deep of your scent and I can feel you next to me.”

After a day or two of deliberate incommunicado.

“I miss you. I have the scarf pressed to my nose. You are here but you are not. I need you. Please call me.”

In order to ensure that my target becomes subsumed into my world and is malleable to my manipulative wiles I need to ensure I am present as often as possible. Technology has made this task far easier than it used to be, but the seemingly thoughtful gesture of the provision of a near empty bottle of scent works wonders. It is a significant step towards conquest and victory. I have a further target in my sights so I need to allocate a sense to her. I think this time it will be Truth by Calvin Klein. That seems apt somehow.

117 thoughts on “Perfect Scents

  1. Joa says:

    Yes, I have always done the same. Deliberately and on purpose.

    I chose my specific fragrance for a specific man (intuition). I wanted this scent (or similar he will feel somewhere) to instantly remind him of having sex with me.


    The fragrance for N1 was a fragrance of innocence, energy and wind.

    The smell for N2 was lazy, heavy and sensual, penetrating deeply into the nostrils. Heaviest fragrance I’ve ever used. It only suited me with him.

    I bound myself. Whenever I smell this fragrance, I feel euphoric and desire…



    When he came back electronically after many years and I sent him two books by post, I put notes inside. Each of these sheets was infused with the fragrance of THIS perfume.

    He burned this books during the devaluation.


    When, years later, he e-mailed me his half-naked photo – (“Now watch out, I’ll send you something that will sweep you off your feet” … “Are you ready? …. “Are you holding up? “- he tempted me and cranked me up for an hour, backed away and listened to my pleas, then paused for a while and sent the photo out of the sudden) – I almost fainted from the impression 🙂 I wrote back to him: “You’ve hardly changed. Until here, I smelled your fragrance…”

    I immediately remembered the smell and texture of his skin. And thousand words buzzed in my head…

    Asshole 🙂

    1. A Victor says:

      Joa, I can do relate to your comment, it’s the textures and the scents that still come back, and quite powerfully at times. It is free and far between now and I’ve continued to rid my life of things that trigger them. But it can set me back a little when it happens.

      1. A Victor says:

        Ugh, riding in a bouncy van, difficult to write with my phone… Few* and far between.

  2. Chihuahuamum says:

    Ive never had scent play a part in the seduction but this made me think about the power of scent in itself and it can really cement itself in memories. One scent i will always remember was that of my grandparents home during christmas in particular wrapping paper and scotch tape. I know it sounds weird but that scent reminds me of the happy times we shared during christmas we spent there. Ive come across this scent before and it hits me hard how much i miss that point of time. That point of time when i felt safe and oblivious to my mothers npd or how hard life could be. Spending christmas there was such a happy time. Fast forward to the future where our family has totally disintegrated. Yes that memory will forever be held close.
    I can see how this would be even more potent in a romantic scents oops sense lol

  3. empath007 says:

    Haha! This one made me laugh out loud 🤣 mine had a scent but it was all natural… just soap and shAmpoo 😍 perfection, so sexy.

    But the empowered victim simply washes the scarf. Throws out the rest of that bottle of cologne. And then completely forgets the scent. Which is where I’m at!

    And also i successful avoided a lieutenant this week… thought I was going to bring up the narc did they? Please.

    Feeling good today.

    1. Desirée says:

      I agree empath007, I actually don’t remember what mine smelled like. But I do remember his favourite fragrance came in a tacky, goldbar-shaped bottle, which is a red flag all in itself.
      Congratulations on the Lieutenant avoidancy, I like seeing the anxious hope in their eyes when they think you’ll feed them something good to bring back to the Lord Commander. Followed by the split second of disappointment when you’re about to part ways and they didn’t get anything good.
      Keep it up!

    2. alexissmith2016 says:

      But the empowered victim simply washes the scarf. Throws out the rest of that bottle of cologne. And then completely forgets the scent. Which is where I’m at!

      I’ve also noticed that victim Ns don’t tend to iron their clothes! (of course, their IPSS may well iron for them).

      Watch out for creases ladies!

  4. Sweetest Perfection says:

    Antaeus is my Achilles heel. I’ve dated two narcs that used this and it is oh so irresistible.

    1. Sweetest Perfection says:

      Mine: Narciso for her (yeah right?). Angel by Thierry Mugler. Dolce Vita (Dior) in the summery days, more champagne like. I prefer body lotion version of all of these though because it blends better with your skin Ph.

      1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

        Sweetest Perfection: Thanks for that sample reading from America Psycho. I absolutely sound like Patrick in American Psycho! Hahaha. I see it so clearly. So, now, after all my growth on our subject of Narcissism, I am back to that age old lurking and disturbing question, once again: Am I The Narcissist.? Lol 🙂

        1. Sweetest Perfection says:

          Princess, haha! Nah, you’re not. Just say you are an influencer 👸🏼

          1. Lou says:

            I thought the same, SP, Princess SE could have her YT channel on how to smell lovely. I did enjoy her comments and tips.
            Congratulations on your one year NC.

          2. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Thank you, Lou! If Princess makes her own channel, I’m in! Wait, I’m gonna put a drop of perfume on this comment, my perfumed billet-doux. Let me know if you guys get the scent.

  5. Desirée says:

    Just though about this the other day, this is a really good article!
    Wouldn’t it be even better to pick a perfume that’s most popular (like Santal in NYC) to ensure that it is now linked to you in the Empaths mind, creating an olfactory everpresence? How do you determine which perfume you wear for which Lady, and which one do you wear for the Shieldmaiden?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I spin the Wheel of Good Scents.

      Viking by Creed.

      1. MB says:

        Holy shit! That stuff is expensive AF! I suppose a little bit can go a long way.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          That is why it is expensive because it lasts a long time, one only needs a brief dab or spray and combining with the natural Tudor Essence it is an irresistible outcome.

