Up For Grabs

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The concept of something being off limits means nothing to me. I am entitled to take what I want. That promotion at the office ? My name is already on the door. I won’t secure it by working hard. Oh no. I will take the credit for the endeavour of others. I will embark on a rigorous campaign to derail your own attempts to secure the advancement. Bought a new car which I regard as superior to mine. Not much good with the tyres slashed is it? Or strange how the police keep pulling you over on suspicion of drink driving isn’t it? Everything is a legitimate target to me. Everything is in play.

I will engage in repeatedly reckless behaviours to get what I want. I do not care whose lawn I park my tanks on, I go where I want. I will not respect your boundaries because I just do not see them. What I love to do most of all however is take something precious belonging to you. On the lesser end of the scale I will hide possessions which you value or I will break them. Naturally, I will blame someone else, usually you. The scale of hurt increases. I will worm my way into your friendship group and cause them to like me more than you by a combination of a charm offensive (call in the love bombers) and a carefully orchestrated smear campaign of nasty whispers (you’ll never guess what she said about you) with the ultimate aim of you being edged out of the group. I will then walk away from the group because I am really not interested in them, I just wanted to get at you. At the top of the tree is the forbidden fruit of stealing someone else’s partner. Often these people will be in a solid and decent relationship but such is the level of my charm, such is the attention to detail I apply in tracking my prey, it is just a question of time before I pull them away from you. I will wreck relationships. I will shatter marriages. All to feed my hunger. As ever, once I have drained the flesh and juices from the forbidden fruit, I shall discard it and leave a battered, empty husk as I move on to the next piece of low hanging fruit. Now you know what the serpent in the garden of Eden was. Me.

14 thoughts on “Up For Grabs

  1. NarcRecoveryGal says:

    51. I have a plan for us.

  2. Do you believe in hell HG?..

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Only the one I create.

  3. Maddie says:

    Am I off limits for You, dear G?

    1. HG Tudor says:


  4. 1jaded1 says:

    Do you ever wonder what the higher hanging fruit taste like?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No need Jaded when there is so much plentiful low-hanging fruit which fits the bill.

  5. What is this word…..forbidden? I remember reading something about it in the Bible, but it didn`t seem to go over very well way back then either.

    My view about stealing another`s partner or “destroying” a relationship or marriage is pretty unpopular, but thank GOD I don’t really give a rip what anyone thinks about it.

    A friend of mine cheated on her husband and was bemoaning the fact that her husband ended up leaving her. She kept saying, “But I just couldn’t help myself – he (person she cheated with) swept me off my feet. He was so handsome and the sex was phenomenal!!!! But I love John and I never wanted this to happen.”

    My response?

    “Well, clearly you did want it to happen and you weren’t very happy with John to begin with if this guy was able to lure you out of your marriage and away from your husband. You could have helped yourself, if you’d wanted to. You could have said no, but you didn’t. You screamed yes, yes, yes! till you were hoarse and now the other guy is tired of you and your husband thinks you’re a whore. Now you’re alone and you’ve got no one to blame but yourself.”

    I never place blame on the person who does the luring because the reality is, you’re not required to have a moral conscience when it comes to that person’s marriage or relationship. I mean yes, the saps and empaths will use some confusing jargon to try to tell you that you SHOULD, but it simply doesn’t make sense.

    It’s up to the committed person to say no and not stray. If they say yes and choose to stray, the consequences are theirs to suffer and the blame should be placed where it belongs – squarely on THEIR shoulders.

    I find it especially empowering when a married man’s eyes stray my way, especially if he’s with his wife. It is a clear sign that he is looking for trouble or distraction and that he isn’t happy with what he’s got and he’s looking to me to save him from whatever it is he needs saving from.

    But I won’t take any responsibility for it, nor will I take any blame. Because it is simply not my fault.

  6. Stephanie says:

    You can’t be this evil.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Of course I’m not, I am a teddy bear, a pussy cat, a positive delight.

      1. nikitalondon says:

        The bright side of the moon 🌔❤️

  7. nikitalondon says:

    I also had such a friend. She would go into marriages, put down people, trick them into giving her money…..like described above. One day I said enough.
    Have a nice day HG 😘😘.

  8. Cara says:

    Wow…I THINK about slashing the tires of those who dare to have better cars than I. Then I remember my childhood & my mother slashing the tires of anyone who parked in what she considered “her” spot and I say “No, I won’t let myself be that crazy”. And I just kick the car and move on.

    But yeah, taking credit for the hard work of a co-worker, that has me written all over it. As does blaming said co-worker for my own fuck up.

  9. Leilani says:

    Another great post and an eye opener. Once upon a time, I knew someone who had “Forbidden” on the license plate. I said to myself, “We’ll see about that.” That red apple in the picture undoubtedly and potently looks delicious HG.

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