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131 thoughts on “Enlist a Dark Mind

  1. AH OH says:

    I do not take like this now. I wait patiently. I sit and watch. I am the preditor when I choose. Perhaps this is the secret to my good fortune.
    But I would glady take some lessons from B_E. Perhaps I need a jump start.

  2. Love says:

    Elaine, what an exquisite dance it is!
    All of us are vying for Mr. Tudor’s attention. Waiting to once again have our turn with him on the dance floor.
    Mr. Tudor, was the Personal Assistant competition an example of triangulation?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It could have been used in such a way and indeed the mild competition I engendered was representative of a benign,constructive form of triangulation.

      1. Love says:

        Thank you. I hope I performed well and met your expectations. If not, I am always open to improve.

      2. bloody_elemental says:

        You met the expectations for a moment, but have no fear, the expectations will change. By the day, by the hour, by the minute, by the second, by the millisecond.

        The only thing you can count is that you cannot count on anything. Everything is always changing. You will never know when, how or why. It just does. It just is.

        Best of luck.

    2. bloody_elemental says:

      I do not wait my turn.
      I do not have to vie for anything or anyone.

      I will take your turn. And her turn. Oh and hers. And hers too. Oh yes, definitely hers.

      Love, if you want something and many others are vying for the same thing, you do not wait patiently in line for your turn.

      You take what others think belongs to them and make it yours.
      You win. Because that is all that matters.

      1. Love says:

        B_E you are so bad a$$! Thank you lady. You already know I’m not built to take something from someone else and hurt their feelings. I just have to continue on with this crazy dance. Changing movement, song, and rhythm by the second.
        But I do enjoy watching you walk in, take it, and walk out.

    3. So Sad says:

      Nice.. Love & I don’t will never try to spoil your illusion .

      But I’m here for answers . I dont want the ” dance ” And I’m certainly not vying for his attention .. Enjoy your dance

      1. Love says:

        I understand and thank you, So Sad. πŸ’ƒ

        1. So Sad says:

          Anytime Love xx

      2. Hi so Sad…
        No one likes to spoil illusions for anyone … it’s like finding out there is no Santa πŸ˜‰ It’s not fun, but its a necessary part of growth at times.
        If you joined the blog, that is step (1) to the right.
        If you read Hg’s articles and books, that is step (2) to the left.
        If you find yourself reading the comments of all the other members, that is step (3) forward.
        If you find you are staying tuned and anticipating articles or comments from HG to your posts that is step (4) which is another step to the left.
        If you say good luck to others with the same breath that you deny you are dancing with, that is step (5) which is a step backwards wearing a dress in high heels.
        If you now have a light bulb moment, you have just taken step(6)
        which means that you are now ready to run through all those previous steps at a faster pace in your mind and with your feet.
        like it or not, wanted or not, by posting you will get attention…intention…or not…who is to say except you…which is step (7).
        Enjoy the dance …it’s polka time !! x’s

        1. So Sad says:

          Thank you Elaine . Nicely put .x

  3. Forgiven says:

    Bloody_Element, you are correct that my comments have been in poor taste. I have been misplacing my aggressions unfairly onto Mr. Tudor, and I am regretful for this. I also like to have intelligent and thought-provoking conversations, but of course when my emotions become too intense I forget that I must regulate them, and not speak out on impulse. I have been forgetting all about DBT Skills, and I should pin them to my bathroom mirror. I will behave, for sure. I respect Mr. Tudor, and will show it from now on. Thank you, B_E for your kind and wise advice. My different aliases are because Narc from past has been hoovering me [the Somatic one; he has a wife, but is still trying to get back with me; thus, I change my aliases. I will keep this one from now on: Forgiven.] Thank you, B_E, and Everybody else for your encouragement, kind words, and support. Yes, Mr. Tudor, I thank most of all <3 [i might just change my picture on my icon once in awhile, but not my name, anymore]. <3

    1. bloody_elemental says:

      I do hope you are sincere in your words, Forgiven, and that you strive from now on, to interact and contribute in a constructive and positive manner with HG and everyone else here.

      I think you will find that doing so will prove most beneficial to you.

