The Narcissistic Truths – No. 67


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  1. HG Tudor says:

    Hi Shyvone, thank you for your comment and for reading my work. It is not the final end, there is no such thing. He has his eye on somebody else for his primary source fuel needs and you are an irritation now (this is the split thinking at work) so now he wants you to stay away and let him get on with enjoying the positive fuel from his new shiny primary source appliance. Be thankful he has given you this head start. Build you defences and get him out of your system as he will hoover you down the line, so start getting prepared.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Indeed it is Shyvone but the very fact that you realise that it is time to move on, show you are headed in the right direction already.

  2. Forgiven says:

    Yes, the Narc turned all our mutual Facebook Friends against me- even my BEST Facebook friend! 🙁 He did me a tremendous favor <3

    1. They don’t stop at damaging one, they intend to wreck as many lives as they can and you are right- people who believe them are not worth investing any further time into. Imagine being so insecure that they must do that as a way of life- Gee, I saw them once referred to as attention whores, it fits!

      1. Forgiven says:

        The Flying Monkeys make me the most angry for obvious reasons…they are so two-faced and love the drama of seen others torn down.

        1. They are as sick and twisted as each other! I am not prepared to make excuses for any of them. I have enough common sense as an individual and not a group dynamic to look at two sides of every story and to evaluate it. No it is not difficult to do, they don’t have the guts to do that because they are sheeple’ people- followers and don’t stand out in their own skin, their own right and their own mind and gut instincts. They are chosen by narcs for being weak and gummy mouthed with no stead to stand in their own convictions and to afraid of not belonging’ to venture out of that belonging. Just as weak as the narcs!

        2. The first alarm bell that goes off when I am confronted to being pulled into something by one party behind another’s back is to go direct to the source if possible. They get all huffy then and clearly that shows they prefer to get others to hold the knife that they own because they are too gutless on their own. Nothing any different from a school yard bully and I don’t do them well, or at all unless I am standing up to them or on behalf of the people they prey on.

          1. Forgiven says:

            Yes, true. They do not even bother to get both sides of the story; they simply hear the side of the Narcissist and then go after the target.

      2. Forgiven says:

        And while the Flying Monkeys are tearing down the victims, they are all the while kissing each other *sses.

  3. I stayed up all night so they cannot enter my energy nor synergy- huh huh. Stupid lower level entities. They are so horrible and they reside in a place that make their horrible stand out and the are trapped into their own ignorance and arrogance and defiance. .Now it is dawn and I can go to sleep. Choose your path wisely. Goodnight/morn. Birdies waking up and gathering for their survival.

  4. Yeah, hard life lessons for some. I guess that I was resented like sh*t because I was given freedom and empowerment by my father who was and still although deceased my most closest guide. He is with me through thick and thin. A very good feeling and nothing can shift or shape his immaculate presence. I have not lucid dreamed him for awhile now until last night around 3:00 am. I was so joyous that he did what he did as per usual and it was most unexpected apart from the manifestation of the electrical activity and storms that I am loving in the here and now as I comfort my doggie from deathrow not to be afraid of the storm as she cowers in the bathroom, snug with the door shut and if she wants she can hide in the double shower behind the door of glass.

    I went through something that cannot be explained with any validation and only my experience and predications are noted. My doggie was on the loose fro sometime in farmland and I hear her tell me that she was afraid of the farmers shots that came her way. I hear her voice and I interpret the animals, always have.

    I remember coming home from grade four (Mr Courtney-black hair and a stark difference from grade three Ms Lake). I was in a state of panic as he stared at the class through his mane of black hair (crewcut) and his (black rimmed glasses with eyebrows to match). He would randomly pick a child to interpret long division and use his chalk to teach to the children on the blackboard. I am not sure when the panic set into my soul but I used to sit at night until I knew in my mind he could not trip me up. He was a cold teacher, more interested in exploiting child against child for kicks. I picked up on this and as much as he tested me, I never gave him reason to place the red circle around me.

