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36 thoughts on “Red Flag”

  1. I read Red Flags in under two hours., i find HG’s reasons for doing what he does most interesting and helpful.

    My N displayed every single one except for badmouthing his Ex. I think he was wise to the fact I wiujd know this was a red flag in addition to wanting me to feel threatened by her and triangulated.

    The most haunting of all is the foreshadowing – the tells. Mine said stuff like:

    “I can be an insensitive asshole”
    “Maybe I’m just bad”
    “I’m going to hell you know”
    “I know I don’t deserve you”

  2. I will say I’m a little captivated by a gentlemen that is a police officer. He seems quite nice and has all the right ‘ticks’ in the boxes for me if I was seriously looking, but that just raises big red flags for me in itself. The profession it’s self if so full of N’s to begin with is another one.

  3. I put a big ‘ol neon flashing “SUPER EMPATH” sign up proclaiming my love of all things rescued. Had to make sure I had the right bait in the hook 😉

      1. Leaving for work very soon and need to get ready, but I’ll share some of the info on a few profiles with my take on the actual meaning when I get a chance.

  4. It was one of your previous comments that your kind like to use dating sites to find their next victim. It sounded like a good place to do some observing and test my own theories in waters that are known feeding grounds.

      1. It’s only been 2 days, but I am almost certain 3 of the hits on my profile are definitely Ns

    1. Sheila I was very unlucky. 2 years ago I put my profile in a recognized dating site and 3 hours after the first message I received was from the most narcissistic guy of all. Telling me he would be interested in contacting me if I would be interested in BDSM. So I was not so corageous as you. I deleted my profile. Keep us updated on your findings 😃😃

      1. Oh Nikita I can feel your shock from here. I would have reacted the same way myself several years ago if I hadn’t done some assertiveness training and learned not to let those things shell shock me anymore.

        1. Yes Sheila you could not be more right. I was in a shock. I had not expected to receive such a message in such a site. i suppose there are other sites for that.

  5. In the middle of a 36 hr work weekend, but I may buy this when I’ve got a chance. I think I may have a good idea already on the Red Flags to look for, I just need to trust my gut feeling on that. Currently conducting a little experiment of my own to hone those skills. I signed up for an elite dating site, not actually to date but to see how many N’s I can spot. I think I might be being ‘tailed’ though… I am almost positive one profile is my recent ex! Haha

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