  4. Forgiven says:

    I am sorry, Love, for my behavior. I have been taking my aggressions from past Narcissist and Histrionic out on Mr. HG Tudor. He did not deserve this, and I do apologize. I will behave, and show respect and kindness because that is who I am, not the angry person. Thank you, Love, for asking me so politely without judging me. Your own kindness brought me back into who I am. I thank Mr. Tudor for all of his tools and knowledge he provides us all with. My aggressions have been misplaced.

    1. Love says:

      I’m glad you are feeling better. Its ok to smile and laugh. Life is meant to be enjoyed.

  5. AH OH says:

    ChoirPoetry, You are off your meds it seems to be so vile in your post. Have you forgotten that we are all daughters?
    HG is here to help the women and men to understand this disorder. Hopefully to save someone from being a victim.
    You have such hate in your heart. You must have been hurt very badly to be so harsh.
    Yes, we, most of us on this blog, are fans of HG. I, for one, give him my appreciation and admiration.
    A shout out to you my dear HG. I adore you!

    1. Forgiven says:

      Yes, okay.

      1. AH OH says:

        Forgiven, When you have to vent, write it down but do not post it for 12 hours and if still feel the same them post. Then it will be up to Mr. Tudor if he wants to let the world see your rants.

        I am glad you calmed down.

  6. MLA - Clarece says:

    Choirpoetry – I am truly sorry for the depths of your pain. To write what you did shows the depth of torment and abuse you have suffered.
    In this dynamic with the blog, H.G. is educating his audience with his knowledge, experience and observations of those he interacts with as being a Narcissist Sociopath. He does not claim to heal, as he is not a therapist. His consults come with terms and conditions to be agreed upon ahead of time with the purchaser acknowledging that he is not making any warranty towards counseling on relationships, finances, legal proceedings, etc. It protects him as it protects the customer on what to expect, which is a dialogue on his insights with your situation dealing with a narcissist. He is a prolific writer, evolving into a business consultant which is the likely course due to his popularity in providing a service, For the majority of us that had this missing element in our search for help and answers, this is filling a high demand niche.
    Suicide of any individual at the outcome of their entanglement with a narcissist is the worst nightmare for any of us or a loved one to imagine. H.G. has expressed numerous times he does not wish to see a human pushed to that extreme.
    I recall a reader over the summer who seemed to be on the brink of considering this course of action. H.G. immediately advised her to seek medical help on her end and he pushed through every comment as a priority from readers positively reaching out and encouraging this individual to not give up. I still think of her and hope she is okay. She did write on the blog about a month after that very low point and I hope she is continuing to heal.
    Due to such heavy, sensitive material and emotions constantly being expressed, for those of us here for quite some time, I think it is healthy to express humor and add levity but it is in no way meant to be disrespectful or make light of the abuse suffered whether mental or physical.
    Unlike the Narcs who have made me feel like the only piece left of my heart is for daughter, H.G. is the one who helped me release myself from blame and self sabotage that it was me going crazy and at fault for all of it. There is good in that so I will be mighty protective of that.

    1. Forgiven says:

      Thank you, MLA-Clarence, for your very kind words. I already apologized to Mr. Tudor, and I’m going to behave <3 This will be last time I change my icon name, too; past Narc hoovering me. <3

  7. Good stuff !! and BTW HG, have you been cloning yourself again ;)… now, you do know that you gotta be careful that you don’t end up like Michael Keaton in Multiciplity my friend. Best of luck with all your endeavors.

  8. Ya Dancer says:

    What better way to get your questions answered than going to the expert himself? I certainly recommend the email consultation. Quick to reply, easy to use and thorough replies which make total sense of the irrational. Thank You HG for the illumination!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Ya Dancer, I am pleased it was useful for you.

  9. Shelly says:

    I need help. I think I have a situation that is narcissistic and sociopathic but I do not want to project that onto someone. I have definitely been abused but I am confused as to the degree he is aware of his doing or if at all. He blames me for everything and I am in shock but learning quickly. He has blocked me for the second time in response to me leaving him but he has hoovered and he has made known his return is at hand. I look back on my life and I can see situations where I was in a narcissistic relationship but I escaped. I didn’t realize what it was though until experiencing this…its unlike anything I have ever experienced and it has been very hurtful and confusing for me but I woke up quickly because I know I am being abused. I just do not know about his degree of awareness and that is where I need help.

