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Ask 2: The Narcissist Answers by [Tudor, H G]

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24 thoughts on “You Asked Again”

  1. Thank you for the book. I just finished reading it. And thank you for answering my question in it. As I am reading more and more of your books I think I am getting stronger in maintaining no contact. Thank you !!

    1. Thank you. It remains in development it is not an easy book to write. It will be announced when it’s done so you won’t miss it.

  2. I have it too :-). Im not the first one buying but I am the first admirer <3

  3. Ah I remember it like yesterday…..
    HG Tudor up and coming author used to write a blog to all the little people. He worked diligently to put out his books quickly so people could be helped by his life experiences. He put out books to educate and give a voice to those who could not understand the behaviours of their loved ones. In time however, dark days appeared. As all famous people do, he went on to churning out 1 book a year. Written on his private yacht somewhere in cerulean blue waters. Spending time with numerous women in exotic places, being chased by paparazzi and in the tabloids constantly. He ended up a recluse. He quit his blogging as he was too good to speak to the masses with their droll questionings that he answered time and time again. They just didn’t get it. Without being paid $5,000 a speech and only in the correct setting would he come out of hiding. He thus became a Narcissistic World Renowned author. Or wait, that was the beginning of this memory, right?

    Great Job HG. I’m going to to help pay for that yacht. Don’t forget me when u are on it. And fly me in on the PJ just once k? Then I can sell the story to TMZ and get a yacht like yours. 😎

      1. So you are only interested in buying it if one of your questions is in as opposed to seeing what interesting and pertinent questions have been posed by others and then answered? There’s a name for that kind of behaviour….

      2. That did make me laugh, then explain why have bought every other book? Hmm, because they are insightful and enjoyable to read.

      3. Yes, of course that….define your usage of the word chum? There are several to chose from….Yes, adoration is my form.

      4. Thank You, a HG for saying you think of me as your friend. I know I can be frustrating with all my questions. But, I really do appreciate you and your answers.

      5. I stand corrected and my apologies HG.
        As you did include a question I posed. As well, I wasn’t even aware you wrote a previous book of Ask the Narcissist. So maybe I have missed several more books while I was absent. I will check and see if I missed any more. Both have been purchased…I did not Recognize most of the names asking questions as being blog readers…were they questions asked via FB? Having not read many of the questions previously it was interesting to read the answers.
        Questions are unending. This could be quite the series.

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