The Narcissistic Truths – No. 66


5 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 66

  1. Seduced says:

    Cheeky You !

  2. Forgiven says:

    I like this!

  3. I have 4 significant Narcs in my family. I give HG full credit for helping me have closure on why two of them did and still do what they do.
    Now I am on to number 3, my mother.
    Hallmark of my childhood and adulthood for that matter. Someone or something has to be blamed. My lesser victim mother has blamed the death of both parents before she was 20 on everything. She didn’t pay a bill on time and she’s on the phone explaining how she was orphaned as a child and she had a problem paying because it was the anniversary date of one of their deaths, poor her. They let her pay on the phone, refunded her late fee. She hangs up and I say, you realize you just blamed not paying your bill on something that happened forever ago to get your way don’t you? She said enraged of course, my parents died! I was orphaned! Are you calling me a liar? The people who sent the bill are out for greed. They don’t care that I’m upset.
    I said you are not upset. They have been dead for years.
    She said look, don’t blame me because you have a problem.
    I’m like what?
    She said I didn’t have two parents like you did and you are ungrateful of that. I had nobody, but here you sit blaming the death of my parents on me and trying to upset me because I still think about them. You never think of your dad and I and you are a selfish brat who is just like her Father. I don’t know why you two are against me…..blah blah blah.

    Yes this shit occurred almost everyday. There were alot of times when she would flip the script and say, hey ABB you are better at negotiations, so call up this company and say you are me and get these things taken care of. You know me, I’m not as smart as you, you know i had problems with school. You are better at talking so just handle these things. I did it.
    She is right about the fact I am smarter than her intelligence and negotiations wise. But stupid when it came to narcissistic behavior. I jumped through a million hoops for that woman and took the blame or was blamed my entire life. Thank HG I can now focus on her and start working on the dynamics between her and I. I’m saving the best, my Dad, for last.

  4. True story 🙁

  5. D says:

    Is it that you know it is your fault the whole time? I just don’t understand how the narcissist is thinking on this. Is it that in your mind you change it all around and that is your reality and truth that we are to blame and there is no way for you to understand that we are actually good hearted? My narcissist said I deserved what I got from him because i was so abusive. This was startling to hear. It’s frustrating because I think there’s no getting through to his mind that I cared about him so much and loved him. In his mind I am a monster and this is what he will continue believing in his life and tell others about. Does he deep down know I was a good person? Does the truth ever hit him even once in a while even if he does not care or have empathy?

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