  10. I can attest to the clarity and amazing information provided by HG during the first phone consult (only one) and the insight was liberating. I was a criminal psychology major but had yet to come across a real life dangerous narc. He described him as a mid-range and gave me SO much insight on how the mind works. This man was never my friend. He faked friendship for 8 years to reach his goal of attempting to seduce and devalue me (discard hasn’t happened because I employed the silent treatment). I could not fathom how someone that was a friend was so secretive for so very long. The signs were there people. The signs were always there. All it took was him turning his sights on me and the tactics were deployed as soon as he saw an in. He knew well and good I was married, but I knew from the beginning he may have perceived some weak area in the marriage (none of which are correct) and he tried to slither his way in there.

    HG has been instrumental in helping me ascertain the steps I need to take to protect myself from his constant bs. Thank you HG.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome TDLL I am pleased that you found it effective.

    2. entertainment says:

      Great, what responsibility have you taken for your own actions. At some point, education and common sense should kick in and utilized to help your clients. While being subjective and not conscience of counter transferring your current on past issues on to clients. Unfortunately, but fortunately we have found the answers in him without paying 250.00 us dollars a session.

  11. bloody_elemental says:

    I am in need of some coaching.
    No, wait….is coaching different from discipline?
    I suspect it is. It’s discipline I need. I’ve been a bad girl. Again.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I cannot be surprised by that BE.

      1. bloody_elemental says:

        No it isn’t surprising.

        Wonderful that you’re doing this for everyone, HG, and that you’re making yourself available in such a way. I am certain many will benefit from your sage and expert advice.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you BE, it is there for people to avail themselves of it should they feel they need further bespoke clarification.

    2. Break out the whips… B.E. needs some lashings! Wait… Can I administer the discipline? 😈 I’ll let you have your way afterwards!

      1. bloody_elemental says:

        I would relish entangling and entwining myself with you, DC.

        I am certain you would feel the same.

        1. MLA - Clarece says:

          I’ll just hold everyone’s swag bags and bottles of water on the sidelines, like a roadie.

      2. bloody_elemental says:

        You are not a roadie, Clarece. Far from it.

        1. MLA - Clarece says:

          Haha, but I can so nail the cute, funny, yet self-deprecating roadie in this lineup.

        2. Clarece what is a swag bag? Are we going to a BDSM convention? I am not sure why you would think you are a roadie Clarece, I guess figuratively speaking we all would be! πŸ˜‰
          No offense to anyone here but if I have to sit on a bus with a bunch of girls, and one GOD, we are all going to have fun… again, no I am not lesbian or bi but I think we can all have a little fun without crossing lines! Break open the alcohol!

          B.E. as for you, I know we would have fun… I want to feel those teeth in my neck… drink my dear…

          1. MLA - Clarece says:

            I’m so sorry. The swag bag reference was a nod to BE from back some time ago when we came up with another movie plotline that we envisioned starring in and winning Emmy’s for. The deal was if I let her keep the Emmy, I get her swag bag. Lol

          2. Oh! The swag bags!! I totally forgot about those! πŸ˜€

      3. AH OH says:

        And no one else can administer like a Dragon. It will be HOT.

        1. Red hot… scorching… I will make you dehydrated… dying for water! πŸ˜‰

  12. The Punisher says:

    You want us to pay for your shitty advice now? I’ll pass. I haven’t forgotten you’re a pathological liar..

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hi mum, that’s the way it is, even for you too, no family discount here.

      1. entertainment says:

        HG, you never fail to amaze me.😁stay true to the 5. Hahaha, no Netflix and chill for me. HG and chill Saturday. Okay , ladies feel free to order t-shirts or wine glasses. HG and Chill, or I don’t never ask for advice on narcs…but when I do its HG!!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Make sure you watch Black Mirror.