          1. MB says:

            One can only imagine…

          2. Claire says:

            Keep your cologne to yourself. Anyone handing me their cologne would always have been regarded as corny. Whatever.

        2. Desirée says:

          He’s right, MB. I have Aventus for Her, one spray lasts the entire day and it smells absolutely divine. Worth it.

          1. nunya biz says:

            Aventus is the one I’ve heard the most fanfare about, I’ve not smelled it, I plan to. I just love perfume.

            Haven’t women always tried to do this anyway? To seduce men with their unique scent?
            But for sure, the smell of a man is usually the most unforgettable thing.

          2. MB says:

            Are you trying to be irresistible too Desiree? 😊

            Scents smell different depending on who is wearing it, but I wouldn’t mind smelling divine myself!

          3. Desirée says:

            Sure MB! But apparently, I smell like finest fuel as well, still trying to cover that particular scent. I’ll let you know if I’ve found a way, haha!
            I agree, some fragrances work beautiful on others but not on me. So I like to try a scent on my skin for at least full a day instead of spraying it on paper. That way I see how it develops on me and some notes just dont seem to work in general. They kind of “sit on top” of the skin instead of blending in.
            But when everything comes together, it’s heavenly!
            I also recommend writing down the notes that generally smell great on your skin (for example woods, florals and vanillas always work well on me, fruits and citruses are hit and miss) and then use that as a “filter” when trying a new fragrance, although something may still surprise you.
            If you’re in the market for a new divine smelling fragrance, maybe that’s useful to you!

          4. MB says:

            Desiree, it sounded like we were at a wine tasting there for a minute! Just kidding. Thank you for all that information. The one I wear the most has iris in it (it was expensive but nothing like Creed!) and I get compliments on it when I do. I can only apply a teeny bit. I have such a keen sense of smell that strong odors can bother me even if it’s on me! I can sometimes smell things other people can’t. It’s my spidey sense. Because of that, odors are very important to my experiences.

            AW (Ass Wipe) wore a scent I’ve never smelled before or since. He never told me what it was, but I know if it ever crosses my nostrils again, I will turn into a puddle of goo and be completely done for. #olfactoryeverpresence #mbisasuckerforsmells #drooling

          5. Sniglet says:

            I wonder if your AW wore his scent and the scent of the woman he was seeing. Maybe that is why you could detect his smell. It could have been a mixture. Sometimes mistresses spritz their lovers with their scent to send a message to the partner.

          6. Sniglet says:

            MB – I meant ‘could not’.

          7. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

            Desiree: I hear about the hair masques, but I have never tried one. So, I will try one. Thank you for the reminder. Will you tell me the difference from your own experience? Regarding the deep conditioners, please try to find a lovely scented one that does not break down your hair, if your hair is prone to becoming too soft, because if you can not place it on your scalp, the entire point of my secret method Is Missed! The hair follicles on your scalp and the conditioner and the heat from your scalp and your own natural scent combined makes the beautiful scent. I am thinking that if your hair is that soft, it is possible that using a regular conditioner, but leaving it on for just a little while longer (on your scalp especially) than usual should do the trick. But It Must Sit On Your Scalp, for my personal goal of smelling better and better as the day or evening goes on. I would use the same designer lotion and gel all over, daily, if I could afford it, but they are too over priced for my budgeting, so I use an allover base lotion and favorite soaps and the designer scented lotion on special parts of my body daily. I agree that it is good to use the soap and lotion of the same scent daily if one can manage it. Do you still use the Goldwell Shampoo products? That scent goes with you very well, and that is why you receive those compliments. That scent is a winner for you. I plan to try it one day.

          8. Desirée says:

            The best way I can describe it is that deep conditioners really soften the hair and hair masks strengthen it and give it a lot of body and volume.
            It’s probably a question of individual hair structure. I have lots of hair and it’s long making it look extremely thick, but the individual hairs are actually quite fine. I feel that a deep conditioning treatment, used in conjunction with my favourite products that are already designed to make my hair silky, can weigh them down and make it difficult to style. My hair will be shiny afterwards, but not as bouncy as I like it. Maybe using both would be the solution? The deep conditioner providing extra fragrance to the hair, the mask locking it in and strenghtening? Or how about I add another spin to your trick by massaging my hair perfume onto my scalp and see if that projects better than merely spraying it on the lengths? I will try and report back my findings!
            Goldwell products are a holy grail for me and I always use them, definitely recommend trying out some travel sizes if you’re interested. My personal favourite is the “Kerasilk Control” line, I use the shampoo, mask, hair oil and hair perfume. I actually feel like I am getting even more compliments on that hair perfume than I am getting on my real perfume which is great because it’s way cheaper!
            I find that just the act of putting on moisturizer before the perfume helps a great deal for the reasons you have already described, having an entire designer line is nice, but doesn’t always make a huge difference.
            I have the Santal 33 Line from Le Labo for example, namely the soap, body lotion and eau de parfum. I will put it all on together for best results and it smells very nice on me but unless I am sitting on your lap, you will not notice a huge difference compared to just using any other soap and lotion with the perfume.
            The routine you have described seems to be working great for you and the many compliments you receive are testament to that! I always like trying some new stuff and am kind of excited to see if your trick will make a difference!

