No holds barred and no strings attached

The only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform

Read about how the narcissist views and uses sex and how you are central in that

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30 thoughts on “Sex”

  1. i have not purchased the book yet. i purchased the other four that i have read.. interesting stuff.. knowledge is power. ammunition.

  2. I would say sex with the Narcissit is Very good sex but although you mention you are very good lovers, this is not so evident when you read the book.
    Anyway it should be like that as its an objective and factualbook rather then one describing sexual sensations and how to obtain them 😂😂😂😂
    Intimacy replaced by extreme pleasure.
    It is a very good book HG. Difficult to read at times specially when you read what is going through the head of the narcissist, there is where I had to stop sometimes.
    But the book is so exact and explicative.
    Every reader in this blog should have and read this book to understand the whole sexual part of the relationship.
    I remember when I read sex and the grand hoover. Really well explained. Again must book for the people in this blog.
    In Addition as not all listed in the book is applied to my life, there was alot new facts to learn also.
    A masterpiece indeed HG.
    I tweet about all your books because for me they are must reads if you are, if you were and even if you were never in s relationship with one of your kind, but there are several of my family members, following me and because of the cover I just dont dare yet.
    Maybe a less erotic cover…. 😂😂 would give me the courage.
    But what I will do right away is post it in this other latin blog. As soon as I write SEXO… I think this will call very much the attention.
    I have been reading through it and in general its like the same discussions we have here im another language. Very funny, difference is there are several men relating with detail there sad stories but No comments on sex. Nobody. As its a catholic continent nobody speaks about this publicly, the flames burn only behind doors.
    Lets see what happens when I write in there about Sex and the narcissist. 🔥🔥👠

  3. Ah…Sex With a Narcissist. Chocolate covered cynide.

    I’ve read all of your books and they have all been good but this one is my favorite. Highly triggering – ️those oxytocin laden tendrils reactivate their squeeze in my most private places!

    ️yes, I miss the chemical combustion and the connection I felt but I finally believe the unbelievable…it was not the same for him.

    1. Thank you for purchasing. A narcissist may have sadistic tendencies whereby the behaviours are driven not only by a desire for fuel but also the desire to exact punishment against the victim. In the sexual arena this will manifest in the deliberate and sustained infliction of pain both physical and emotional. You will see such examples in the book.

  4. So you’re the “anything goes” narcissist when it comes to sex. My mother the narcissist has been married to my father for over 40 years (and he fathered me and my two sisters) but they’ve been not just in separate bedrooms but sleeping on different floors ever since my sisters & I were in high school. She’s upstairs in the master suite & he’s relegated to the recliner in the basement & the naked channel on cable (my sisters & I couldn’t have friends over as teenagers because the basement was “Daddy’s bedroom”).

    1. The basement really???
      This is huge abuse. Its written all over the books of abusive relationships. 😭😭.
      So you grew up already seeing so much abuse. You are lucky you did not turn into such an abusive person. Very positive already!

  5. This is why I jump from book to book and at times forget to go back and finish the previous one!! I have to get them all and this one is no different!! All your books are must haves HG!! Xo

          1. Haha well after reading sex and the N the first time, I recall telling you that if I’d have known sex during D&D would have been so good, I would have stuck it out, in fact he could have skipped the love bombing and gone straight in with the good stuff.

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