          1. entertainment says:

            Per your request, I will watch Men against Fire. Imagining you saving us from the future narcs😊 Your blogs are much more informative and entertaining. Since you mentioned Black Mirror. Tippi Hedren from The Birds wrote in her memoir how Alfred Hitchcock ruined her career after she denied his advances. She also claims the bird scene was supposed to use fake birds and he replaced them with real birds the birds and the horror on her face were real. What are your thoughts? I think he was definitely a narc. Below and excerpt from her;
            Early in the shooting of The Birds, a basket of bread arrived on Hedren’s doorstep. Hitchcock imagined she was losing weight (she wasn’t), and attached the message, β€œEat me.” Not long after, riding in a limo, Hitchcock attempted to embrace Hedren, just before the door opened in front of a crowded hotel. Hedren approached Alma, Hitchcock’s wife, asking for help. β€œHer exact words were, β€˜Tippi, I’m so sorry you have to go through this,’” Hedren remembers. β€œI looked at her and said, β€˜But, Alma, you could stop it!’ And her eyes sort of glazed over and she walked away.”

          2. HG Tudor says:

            I have watched 4 out of the 6 so far. Shut Up and Dance has been the best. I have just started Men Against Fire. Having digested much of Charlie Brooker’s output previously and enjoyed the first two series of Black Mirror it was interesting to see how the increased budget of Netflix has been applied to his work and it has not disappointed.

            That is interesting about Hitchcock. I watched the film about him a few years ago and I did wonder about him and your selected instances which you have detailed there entertainment certainly amount to indicators.

    2. Sarah says:

      Punisher – that is not the spirit here. HG does a tremendous service by talking about his condition with others as part of his therapy – it’s not as if he gets paid to comment or interact…

      Now now not trying to make you blush, but you’ve never told a white lie before? We don’t throw stones here (weeee), but if you want to participate it’s called being positive and not Debbie Downer as that is depressing. Of course, tidbits with <3 but I personally am not one for labels. I practice forgiveness, personally….

      So let me ask you, how is your day going this far? Do you want to punish or be a part of the awesomeness? Of course, our choice, BUT just saying, it's not as if HG get's any perks for such negativity…

      1. Hi Sarah.
        HG has explained many times in his writings, that it is harder to get a negative response from some people and when it happens it can be a very fulfilling moment for the narcissist as they were able to cause a reaction of “out of the usual norm for this person” and that denotes that they have “got to them” or got them to feel and react badly to something they said or did.
        Giving a voice then to their reaction “in front of others”…can be the ultimate as it will reflect badly on them to those that would not like to see the Narcissist harmed in any way as the Narcissist performs a necessary function for them which they think might be jeopardised. It also hurts our feelings when someone says something negative about someone we grow to care about. Empaths find it hard to deal with negativity. I can assure you that HG did not feel bad about this posters comment, in fact it worked in his favor as he got the satisfaction of this person’s displeasure and the satisfaction of you and the others comming to his defense, and with the exception of writing his article and posting it for us and others, he appears innocent of having caused these unsolicited reactions. In others words…everything is on track. Once we become involved in any way with a Narcissist, they decide which role we will fulfill for them…not the other way around. πŸ˜‰ X’s

        1. Sarah says:

          Elaine, thank you for your response – you bring up a valid point if HG likes that sort of thing – I know that if HG’s writings or works produce a negative emotion, he likes to hear about it – but criticism is something different – all I can do is relate from my personal experience, when I first joined this site, I asked questions and didn’t apply as sensitive of lens and it resulted in angrying other commenters. Thus, one should think first before they comment in avoid to upsetting HG or the wrath of other people who get offended…do you disagree?

          “It also hurts our feelings when someone says something negative about someone we grow to care about.”

          This is the golden rule: do to others as you would want done to yourself. With a Narcissist, this is a more complex line. Some people are more sensitive than others as even if I disliked a person and they were being talked negatively about, I would do what I could if I thought it was hurtful to them and was aware of it.

          I know for a fact that HG likes emotional responses, but there is a difference in criticism.

          However, if HG enjoyed that type of thing, I am not one to get involved. From what HG teaches us, Narcissist do not feel empathy, but can relate with the feelings in the form of knowledge. As most followers are silent readers and do not comment, if they happen to read these comments, it should be noted that commenting to a Narcissist can be more complicated as sometimes words can have a more profound effect even if the intent of such effect does not manifest…this was something I, unfortunately, had to learn the hard way but there is no point of learning a lesson then spreading that lesson – it takes two negatives and makes it positive in my mind.