        3. MB: I am always told that I smell lovely! What I like to do is to smell better the more I heat up, like during exercise, sports etc. It is a little secret challenge that I personally enjoy: The main trick is not the perfume. Yes, I said that! The trick is the shampoo and especially the deep hair conditioner that one uses on one`s hair, that one must make sure that they smell beautiful and expensive. The hair follicles on the scalp hold scent very well. Also the bath soap or gel must be good. I prefer a little citrusy in bath soaps or gels. Then the deodorant that one uses, that especially reacts well during heat, and also where you put it. One has to nail that particular brand of deodorant down, that works well with ones body chemistry, especially during exertion. And then, the body lotion that you wear, that smells very light and good, even during athletic activities. All these scents are around the pores, and hair follicles. So the scents rise especially during body heat. The perfume is the cherry on the cake, at this point. Used lightly. However, it must blend with all of the above. And that is how I smell good in the gym and on the subway, during athletic activities, during long days and long travel, etc. People have ran after me, both men and women, to ask me what I am wearing. I can not tell them all of this logistical info., so I just mention the perfume of the day, when I answer, but it is way more than that, going on as described above… Also, drinking lots of water and eating citrus fruit and green vegetables. The perfume is the last thing that makes my scent. Of course, I have to love it. However, it does not have to be in style, nor very expensive. Even though sometimes, it is the case that it happens to be in style and expensive. I just have to love it. ~~This all sounds like a lot, but once you have the products down that you basically love, in these basic categories, it is a piece a cake at that point: To smell just wonderful. It is the constant compliments that reminds one that all this was not in vain. And, I have never told my secret to smelling great to anyone, until now. 🙂

          1. MB says:

            PSE, I’m privileged that you told me! I have a very keen sense of smell. In fact, it’s one of the first things I notice when I meet someone.

            I have no idea where to start with this smelly good cocktail and I fear HG may liken it to recipes and shut it down.

            Suffice it to say that most people cannot smell themselves. That person that took a bath in their cologne being Exhibit A. 🤢 Huge turnoff!

            I’ll be on the lookout for some amazing smelling hair products and sweat it out proudly at the gym!

          2. Desirée says:

            That is so true! Especially choosing the right bodylotion can make a huge difference because the bodyheat makes it project well and the fragrance transfers onto your clothes which makes you smell fantastic for much longer. I always like to match the scent of the body soap with the body lotion to amplify this effect and use the same shampoo and contioner from the same brand for that reason.
            I even had “hair perfume” of the same smell than the shampoo once (from Goldwell) and people kept asking me what fragrance that is haha – I didn’t tell them of course, a girl has her secrets.
            Hair and clothing can really project fragrance suprisingly well and all the products you use sort of come together as a scent symphony which is great. The actual perfume is the cherry on top

          3. MB says:

            Sniglet, Really?!? Who are these Neanderthal women marking their men? Geez! I don’t know if that was what was happening. He did have an IPPS co-hab, but he always smelled the same. From coming into work first thing in the morning to dinner in the evening. Of course in the morning, it was mixed with yummy freshly showered/shaved smells. Lord help me! #droolingagain

        4. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

          MB: I suggest that you start with the Deep Conditioner for your hair. Remember, it has to be and say DEEP Conditioner. Remember, the deep conditioners have smaller molecules and therefore go deeper into your hair and scalp than the regular conditioners. And thus the scent lasts and releases whenever you heat up, and when your scalp heats up. Go to your local store and open the lids and test them by scent. One by one. And no salesperson will usually interrupt you, like they do at perfume places. You can take your time. Also, test the scents of brands that you know nothing about, as well. You will know when one smells Beautiful and Expensive. Jackpot! That will be the type to buy. And just leave it on your hair while you finish bathing, and then rinse it out. All done. I usually use 2 body lotions. One basic one as the allover foundation one, and one designer one that I also use ONLY on my neck and hands and elbows and knees and feet, afterwards. And the designer ones are always overpriced, even on sale or on ebay, so this way, I keep the cost way down. Yay! Ebay is good for these lotions. People often resell them new and the warehouses sell them new. But, you have to know the department store prices, and relative ounces to not be ripped off. My favorite basic all over body lotion was discontinued years ago. I used to find it online for a while and then that ended as well. Sigh. So for a few years, I have been using Nivea as the basic lotion as recommended by our much discussed Meghan Markle. She says to use the Nivea Co Q10 firming, as the basic lotion. She says she buys it by the dozens, to never run out. So, I use that one as the basic. In the beginning I used to match everything, as much as I could, scent-wise, because I was afraid it would all clash, if I did not, but over time, I have realized that our nose will usually like the same family of scents. Something like that. So, I just buy whatever I like separately, and it never clashes. You will just smell good in a more mysterious and individual way, than if you matched everything by one scent. . And no one will smell the same way you do, at all. And it is easy once you get the hang of it. However, there is one perfume scent that I like for all of their products, but I can not afford that daily, so I save the set for going out to a special occasion. The lotion alone is about 50 dollars for 8 ounces, that would barely last a week, so that would be 200 dollars a month just for the lotion, plus add the bath gel, for the same cost, another 200 dollars a month, etc. I can not afford all of that! I wish! But, that deep conditioner for your hair, is most important, and the deodorant is quite important as well. Sometimes a product that you like is discontinued in every category. Sigh. I finally found a good deodorant again after I stopped using ones with aluminum. I used to like Donna Karan`s deodorant, but I moved away from that sort of scent over time, and my next choice was discontinued, and now I stopped using deodorants with aluminum, altogether. I am currently using a brand that carries several scents and no aluminum called: Love Beauty and Planet refreshing deodorant. This type of deodorant you can safely place wherever you want. So far, so good. I like it thus far, and of course, it smells wonderful even when I heat up. My specialty. 🙂 Once you have all your basics down, then find perfumes that sort of Top Off all you have chosen and done. You will instinctively know what perfumes do that, at this point. Easily. And a light touch is all that will be necessary. I like to apply the perfume at the back of the nape of my neck, just where the hair starts, especially, then the fews dabs in places as recommended by everyone. Sometimes I place a dab at the very top of my head where a center part would go. Very little right there. The heat is there. 🙂

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Good God what is this Cosmetics Corner?!

          2. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Hahaha HG, do you remember that awesome paragraph from American Psycho that you so well reproduced? This must be the female version. Princess SE, I’m not criticizing you, quite the contrary!!! I loved it.

          3. HG Tudor says:

            I do indeed.

          4. MB says:

            I knew this was going to happen y’all!

