What Have You Done For Me?


Ah, you recall those heady days during the golden period when nothing was too much trouble for me? Breakfast would be brought to you in bed. I would take your dog for a walk without being asked. I would leave those little love notes hidden around the house for you to find after your trip away. I would walk into the countryside and pick flowers for you to hand over to you with my dimpled smile. Something upset you? I would listen on the telephone or drive across to listen as you cried and emptied your heart. I was on hand, on time and on your side.

After a few months, longer if you are really lucky, my helpfulness and ever present assistance has eroded. If you ask me to do something you will be met with a sigh and a roll of the eyes and I may just do it. More likely I vanish when chores are required. I never answer the phone when you desperately need to speak to me to discuss your bad day at work. I flat refuse to do the things that I always did for you and indeed I will even deny that I ever did them. To reinforce this stark withdrawal of my services I will then always query what have you done for me? I will trot out the list of things that I have done for you (adding some fabricated ones in for good measure – go on, try and suggest I am making them up and see what happens next). Isn’t it curious how I have a foggy memory about agreeing to pain the fence yet I can recall with amazing recall the date, manner and duration of each and everything that I have done for you. I only ever did it so I could hook you and then throw it back in your face. Of course, as with everything I do, you frantically try to fathom out what has happened and to steer us back to my useful and helpful period. Thus the dance goes on.

5 thoughts on “What Have You Done For Me?

  1. Catherine Kelliher says:

    Economics is about supply and demand. Needless to say, high demand need more supply. But that costs more money. H.G. Tudor, my good man, where are the ethics and morality in today’s contemporary cultures if a Narcissist, or even a large group of Narcisssits, obtained supply at no cost to them to meet their high demands? And FREE supply is way better than properly paying for supply services rendered, therefore supply is perpetually imprisoned. So how would contemporary cultures in 3rd World Nations view this? How about 1st World Nations? Is there hope supply in 1st World Countries could be sprung from its wrongful imprisonment and live a life thar rightfully theirs to begin with?

  2. Ginger says:

    I remember one particular horrible day that i had.
    Crap day in work (got into trouble), i then left work to visit my dead friends grave (anniversary of death) and was then travelling 100 miles the next day for my aunties funeral and I wanted to see her of course as i wasnt going to see her for a few days. She knew all of the above and still blew me off stating she was with a friend (this particular friend she had apparently pleasured NOT slept with previously. I never met this person of course but apparently had been to jail and was a hard nut (female grandmother). I couldnt believe my ears. We actually sort of split up the following week, i say sort of as no actual departing conversation occurred lol. In all honesty I am still not 100% sure if she was NPD, if she is then she is very low functioning (thick as pig shit). We only lasted 4 months before i took the step back and logically in my own head summed up all the lies etc. I remember her finishing it as her ex had got out of prison and wanted her back (her ex is a women, i am a lesbian lol) anyway insaid crack on, with your 2x kids and her 4x kids and no income I’m sure you will be happily ever after 😂. Of course she didnt like this but already knew I was not a jealous person as the triangulation never ever worked (albeit i did not know this was triangulation at that time). Anyway im rambling and not even aure what the original point was 😂. Ah well, keep up the good work HG.

  3. Laurie says:

    Clearly I dated the wrong narcissists. Not one of them ever did anything for me.

  4. nikitalondon says:

    Its sad whem somebody does something and then at the first opportunity throws it back at your face and said I did this and that for you. Makes me think that those things were done because they had to be done any not because they came from the heart.. Which would be anyway in line with what the theory of golden period..

  5. Cara says:

    Oh yes, all those wonderful things you USED to do…did you ever really do those things, or do you just THINK you did? It’s been so long.

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