          I purchased some questions from HG and I will ask him about that as that is a good question, i.e, negative energy is not the same reaction for others, but where the lines of criticism blur for a Narcissist I cannot say with certainty and only can provide my subjective opinion. I personally do not like negative energy and don’t think many people do, but helping another always equates to a positive energy, for me at least…

          1. Hi Sarah
            I appreciated both of your comments and do understand the difference in the possible reaction to critism. I am mostly speaking in I guess reference to this being HG’s domain and as it grows in numbers and articles and strength (from both sides)…a healthy and not so healthy mix is bound to happen or is par for the course or is right on track as some of you have heard me say of late.
            what I am referring to without coming right out and saying is, that the Microcosm or microclimate of the group is functioning as it should under this type of controlled dynamic.
            Yes we are responsible for our own comments…but bet your sweet bippy that he is controlling the direction he would like to see things going and how it functions at all times. This is not a bad thing, it is a normal and necessary thing…for… what both you & I described along with our other comments and the comments of the others…this is all part of the necessary dynamic as well… this is probably not yet noticeable to some naked eyes, but I assure you we are all dancing together and HG is leading us each at a different pace one at a time …in the Tango πŸ˜‰ x’s.
            I do believe that he knows that I mean him no diservice in any of my comments Sarah. I hope the same goes for yourself and the other members.

          2. MLA - Clarece says:

            Good intuition there!!

          3. MLA-Clarece…
            Thank-you for you kind words.
            I am nothing if not intuitive…a blessing and a curse as you know. Insight should have been my first name as it had to be honed right from the get go.
            I am known to drive people crazy at times as I can tell them what they are likely to do before they themselves know. I am usually offering people things at the same time as they are just realising they want it or need it. I do not have to spend much time with people or absorb too much of their enviroment that they would provide to me before I am able to do this. Second guessing comes naturally for me. “sizing someone up quickly” and responding on those ques, is what others refer to as intuition.
            That is why I don’t post much…it would definately disrupt the “natural flow” here and I am very much studying the dynamic as a whole which includes me but without my usual imput % (persentage) of participation lets say like I would with my own N’s. You could say that I am doing my own controlled study in my mind and heart and be correct.
            I would like to take the time here to tell you that I very much enjoy reading your posts. You are one of the persons I am referring to when I stated that “watching the progress and openess and growth among the long time posters is a gift to behold”. You have a wonderful sense of humour and writing style.
            I have a feeling that like myself, you would be a great best friend but look out if anyone gets on the wrong side of you too.
            I am blessed to be here.
            It is much more than a privileged to read the exceptional articles by HG Tudor himself and to have his personal reactions and the reactions from the other members.
            Much respect. X’s

          4. MLA - Clarece says:

            Hi EBS!
            I am deeply humbled and appreciative of your kind words! I wish you would consider posting a tad more as I always read your posts and find they pack a punch of insightful substance when you do. That is very valuable here!
            Much respect returned!
            P.S. Did you hear that HG? Don’t get on my wrong side. Lol

          5. Sarah says:


            Interesting…about the dance analogy…I do not feel like I am in a dance personally, but I see what you are saying. I will email HG or look for maybe an opening to ask him in the blog when it comes up for clarification on criticism vs. negative fuel as I know negative fuel is a positive for Narcissists, and wouldn’t want to block that fuel when directed at him. It’s his domain afterall. Negative anything is not positive for me, at all, but I absorb feelings differently.

            I would think a “controlled dynamic” wouldn’t be available to the public…scientifically speaking, the amount of variables that change from person to person would be scientifically labeled as uncontrolled as there are too many independent variables, but then again science was never my favorite subject…that was the other half of the family…lol

          6. Sarah says:


            Interesting…about the dance analogy…I do not feel like I am in a dance personally, but I see what you are saying. I will email HG or look for maybe an opening to ask him in the blog when it comes up – and get a clarification on criticism vs. negative fuel and put that on my to do list as I know negative fuel is a positive for Narcissists, and wouldn’t want to block that fuel when directed at him. It’s his domain afterall.