            Smelling good is important though HG, and it does relate to the article. Hopefully, it’s all out of our systems now. (Except when we heat up of course!) Right PSE? 😉

          5. nunya biz says:


          6. MB says:

            PSE, thank you so much for all the smell good tips! I have saved it. Now that you’ve told me, you aren’t going to have to kill me are you?!? Just kidding.

            I truly appreciate you taking the time to write that all out for me. I’ve recently begun to use a deodorant without aluminum as well. It is unscented though.

          7. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

            Dearest HG: Hahaha!!! Well, you started it. It is your post regarding `Perfect Scents! ` Lol!!! I just love it! We are love-bombing this post. 🙂 What else should we be discussing on a post titled by you as Perfect Scents! Pray tell. 🙂 Maybe you can create a post on Cooking up a Storm for your personal Narcissist, next time. I think I just heard Claire wake up. We can give each other advice on select meals with appropriate drinks and desserts to start or stop a Disengagement or Silent Treatment for all Schools and Cadres. YUM!

          8. HG Tudor says:

            Easy Tiger!

          9. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

            Sweetest Perfection: American Psycho? With Christian Bale?Hahaha. If so, one of my absolute favorite movies ever! Practically a perfect movie. It was banned in some theaters and protested with signs in others and could not survive long in the public movie theaters and called a misogynistic movie. Now, I would say he was a Narcissist. Somatic? Can you provide the Quote? My goodness. And, of course I am not offended. When I was a teenager in high school, my mom would not allow me to wear perfume, unlike my friends` moms, so I had to fight back somehow, yes? So, I started taking my time, going to the supermarket alone, in discovering all the body products that smelled very good, from head to toe, and then later on shopping days, I would toss them in the grocery cart when I went shopping with my mom. (I had already scent tested the products before hand, on my own), and I nonchalantly placed them in my mom`s shopping cart. And if anyone asked me on any given day, if I were wearing perfume, I would say, no. Even to my mom. And, all was well in teen land. 🙂

          10. Sweetest Perfection says:

            This is part of it. I loved it so much. I just read the novel, never watched the movie, although Christian Bale looks good in that suit. It is extremely hilarious because he will repeat the sentence “because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older” several times later on:

            I live in the American Gardens Building on W. 81st Street on the 11th floor. My name is Patrick Bateman. I’m 27 years old. I believe in taking care of myself and a balanced diet and rigorous exercise routine. In the morning if my face is a little puffy I’ll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. I can do 1000 now. After I remove the ice pack I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower I use a water activated gel cleanser, then a honey almond body scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub. Then I apply an herb-mint facial mask which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.

          11. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Princess, I forgot to say HG’s morning routine is pretty similar and is crowned by receiving angels kisses, according to him. He wrote a hilarious parody of this monologue some time ago, I can’t find it.

          12. Desirée says:

            Re: deep conditioner
            That’s an excellent suggestion but wouldn’t a hairmask have even longer staying power? I would also be careful to put either of these products on my scalp, just because they can be too nourishing to the point where it wears down the hair at the root. Other than that I totally agree, although I prefer to match the bodylotion with the fragrance if possible for an amplified effect.

        5. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

          MB: Darn. I guess so. Unless we heat up: Hahahaha! Too bad. Speaking of heating up and scent, there is one more area I wanted to discuss, that I forgot to bring up. I guess I will save it until the article swings around again. LOL!!!!

        6. Bubbles 🍾 says:

          Dearest MB,
          Old Spice “for grandpas” ..haha…. I’m “surrounded” by old people !
          I remember Tabac, Dunhill, English Leather, Faberge, Brut, good ol Aramis n then Paco Rabanne

          Mr Bubbles’ natural raw manly scent is extremely pleasant …. quite often people ask him what he’s wearing …. haha
          Our 88 yo friend, has a very “old man” stale musky greasy smell combined with an overloaded sprinkling of “home brand” talc powder

          Our greater friend, of course. uses fragrance, mainly Ralph Lauren to go with his “Polo” tops and Polo jumpers (which he drapes around his shoulders whilst dangling his aviators from his unbuttoned top)
          He’s even more desperate for attention now …. haha …. thinks he’s gods gift …..little does he know

          The weasel….. well….. what can I say …. he just had this offensive permeating odour that doesn’t wouldn’t disappear … was in his car, house, lounge, clothes …. I always stayed close to an open window or door
          Fragrance……. definitely “Weasel Wafter” parfum !
          Nasty! 🤣
          Luv Bubbles xx 😘

          1. MB says:

            Bubbles, love this! “Weasel Wafter” I’m dying 😂 And the visual of the guy with his aviators dangling from his unbuttoned top. Thank you for the laugh this morning!

          2. Bubbles 🍾 says:

            Dearest MB,
            You’re more than welcome my lovely ….I’m glad I made you giggle 😜
            The stories I could tell ! 😱
            Luv Bubbles xx 😘

      2. Desirée says:

        because you two are the Viking King and Queen!

      3. Sniglet says:

        Reviews say Viking by Creed smells like Old Spice.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You mean one review stated that but you failed to acknowledge a far greater number of comments which praise the scent and laud the various notes it comprises of.
          You remind me of the skit on Youtube (If Google Were a Guy) where a lady asks Google for results about MMR vaccine causes autism and Google answers.
          “I have 9.9 million results which say it does not and 1 result that says it does.”
          “I knew it!” cries the lady triumphantly as she selects the sole outcome because it suits her prejudice.
          As I always explain, focus on the evidence.

          1. Sniglet says:

            Hahaha. You are right. That is exactly what I did. Giving one lonely result a chance to raise to the top which may represent the truth or quash the millions of myths is not such a bad thing. You see – I have a thing for the underdog… I can imagine you getting just as angry like the Google guy, kicking me out of your office for the audacity to pick an obscure unpopular unproved answer. BTW – I used Bing for the review search.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            Fair play for you ‘fessing up.
            I did not become angry. I knew you were wrong, so I corrected you and moved on to the next matter.
            The Google Guy skits are very good though.

