The Vainglorious 20


To say that my kind and me have a high opinion of ourselves is to put it too low. We are superior, of an elevated status and ethereally stunning and wonderful. Our achievements are magnificent, our accomplishments legion and we leave you mere mortals trailing in our wake. We know you look on, slack-jawed and wide-eyed, a mixture of awe and envy washing over you. How good it must be to be like us, you wonder. Well not only are we spectacular and scintillating we are generous too, so generous that I can share with you twenty of our excessively vain and self-centred comments. You may have heard a number of these said to you, about you or just uttered in your general earshot as we gaze nobly towards the horizon. If you have, you know you are dealing with one of our kind and that we wholeheatedly believe these comments irrespective of how pompous, hypocritical ,vain or ridiculous they may sound.All that matters to us is ensuring we gain a reaction to them.

  1. I don’t complain, I advise.
  2. I do, I am not done to.
  3. Don’t be sorry. Be accurate.
  4. I turn heads. I turn sexual preferences.
  5. I own you.
  6. I have every right to do this.
  7. I never lie.
  8. I achieved all this without any help whatsoever.
  9. I made you what you are today.
  10. I am very much in touch with my feelings.
  11. I hate liars.
  12. It is all down to me.
  13. I am a god.
  14. If it wasn’t for me, nothing would get done round here.
  15. I think of everyone but myself. I am too giving at times.
  16. It can be hard being this well-loved.
  17. I cannot help being so popular.
  18. They are my people. They get understand me,
  19. Everyone wants to either be me or be with me.
  20. I am the puppet master and the piper. Deal with it.

18 thoughts on “The Vainglorious 20

  1. DontGaslightMeBro says:

    Some of my faves…

    “Well. If you don’t like it you can leave.” (Don’t tempt me.)

    “Someday you will get over me.” (I actually busted up laughing)

    “I don’t do the dishes because you need something to do so you feel like you are contributing.” (Duly noted. I managed to ignore it and not throw a dish at his head.)

    “Don’t give me that revisionist history bullshit. That didn’t happen.” (It did. Every time.)

    “I’m just trying to help you. Why are you so mad? Why don’t you want my help? I’m {awesome at what I do} and everyone else knows that and wants my help.” (Control tactic)

    My recent fave…. took all I had to keep a poker face….

    “Because I fix things. That is what I do.”

    Wasn’t sure if this should go here or on the driving post.
    Insensitive-Jann Arden….an oldie but a goodie.

    1. Minerve says:

      I think that another one that could suit this post is “You’ re so vain” by Carly Simon.

      1. Minerve,
        I agree. This song was written about David Geffen. She actually whispered it backwards on the anniversary release of the song. Mick Jagger sang backup vocals on it as well. Classic Narc song.

  3. Snow White says:

    “I turn heads” ” I turn sexual preferences”
    I wish I would have paid attention. She had patterns that I ignored😖

  4. Love says:

    Your confidence is our aphrodisiac. It represents your power. In your book about codependents, you write that our self esteem increases with your achievements. I think it goes beyond that. We idolize you and therefore need you to believe you are godlike. This confirms our idolatry.

  5. ???!! says:

    He didn’t say these, but he said:
    1. My opinion is the only one that matters
    2. I like to push people’s buttons
    3. I’m a man of my word
    4. When he had an arrest warrant on him: I will go in on my terms. I’m not going to lose my business I worked so hard for.
    5. I have to be in control

  6. Ah another page from the manual of “How to be Narcissistic”. I can relate to a few, but again this is about knowing your own value.

    I will give my exN this much… When he said he was god I would respond with of course, you are a computer god…but if anyone is a god around here it is me. He never argued about that BUT he would respond with “I made you who you are”. I guess he would always need to take credit for what ever it is I said or did…. and of course my looks.

  7. anteah says:

    Ditto, Maddie. ‘Bout right.

  8. Ah Oh says:

    My rules. My world.
    My rule is I play by yours if I want. Simple.

  9. Minerve says:

    That you are smart is a fact.
    This bait, I mean blog, just prove it.
    I wonder…

    This is so interesting. I think I will read all posts of this blog tonight.

    1. Love says:

      Hi Minerve. You said bait. What do you mean? I’m just interested in hearing what you think.

      1. Minerve says:

        Dear Love,
        is really nothing transcendental and I would like not to go deep on this since I didn’t read all the blog and comments yet to support my hypothesis. 🙂

        I really appreciate the help that HG Tudor give us writing here and how he slightly provide a non dangerous reminiscence of the emotions we felt with our lost wicked lover.
        I also have a big esteem on his self-awareness.

      2. Love says:

        I’m sure it’ll be interesting reading your hypothesis, once you are ready to present it ☺
        Yes, I’m eternally grateful for Mr. Tudor’s work.

      3. Love says:

        I have a new phone and the emoticons are different. That was supposed to be a smile. I have no idea what the one that posted means. Lol

      4. Minerve says:

        I think it means a “shy smile”. It’s cute by the way.

  10. Maddie says:

    My rules
    1. I love those who wants to be loved.
    2. I do not hate those who don’t want my love.
    3. When I’m done (by You) I’m done and that’s forever.
    4. Don’t underestimate me.
    Goodnight 🙂

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