            Ultimately, my worry is that the greatest level of control is to manipulate others to hurt others…but would think a “controlled dynamic” wouldn’t be available to the public…scientifically speaking, the amount of variables that could change from situation to situation would produce too many independent variables but then again, I am newbie – you would probably know more than me…

      2. The Punisher says:

        Sarah, thank you! I was wondering when someone would challenge what I said. I will start by saying that although I can see how reading this blog is beneficial, HG is doing himself a service and you are merely a byproduct. You are correct. He wasn’t getting paid (in cash) for the comments, but I see this as a way of attempting to and that is what brought about my comment. Are you attempting to compare a white lie to a pathological one? Not to make you blush, but I’m gonna go ahead and give you a pass on that one… I believe that empathy is an important part of giving advice to another person. HG asking for your money in exchange for personal advice, to me, is crossing a line. I feel that in this instance he is taking too much advantage of your emotions. He doesn’t care about you or your problems. I’m here to hone and have intelligent conversation. Punishing is merely one aspect of the awesomeness I have to offer. Elaine gets its…It was always about the fuel πŸ˜‰

        Oh and my day is off to a fabulous start, thank you for asking. How is yours?

      3. The Punisher says:

        Aw come on, H. I’d be surprised if you don’t like to play a little rough. I know you can handle me πŸ™‚

      4. The Punisher says:

        As you wish, Your Majesty.

        1. Sarah says:

          Now, now, Punisher, there is no need to be that way. I saw B_E explaining to this others (doing a better job than myself naturally), and agree with her. Narcissist’s are sensitive to criticism that is more intense than others – I tend to have learn lessons a hard way. As your name implies punishment, I assure you, that I seek to spare you such punishment for pissing the wrong people off or alternatively hurt someone who is doing nothing but good in educating others πŸ˜‰ Consider me more of your lowly servant other than Majesty – as whether you believe it or not, I am here more for you than you will ever know πŸ™‚

      5. The Punisher says:

        You shouldn’t take me so seriously Sarah. I’m not as bad as you think. Bravo HG. Punisher is amused 😸

        1. Sarah says:

          I don’t think you are bad at all!

      6. The Punisher says:

        Thanks for being there for me Sarah. You’re not a servant, just a sweet girl.

        1. Sarah says:

          And we’re going to find your sweet girl too just for you. I just need the corporate HG to listen. Lol.

      7. The Punisher says:

        That’s possible, but guys like HG tend to bring about a different side of me.

        1. Sarah says:

          Lol – I get that πŸ™‚

    3. AH OH says:

      And Pay you will.

      1. The Punisher says:

        πŸ˜ΉπŸ˜ΉπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Officially no longer disappointed!

  13. AH OH says:

    How about a weekend of coaching, do you offer this?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I’m always open to new suggestions for the delivery of my observations.

      1. Love says:

        Lol maybe Ah Oh means a weekend away? An accelerated 3 day course for us to experience being your IP.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Ha ha I think you are best where you are Love!

          1. Choirpoetry says:

            Oh, giggles…giggles…pleeeeease…eeew. This false sugary, sweetness is embarrassing. Would all this lovey-Dovey be going around if This Malignant Narcissist, here, [“Mister HG Tudor”], abused your own daughters? Raped their souls? Killed their spirits? Caused them to commit suicide? Yes, your own daughters he would not think twice about… or, would you all still be worshipping him, giggling all together, and throwing yourselves at him? I bet this won’t be posted. And if it is, and it’s not altered by our “friendly neighborhood Narc”, I will have a bunch of hateful, conceited, or arrogant replies. I don’t care. I will speak my mind.

      2. Love says:

        I do need you to prepare me for the next one, because we both know I will seek another of your kind. Only this time, he will be much much greater than all his predecessors. I think a green belt from your academy will come in very handy for me.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          By all means my young Padawan.