          3. Sniglet says:

            I confessed I picked one result out of many, not that the review is wrong. ~

            There is nothing you corrected. VC could very well smell like Old Spice and I’m leaving that possibility open. I’m not wrong in doing that.

          4. HG Tudor says:

            Nice try. It does not – the other reviews demonstrate that. Moreover you probably selected a review of a knock-off fragrance which is not a Creed product.

          5. Sniglet says:

            Anything is possible.

            It is also possible that you may be wearing an overpriced knock-off. You probably smell like Old Spice and don’t know it.

          6. HG Tudor says:

            Nice try.

            I am not. I buy my Creed from them direct, which of course I know and you do not because you do not have access to the evidence, a mistake you repeatedly make.
            Not one person has ever commented that I smell like Old Spice. On the contrary they are complimentary about my scent and their descriptions do not accord with Old Spice.
            Case closed. Again.

          7. MB says:

            Forget the sales counter. I propose we go straight to the source. HG, let me have a sniff and I’ll put this whole thing to bed once and for all. Btw nothing wrong with Old Spice. (For grandpas)

          8. Sniglet says:

            “Again” Haha. Your Creed purchasing occurrences need evaluation in their totality for me to make a final conclusion of fact and truth. Let me know when you are free for my inspection. Sooner rather than later. The End!

          9. HG Tudor says:

            You do not have locus standi as the matter was already concluded.

            Don’t you have a church to try and find?

          10. Chihuahuamum says:

            As long as you dont smell like B.O. HG youre A Ok with me 😄😁

          11. HG Tudor says:

            What’s Becoming Observant done wrong to receive your ire, CM?!

          12. Desirée says:

            Re: a church to go find
            Oh my god i can’t believe you whipped that one out HG! I had almost forgotten but that did make me laugh now. Greaters really do remember everything.
            As for the perfume, I can’t for the live of me find a review that insinuates “Old Spice”, or anything along the lines of that. I do however see a lot of reviews stating it has superseded Aventus as their favourite perfume, which is a huge complimenty by any standart, Aventus is insanely popular.

          13. HG Tudor says:

            Indeed. I found the Old Spice review. One, solitary review, alone in an ocean of delicious smelling Viking.

          14. Sniglet says:

            I instituted a mini-action in the Tudor Court, thus I had locus standi which I brought to an end – The End. See above. Did I really have a fair and equitable locus standi: No, never with you. Will you take this as a compliment, inflating your God like ego: yes!

            Not a church HG. I own a cathedral and it smells like Creed! Do come and play the Ohhhhrgan.

          15. Sniglet says:

            Desiree – could not find the Old Spice review. A maladroit at executing searches.

            HG Tudor – found the Old Spice review. Tudor has excellent research skills.

            Be like HG Tudor!~

          16. Desirée says:

            Be like HG Tudor – yes but sadly impossible so we must do with what we have.
            Failure to find the Old Spice Review – probably because my search engines are all in my mother tongue and fail to provide me with pleasing results when I command them to conduct their search in english, due to my location. Couldn’t even find HGs blog when I looked him up once.
            The engines have let me down repeatedly. Time for a corrective devalutaion.

          17. Sniglet says:

            “As for the perfume, I can’t for the life of me find [in my language] a review that insinuates “Old Spice”, or anything along the lines of that.” Including a caveat like that softens your message and appears less snide. Search engines are tricky – especially when they are programmed to lean and influence a certain way.

          18. Desirée says:

            I did not look for it in my language, I looked for it in your language, otherwise it would not make sense.
            Me saying I can’t find it does not imply it does not exist. It would however indicate that this opinion is beyond rare, given I have searched on multiple websites and none of the numerous reviews have stated such a thing.

          19. Desirée says:

            My amusement at HGs church mention and it’s reminder of another argument you could not win has caused offense.
            My focus was on pointing out the impressive memory of a Greater that such an out of left field comment required, not on you. I found his mention to be interesting and entertaining. I also was fascinated by finding out that many Reviewers said they now prefered Viking over Aventus, since that is one of my favourite fragrances.
            We have already established that you where cherry-picking. While I did not mean to offend, hence why I explained my search engine, this part of the conversation is redundant and it’s not the part you are upset about.

          20. Bubbles 🍾 says:

            Dear Mr Tudor,
            Just had an idea ….. 💡
            You could concoct your “own fragrance” for us and add it to your product list….( include a free cookie cutter gift with purchase) 😂

            “HG Tudor”

            Luv Bubbles xx 😘

          21. HG Tudor says:

            How about a rusty sharpened coat hanger instead?

          22. MB says:

            Bubbles, the fragrance is a good idea! He could work with his people to create a special concoction that would be repellent only to narcs. Kind of like deet for mosquitoes.

            I truly am enjoying the “retail” side of Mr. Tudor. It’s a lot of fun for us fan types who like the merch. I’m watching for my wallpaper. So far I’ve seen Saviour and Magnet. Could be buried in my inbox.

          23. Bubbles 🍾 says:

            Dear Mr Tudor,
            The cookie cutter could be the shape of your “silhouette” and we decorate accordingly 👤….. 🤴…..bake n dab …. win win !
            Luv Bubbles xx 😘

      4. Dearest HG: I plan to go to the Creed store in the city, now. I know the location of one, if it is still there on Madison Avenue. So much change in the city from one year to the next because of the commercial rental costs. I used to walk by there a lot and look at the store and the guy behind the desk would wave his hand for me to enter, but I never did. I want to go now. I will shut my eyes and test the scents with a salesperson, without being told the names. Names can be overly persuasive. I just want to test the scents with no other persuasion. The scent has to stand on its own. I hope to find one that reminds me of you. Then I will ask the salesman the name and see what you think about the scent. I wonder if it will be one that you have already worn. Maybe I will pick more than one for you. Just in case. Hopefully, this month or next. I have not been in that part of town for quite a while. Uh oh……. I hope that upset person does not read this post. She will really lose it. But, she should be happy that I am considering venturing away from my comfort zone a bit, to go to another neighborhood, for a change of pace. I have not done so lately. The glass is also half full, not just half empty, I hope she realizes. I believe she does, and that is the reason she keeps returning.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Good to read.