    Quite frankly, I am tiring of the excuses that mankind uses to test me. I am over it and since I had guardians from birth it is getting a bit long in the tooth. Tiring and most fatiguing. I am not concerned about my death, as I have been there too. Death is easy. For anyone fearing death and finality – it is the easiest mission accomplished. What is difficult is being returned with new insight into this baron land. Two worlds is where I walk and it is not so easy, it is a travesty to come back and experience the in between people.

    So getting back to last night when my father appeared during our electrical storms, much like when he was told he would be executed because he kept defying the odds. I am deeply traumatised by it though I had nursing knowledge. I held my ground and objected and rattled the medical fraternity. During the lead up to his execution I was shown it all. I was given the date, the hour and how he would be murdered.

    I had out of body experiences and I lingered after his death. I arrived at 5.30 am on December 26 after he was executed on Christmas Day and died at 11:11 that night in a hospital palliative crap ward and I felt it all. I managed to drive though I had Rigor mortis, the third stage of death, t my family home and it is one of the recognizable signs of death, caused by chemical changes in the muscles post mortem, which cause the limbs of the corpse to stiffen. Rigor mortis can occur as soon as 4 hours post mortem.
    Rigor mortis – Wikipedia

    I felt the tube in my side as if I had the tube in my breast and that did not disappear for eight weeks. I made a fool of every medical intervention and they were most wary of me. I remember my dad fighting for every hope for every positive and even though he had ink on his chest outlining the radiotherapy and even though he looked like a hippy with his purple cad of chemotherapy onboard, it was like my gorgeous firefighter hero thought he was invincible. I remember crossing the road with him, he walked out and the traffic stopped, he was entering another plane.

    I am deeply traumatised through the execution. I entered another place and live between worlds. I sincerely wish it would end. I really don’t like being a precognitive. I really hate living it and then forewarning it and then living it again. I really wish that when I close my eyes and sleep it will be over. I don’t even know why this curse is upon me. I have tried to free myself from it’s tendrils. I wish I could just go to sleep and be at peace but then like last night my Dad is preserved really well an it is like, “Hi Dad you look great but he always shows me them.”

    I refer to them as rumplestiltskins. They are the bastards all creased and weathered, brown of skin and they are demanding spirits with poisonous tongues. I awoke last mid-morning and was out of their incredibly rude and arrogant sphere. One remained and when I phoned my mum today she recited the experience she also had. They were both the same spirit, we often compare our journeys and get a perfect match.

    She said that the old wrinkled man made a comment to her and she rationalised it as someone down the street having a party but I said, two of us cannot be wrong.

    There is another plane and I have given my evidence and beyond the shadow of a doubt, yet have to contend with the sceptics. An insult, it is and I just want to say, everyone should be primarily concerned with what of themselves they leave behind.

  5. Bloody Elemental says:

    That is what always needs to be remembered.

    We control everything from beginning to end. We control the perceptions, the beliefs, the appearances, the end results.

    The only for you to win back some of the control is to cut ties and never, ever look back. Not even once. Or risk becoming that brittle pillar of salt.

  6. DFA says:

    Snow White I understand, it hurts to hear those things especially from someone you loved.
    I learned to let people say what they must it took a very long time for me to see the beauty and fire inside of me. Let’s not forget that dash of stubbornness. lol I love going against the odds it seems.

    Knowledge brings power, then it’s a choice on how one uses this power.
    The tongue is a double edge sword it can build up or tear down
    Just depends on how it is used.

  7. Snow White says:

    That was the first image of the day. Wow!!!
    Very true.
    At first I was surprised by how she talked about me but after reading everything here, it’s exactly how you describe it. I am grateful to be a crazy, lying, bitch because if I wasn’t that then I would still be engaged to a narcissist, I’m safe now.

  8. Selena says:

    Will this stop if no reaction is given from anyone??? Xx luckily people know me well enough to know it’s all lies and that it’s actually him who is crazy. The smear campaign is the worst and literally is just a case of bracing yourself and sitting tight

  9. Lou says:

    Yes, that is exactly how it is.

  10. Miranda says:

    But I have to care what those others think of me for this to be effective….and I don’t.

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