      3. Love says:

        Thank you Sensei,
        Your Grasshoppa’

      4. Love says:

        Wow Choirpoetry. Mr. Tudor did not create this blog and write books to advertise his malignancy. He is educating us and making us aware of narcissism. If I had daughters (and/or sons), first and foremost, I would give them the utmost amount of love and nurturing. I would allow them to develop self esteem and I would be their pillar so that they did not seek narcissists as a form of familial comfort. I understand not all empathic individuals come from narcissistic homes, but many do. They often are already lacking in self worth and therefore are drawn to narcissists.
        If I was a parent, this forum would educate me on how to protect my children from people with NPD.
        I’m sorry if you are offended and angry with us for having fun on this site… But at least we now understand who and what we are dealing with. Empowering your mind is the greatest weapon.

      5. Love says:

        Also, ChoirPoetry, I’m very confused. You have been on this blog for a while now. You used to post positive comments. What happened to make you so upset?

      6. bloody_elemental says:


        You were shunned from the blog by the readers here, not by HG. The reason you were shunned is because you were making comments that were incredibly morbid, disturbing and poor in taste.

        And now you have returned and SURPRISE!!!!! – you are doing the same thing.

        You came here using multiple aliases and your contributions left most here feeling uncomfortable and disturbed. HG was kind enough to give you a voice, to post the disgusting and non-sensical slops of your mind, much to the chagrin of his loyal readers. Even some of the readers here tried to encourage you, but you wanted none of it.

        You are entitled to your opinion – everyone is – but I take issue with you speaking ill of HG (or anyone else here for that matter) when you are the one who sealed your fate here. You have no one to blame but yourself.

        I am certain most here would welcome your contributions if we were able to make sense of them and if you were somewhat consistent in your posts, comments, behaviour, et al.

        This is a place where intelligent people gather to have intelligent and thought-provoking conversations/debates with one another in an effort to foster clarity, understanding and yes, healing.

        It is clear you need help. Do yourself a favour and get some.

        1. MLA - Clarece says:

          Agreed! HG is most gracious and generous with his time to all contributors here continually!

  14. Darkness Falls Again says:

    Keep them listening. So mamy are benefiting from what you are doing, regaurdless of your reasons.
    Like the wind, unstoppable!

  15. entertainment says:


    Do you have a team of people assisting you? How do you manage your time with writing, publishing, blogging , managing multiple social sites. Responding to questions on YouTube. I know you are Clark Kent however he had an assistant.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No I am an army of one Entertainment although I could do with an assistant, fancy volunteering?

      1. MLA - Clarece says:

        Let the auditions for the role of a lifetime begin! H.G.’s PA!!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Ha ha, get those CVs/resumes uptodate.

          1. MLA - Clarece says:

            Majority of my working life has been Personal / Executive Assistants to business owners, senior partners. I got that sh*t down. Lol

          2. HG Tudor says:

            And we have an early leader….

          3. MLA - Clarece says:


      2. Love says:

        Me me me… Please pick me!!
        Statement of purpose:
        I obtain immense gratification and happiness by serving and giving 200% of myself without expecting or needing anything back in return.
        I will go above and beyond what is required of me solely to seek your approval.
        References available upon request.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          now there’s a strong challenge

          1. MLA - Clarece says:

            You know how I landed my job as the Personal Assistant and Marketing Coordinator for a nationwide law firm to the insurance industry? 6 words to the President / Senior Partner, “I want to make you rich.” And I did. I don’t need to beg for the job. I deliver.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            Bazinga! The lead is re established!

      3. Love says:

        Mr. Tudor, you are infinitely wise and superior. You do not need my help in achieving greatness for you already have it. I know you have perfected your art and know exactly how to obtain more wealth… Not that you even need it because you are so well endowed as it is. A man of your caliber should not be burdened by the mundane tasks that I can complete for you.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Oh right back in there!

          1. MLA - Clarece says:

            I stand on what I deliver. No need for inflated lip service. It’s your gamble…

          2. HG Tudor says:

            let’s spin the roulette wheel

          3. MLA - Clarece says:

            1, 2, 3…Go

          4. Damn HG…and I was just about to cut to the chase and call…SHOTGUN!! ;).

        2. entertainment says:

          Hands up first. Of course teacher I would love to be the teachers pet/ assistant. I would gladly accept the poison apples given to you by the rebellious students. Detention TimeπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ΊπŸ—πŸ—‘πŸ”‡

          1. HG Tudor says:

            A bold Carrier move there from Entertainment,willing to bite down on the potentially poisoned apple on my behalf.