        2. nunya biz says:

          PSE, I just love this experiment you are doing. I wish I could do it (no store nearby). But I love the creative aspect of it and the intuition involved and of course the smelling.

          I had someone raving about my scent once and I had to explain I’d layered six things. She said that’s always the case when someone smells extra good, they’ve got on several scents. I like to use different lotions and perfumes together also. I’ve not done my hair with it.

          1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

            Nunya biz: The deep conditioners for hair can have some amazing scents! Just test, test, and test. And you will naturally and instinctively select one in the same scent family of your lotions and perfumes that you mix together. No worries. It seems that the regular spray perfumes come in style together and sort of copy each other and chase each other around. So they all start smelling similar for about 5 main types of scents, over time. But, the deep hair conditioner products do their own thing. And use some other fancy ingredients from all over the world, that the perfumes do not, whatever the reason. That is why I start there for scent. Some are just amazing. Soft and beautiful and expensive smelling. And as for smelling expensive, with those deep hair conditioners, it is like art, you know it when you smell it: You freeze on the spot, and your wallet wobbles, and you get the stare and walk swiftly and silently to the counter and buy it.

        3. Claire says:

          I have read the product reviews on the thread this morning and find them refreshing—as the resident product “expert” couldn’t help but chime in. My signature scent is unparalleled. Order the sample oil package and find your best. (I have two favorites) The lotion is worthless by the way..
          Creed is nice but it’s well known. This is better and everyone stops you because it’s so fabulous and different.
          Now I’m off for a sugar exfoliating scrub! (Is this somatic narcissism?!!)

    2. Desiree: When I was in the 9th grade, about 13 years old or so, there was this girl in school. She was very advanced in my eyes. She even walked holding up one wrist with her pinky finger sticking out: So advanced, I thought at the time. hahaha. She even had a boyfriend that had already graduated high school and he had a car and picked her up after school sometimes. I asked her about that older boyfriend and she told me that her mother said she was very mature for her age and therefore she had permission to date him. Then, I thought: wow. Now, I know she probably lied. No mother I know would say such words to her daughter. Anyway, she always smelled so good. Everyone talked about it. One day I asked her if she wore perfume, and she told me it was her shampoo and conditioner. I asked her the brand, and she said: Flex. So the next time I went shopping with my mom, I tossed the Flex shampoo and the Flex conditioner into the shopping cart. I used this product line and waited around and walked around for an entire week and a bit longer, with no compliments, and no one asking me if I were wearing perfume. I was confused. So I went back to the advanced girl and told her about this tragic situation. She told me that her mother took her to the hair salon and the beautician would first shampoo her hair with the salon`s Flex shampoo and then put the Flex deep conditioner on her hair and message it onto her scalp and wrap her hair with a warm towel, and she had to sit like that for an entire half hour: An eternity when we are at that age. lol. I thanked her, and I repeated the process as she described it to me, and, suddenly, day by day, I was receiving compliments on my scent and at times I was asked if I were wearing perfume, and I was also asked for the name. I was pleased to respond that I was not wearing perfume. All was well again in teen land. That is how I learned about the power of scent from the deep conditioner. So, it must go on your scalp, for that beautiful long lasting alluring scent, that smells better and better as the day goes on, but make sure you remember to read the label to see if that hair perfume that you use is allowed to go on your skin and scalp as well, since I do not know about that type of product, hair perfume, and I feel concerned for your health and safety. That is the only concern I have with your exciting experiment. I am definitely interested in the hair mask and the Kerasilk Control line. The Kerasilk product line is literally under lock and key in their sections in most if not all stores here, and if not locked up, it is behind the counter and not accessible on the shelves, so I never went out of my way to try to sample them. But, now I am ready. I asked in Rickys beauty supply once, why the Kerasilk line was behind the counter, and I was told that it is stolen a lot. I guess somatic women must steal that product line a lot, and so it has to be protected. What a world we live in. Thank you for your recommendation.

      1. Claire says:

        Any L’ange conditioning treatment is awesome and moderately priced but not ridiculous. Creme brûlée is the best daily conditioner I’ve ever found and my hair is long, wavy curly and thick. They have sales all the time. I hear Redkin is nice but haven’t tried it but my somatic friend with great hair swears by Redkin shots?? I know it’s at Ulta.

      2. Desirée says:

        I really like that anecdote of yours and I am actually suprised that girl gave away her “secret” to amazing smelling hair, I feel a lot of teenage girls would not have done so, haha!
        Having the Goldwell Kerasilk Control under lock and key kind of amuses me, it is very popular with the staff at my hair salon, where I was first introduced to it and took the hair mask home with me, but I’ve never heard of it being in need of special protection. It’s also available online where I have purchased the biggest sizes of both the shampoo and hairmask so it will last me a while.
        I also found a deep conditioning treatment that might be good for me to try. It is from Philip B called “Light-Weight Deep Conditioning Créme Rinse”. I’m choosing that one because it sounds like it won’t weigh my hair down if I try it on my scalp, whereas my Goldwell products might be too “rich” in texture, so I will put the deep conditioning treatment on my scalp and lengths and the mask on my lengths exclusively. Also, Philip B used to be my favourite brand of hair products before I knew about Goldwell, just because it smells divine. I will try it out and report back!
        As for the hair perfume, it is generally designed to have less alcohol than normal perfume and be a bit more gentle, so it wont dry out your hair. I’ve tried it on my wrist before with no ill effects, so putting it on my scalp should be fine.
        Have you ever tried shower oil instead of soap? I’m about to try a new product and feel like that could be an intreresting alternative. Since it is less drying, it might make the scent linger longer, because fragrance usually holds up best on well moisturized skin. Plus there are some shower oils that smell divine, as well.

