Total Confessions

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15 thoughts on “Total Confessions”

  1. HG,
    I bought this book the other day. I read it entirely in 2 days. The content was good. My favorite parts where the very short entries where you seemed vulnerable. You left me intrigued though. What ever happened with your married female neighbor that loved to garden?

    1. I’ve noticed that it comes available in the US and UK pretty quickly and then takes time to “fan out” to other jurisdictions. No idea why that should be. I guess it is wait or get it from the States.

  2. HG

    Bought it! FYI, I never buy any paperback books anymore. I bought 4 of these. I will be sharing them liberally. It should make the best sellers list. What a great book to share for anyone. Worth the purchase! This will be invaluable!

  3. This looks like an excellent read with being able to have such a large collection of HGs work in one place.

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