      4. entertainment says:

        I work in workforce development and training have reviewed thousands of cv/resumes. My primary goals are to review the cv, interview the applicant’s to ensure they are a great for position. I match the applicants skills with the needs of the organization or personal . Without, reserve I highly recommend Love for the PA position due to innate empathy and desire to please others while and ability to do it while compromising her own needs. Love. I am preparing your offer letter now of course this offer is contingent based of past npd reference clearance. πŸ€—πŸ€—

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I like your style Entertainment, by adopting that role are you not already with one foot in the door and you can screen out the opposition?

          1. entertainment says:

            Exactly, at each process of the screening albeit reviewing resume/ cv, application, and interviewing. My initial goal is to screen out the opposition however, as an empath I don’t have that step on anyone or do whatever mentality to get ahead. The best candidate is chosen for consideration of the position unlike our electoral system.😊

          2. HG Tudor says:

            Duly noted Entertainment.

          3. entertainment says:

            Great candidates. However, none are willing to take a bite of the forbidden apple bestowed by defiant, misfit, and stagnant students.
            Sweet November…. off key..
            Everything or person can’t be saved. Thus, the only saving should be from our selfish desires. I pray to die to self, while narcs prey on my desire to live happily through them. Until.. Love, I love your screen name(Love), no matter what we are going through past, present, manufactured, or reflection.
            Love, it’s time to rethink your career path. HG, are there opportunities for growth?

      5. AH OH says:

        My resume is on LinkedIn. Sorry girls. But I am in retirement since 1999 working for others. I worked with our endeavors and managed our real estate investments. I now am retired. It is a full-time job being me.

        So HG, what is the pay and benefits. Any perks that could spark my interest?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Oh there are plenty.

          1. AH OH says:

            Please send the list to my people.

      6. Love says:

        Thank you Entertainment. Yes I have a lifetime of NPD references, even broken down by every type and class. Of course none as great as Mr. Tudor.
        Ah Oh, there is no pay. The benefit is simply the privilege of serving Mr. Tudor.
        Mr. Tudor, can I come live in your country?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Of course, but why leave yours at such an exciting and interesting time.

      7. Love says:

        Because it is not my motherland.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Where is your motherland.

      8. Love says:

        Lol are you asking to ship me off to there?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          No, I’m interested to know.

      9. Love says:

        I come from a land that once was an empire, and never a colony.

        1. HG Tudor says:


      10. Love says:

        Lol sure. I do favor their chocolate.

      11. bloody_elemental says:

        My resume is as follows:

        I am Me.

        That is all.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          On point as ever.

  16. Do the people have to wear a mask as well? Heads up to all masks are on clearance right now because Halloween is over. Oh and HG do you wear just the mask and are nude? I want my moneys worth.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Ha ha you make me laugh. You get a choice of masks to see me in. This week and next there’s The Donald and That Nasty Woman.

  17. Love says:

    Do you think you will ever do face-to-face sessions? Like a life coach?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      They are available as a one on one real time interaction already. I’ve done about a dozen in the last week.

      1. Love says:

        Do they get to see your face?

        1. HG Tudor says:


          Through a mask.

      2. Love says:

        Oooh, that’s very enticing… You should advertise that as well. I’m sure there will be many who would like the opportunity to interact with the ever elusive Mr. Tudor in a real-life setting.

  18. HG,
    Can I scan my diaries for the past 10 years and get and objective view? Thats only one question btw. It will not only help you get a feel for who I am but draw us closer together making me feel like your BFF. Which as you know is my ultimate goal. πŸ’™
    On a serious note, becoming altruistic looks great on you. I love me some advisor HG. (Hottie Goodwill)

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Be my guest.

    2. AH OH says:

      someone is smitten my little kitten, I mean french toast.

  19. Fool me 1 time says:

    This is great HG!!! Good luck with all your new endeavors!! You are doing a great service to so many people! Even if that is not your reason for doing it!! Xxx

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