        1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

          Desiree. I will be occupied for weeks with your suggestions. I have to write it all down. I plan to work on some of this soon. I heard of Philip B. because it is renown for its quality, but, the great scent factor I did not know about. I wonder if that line also has to be locked up in NYC… Thank you! The advanced high school girl was so friendly to me. Most of the other girls did not like her because she was so pretty and smelled so good and she was so exaggeratedly feminine, and she had that older man/boyfriend with the great car. Her beautifully scented hair was always flying in the wind when he picked her up after school. We all just stared at all that. So advanced. hahaha. I believe he drove a chevy convertible, or something like that. I liked her, and I was new to the school, and so she was always extra friendly with me. I have always done well with somatic females. I have never envied them, and probably I secretly or latently admire all that selfishness they posses and largely get away. I am attractive enough, but not a somatic. I may have had the tendency growing up, but my parents were not having any of that. I do not know about bath shower oil, but we would have to be careful to not slip in the tub. It sounds so healthy for the skin. Kindly let me know if you try some and like them. I could take photos of the Kerasilk products locked up or placed behind the counters out of the way of curious hands in NYC. I jest not. I am glad you gave the` sitting on the lap` example earlier. Anyone not knowing how all this works would probably think you and I were drenched in scent that overwhelmed others when that is not the case at all. A lot settles into our clothing, like you mentioned. The hair products and deodorants and designer lotions do not have high sillage like perfumes have. So they just bide their time close to the skin, unless called into action by our activities. So they do not overpower, as it probably sounds like they do. But it is in this that I find that with our method we have the advantage: Most people all start out smelling relatively nice starting the day. Some start failing by noon. And others are failures by the end of the work day. The gym during the evening finishes off most that managed to smell nice most of the day. However, we just keep on smelling nice and differently depending on what parts of ourselves is heating up, all the way until we finally reach home. Sometimes I am aware of the scent of my perfume, and some other times I am aware of my body lotion, and then still other times I am aware of my deep conditioner in my hair (mostly at the gym), and also, at times my special deodorant, all depending on what is going on throughout the day and afternoon and evening. For example, whenever the Somatic was around me at work, I could smell everything I had on heating up! lol. He probably wondered to himself, why is this woman smelling so good all of a sudden, out of nowhere? hahaha. When any of his 4 evil lieutenants were annoying me, I could smell my deodorant, with the mimosa scent, rising. Those lieutenants effected my adrenal glands, it seems. My perfumed body products were like a living alarm system for me. LOL. I heard of perfumes that they have in Africa that is or was worn by their royal men that was so strong, sillage wise, that you could actually smell the person way BEFORE they approached near you. My goodness. That is not what you and I are doing here. 🙂

          1. Desirée says:

            I actually got a compliment on my scent last weekend (very satisfying given it were the hottest few days so far, the plan to smell better the hotter you get is working, haha!) and had to come dig out our conversation here. Apologies for not responding sooner, my wordpress notifications don’t work, so I’m always kind of left in the dark.
            I’ve tried the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil and am very fond of it! The fragrance is a little sweet, a bit desert-like and sits close to the skin, as we like it with those kinds of products. It lathers really nicely although it takes a little getting used to compared to foamy bodysoaps, doubles as shaving cream, leaves the skin super soft and did not make the tub slippery.
            But if you’re in New York, you also have the opportunity to get the Glossier Shower Oil which I envy you for! It is supposed to be a lovely floral. I was in their flagship store in NY last year but was in a hurry and didn’t care much about giving their body products a try, such a shame! If you ever decide to drop by their store, please let me know how you like the products and their new perfume as well, I am most curious and they don’t ship to my country yet.
            As for the strong silage, I used to have a neighbour that I could smell long after she was gone. At least she smelled good but knowing how much she overdosed on a daily basis made me paranoid if I might have become “scent-blind” as well. Not the kind of impression we want to leave behind, but I had several people confirm to me that this is not the case, so we’re all good! I guess the way we approach it, it’s like the closer someone gets to us (or in your case, depending on who gets to you, haha), the more the different fragrances reveal themselves, because of the varying silages.

  6. CDhan says:

    WOW! And again WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I literally let out a loud F!!K and stopped in my tracks while reading this!!!!! ( i was walkn my dog) Sooo good ! So good!!! I fell in love with his smell before i fell in love with him. These blogs are so awesome. Thank you HD. Truly u are one of a kind. Finding you has been the blessing i never dared hope for. These blogs provide closure for me as weird as that sounds.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome CGhan

  7. A says:

    I just remembered that I thought of the perfect scent for you- Tom Ford Black Orchid.

    1. malignnarc says:

      I like.

  8. I know of those of your kind who intentionally didn’t wear their aftershave and smelt strongly of cigarettes and alcohol and working on cars. They knew I hated it as it triggered unwanted feelings of another. They knew this and did it to help me to deal with my issues. All it did was to upset me. They knew that too. Then later would shower and put on “their” scent in order to comfort me…when in reality they caused the upset in order to cause the ebb and flow of my emotions. (You wrote this somewhere that I read in the example of a fear of spider and of the dark)
    He would also not wear it often at home and sometimes not even when we went out, but ALWAYS whenever he left the house without me. Ensuring the smell would linger when gone and/or would awaken me as he left.
    For me at least, smell evokes such emotion and memory. I guess it makes it very easy to affect me in this regard. Scent is indeed a powerful tool

  9. rain12blog says:

    Thank you so much for your reply HG. Yes, I found Manipulated very enlightening. I am now reading Escape & there are so many lightbulbs turning on that I need to take some time to process all of this. After reading Manipulated I couldn’t help reflect back on myself & start to wonder if I have been almost as bad as my husband. The silent treatment, manipulation, withdrawing, struggle for control, etc. (only when provoked though), infidelity (and only after I found out about his other women). But now I am starting to see how he so cleverly & covertly manipulated me, causing me to react the way I did. I will get back to you with the answer to your question soon. This is all so very interesting & thought provoking. And if you are wondering if my husband really is an “N” because of the things I’ve been able to get away & still be alive, he most definitely is a malignant N. I now have “documented” proof for the first time. And it’s absolutely shocking. I think even you would be shocked HG

    1. malignnarc says:

      Hello Rain, I am pleased you are finding the books helpful, you will find something different and insightful in all of them. Yes most people know something is wrong but they do not realise just how much of it is manipulation. It is interesting to see your admission of similar behaviours but there is one huge difference. You did those things based on behaviour towards you and viewed in your reality this would be regarded as logical even the right thing to do. When we do these things they are logical viewed in our reality (but not yours). You doled out silent treatment because you were angry or hurt at something he said or did. He doled it out TO HURT you to gain fuel. You were unfaithful as a reaction to his infidelity and perhaps because you wanted to get back at him or spend some time with someone who treated you pleasantly. His infidelity was because he wanted to hurt you to gain fuel. I address infidelity in Sex and the Narcissist which will be available shortly and will doubtless be of interest to you. I doubt I would be shocked. I have spent so long doing similar things or being surrounded by narcs who do similar things that I have witnessed a lot.

  10. A says:

    Somehow I believed your weren’t still actively searching for significant Fuel. I can’t stop thinking about the girl who will get Truth serum. I want to find her and help her see the “Truth”.

  11. rain12blog says:

    Hello HG. Wanting more insight into my husbands narcissistic behavior, to put it nicely, I stumbled upon your blog about a week ago & have been following it since. Which I find very interesting btw. I also just started reading Manipulated. My question is, are there women other than empaths that N’s are attracted to? My husband is definitely an N, which I’ve known for over 10 yrs, but not to the extent that I now know. After reading half way through Manipulation, I realized, even though I’ve always thought myself to be, that I do not fit the description of an empath at all.

    1. malignnarc says:

      Hello Rain and thanks for getting in touch,I hope you are finding Manipulated enlightening. Most people have empathic qualities even though they might not be described as an empath in the same way that most people have narcissistic traits but they are not even close to being a narcissist. Thus we will find what we want in an ‘ordinary’person because they will have some empathic qualities. We prefer empaths, i.e. those who have many empathic qualities and of course a super-empath (e.g. Mother Theresa style) or a co-dependent are top of the tree. You see most people would stop and ask someone who had fallen in the street if they are okay or if they see somebody upset they would ask if they need help. We can get plenty of fuel from these people. In what way do you consider yourself not to be an empath?

  12. Sheila says:

    Mine bought duplicates to leave at my place on the occasions he stayed over. When it was over… or in his mind.. when it was time for a break… he took his clothes and left his toiletries… I did the logical thing and tossed it all out! 🙂

  13. Freedom says:

    My ex didn’t wear too much if any aftershave. So I’m free of this trauma. Mine focused more on places to ruin for me.
    He used to say I smelt nice then he would say later in the relationship that I shouldn’t use so much.
    Well guess what I’ll do what the hell I like now.

  14. So Sad says:

    OO oo . I literally laughed out loud at this . 🙂 I won’t go into the reason why BUT .. whooohooo .Nail on head HG .. ty

    1. malignnarc says:

      Go on indulge us.

      1. So Sad says:

        I will tomorrow HG .Perhaps

  15. DD says:

    Narc knew he had potent pheromones along with a good dose of Obsession for Men it was mindblowing. He was quite aware of this tactic. When he ran out he had me buy the new bottle. Of course I worried a new girl would be the beneficiary but couldn’t believe it. I cannot smell that scent without leaving the room mentally. Kapow!!

    1. malignnarc says:

      Powerful and effective isn’t it DD?

  16. Sari says:

    I forgot about his handkerchief! He gave it to me to wipe away the tears that he had violently provoked… He wanted me to keep it with me… It smelled of him….. I had it in my purse for a long time… A rosary to keep me safe..( he is a deeply religious man) prays before every meal 😉 After dinner, the Saint would terrorize me….

  17. Sari says:

    I threw it all out…. I had bombs going off all day in my home… He bought me a new perfume, beautiful clothing,cards with beautiful messages of love, candles….I couldn’t get away from him so I had to throw it all out.. All deliberate? HG, I’d like to read the manual..😊

    1. malignnarc says:

      I will be happy to furnish you with a copy in due course Sari.

      1. Sari says:

        I just got a message from him..” I love you so deeply and truly! Maybe he smelled me on something..😉

        1. malignnarc says:

          Perhaps he did Sari and maybe he has pulled out his Hoover.

  18. Hmmm. Loser NEVER wore cologne. He thought his natural body scent was sufficient. I guess he was secure enough in his appeal that he didn’t need “extras.” Think?

    1. malignnarc says:

      Maybe he was just smelly.

      1. LOL. No, even when he had been out mowing the lawn, he was sweaty but he never smelled bad. Go figure.

        1. malignnarc says:

          Fresh sweat doesn’t smell though, but more to the point who sweats from mowing the lawn? Does he think he is in Poldark and uses a scythe?

          1. When it’s 98 degrees outside, you tend to sweat, even if you’re simply sitting in a chair.
            I, personally don’t sweat….I “glow.”
            And, don’t tell my you don’t sweat, unless of course, you suffer from anhidrosis.

          2. malignnarc says:

            Fair point. I perspire. You glow. Horses sweat.

  19. Nikita says:

    HG would have never imagined this effects but yes very true. In fact I might habe been that target as I also received the scarf with the scent.
    Do you guys follow a book??💋

    1. malignnarc says:

      The Narcissist’s Manual of Seduction – I may let you have a read at some point.

      1. Nikita says:

        Looking forward 😘

        1. malignnarc says:

          Absolutely dear Nikita, always going forward.

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