‘Twas the Night Before Christmas


‘Twas the night before Christmas,

And all through the house,

A narc started scheming

With a click of his mouse

The stockings all hung

With a hole in the heel

Emptied of presents

How low they would feel

The children were nestled

All safe in a bed

But it was not their happiness

That was in the narc’s head

And mom sobbing quietly

As the narc sought his fuel

His words had been caustic

And his actions so cruel

When out on the net

The narc did surf wide

Seeking the playmates

To make him powerful inside

Away to the dating site

He flies in a flash

Creating false profiles

Using someone else’s cash

The moon’s light from the window

Did highlight his mask

As he lied and he boasted

Obsessed by his task

When what to his wandering eyes

Should suddenly appear

But a fresh victim

Who was deliciously near

With a click of the mouse

And the charm running high

He opened his trap

And sent lie after lie

More rapid than eagles

Did his tendrils uncoil

Snaking about her

Dripping with oil

So dashing

And charming

So swift

Began the dance

She was dazzled



She stood not a chance

A red flag was flying

From a flagpole tall

Yet she was mesmerised

Taken in by it all

Yes it was late

But how about a beer

He would love to meet her

He knew she was near

So off to the bar

His victim did go

Intrigued and excited

As she strode through the snow

And then in a twinkling

She had a misteltoe kiss

What a marvellous present

It was too good to miss

And there in her head

Which was spinning around

She ignored the alarm bells

Which were beginning to sound

He gave her his fur

As he walked her back home

And there on the porch

His hands did they roam

I know it seems sudden

And I know it is late

But I have to tell you

That you’re my soulmate

She smiled and she gasped

Her heart all alight

As the harpoon hit its target

And her chest did feel tight

She took him inside

And he took her all night

A perfect coupling

It all felt so right

You are amazing

It barely seems true

But I think that I

Have fallen for you

She gazed in his eyes

For he was perfect

And basked in the love

That he did reflect

I will always protect you

He said as she dozed

Her mouth started smiling

As her eyes remained closed

Hours later she woke

The room bore a chill

The window flung open

Boot marks on the cill

She stood at the window

Her mouth open wide

As she recalled with a thrill

And such excitement inside

The mysterious stranger

Who came from nowhere

Who embraced her neck

And showed her such care

Her heart it beat faster

She wanted him so

She would soon see him

Of that she did know

With heart now on fire

And the hooks sunk in deep

She retired still smiling

To catch up on her sleep

Across town the narc was rising

His seeds had been sown

And the day’s first message

Arrived on his phone

He heard the first cries

From down below stair

About vanished presents

Such howls of despair

The narc walked to the mirror

And gave it a grin

For his schemes were now working

He was reeling them in

Already the day

Had started so well

And the ruined Christmas fayre

Would continue the hell

No laughter, no smiles

No pleasure or joy,

He smirked at the thought

Of the next broken toy

His planning bore fruit

The new prey now secure

The hopes of his family

Would soon hit the floor

A day of turmoil

Of drama and regret

With a fresh willing victim

How good would it get?

He smiled at the mirror

And there stared the ghoul

But our narc cared not one iota

He was getting his fuel

So if your night before Christmas

Sounds similar to  this tale

You know what to do

And you must not now fail

Gain knowledge, seize power

And become narc free

By reading everything you find

Written by HG


52 thoughts on “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”

      1. HG

        With a one night stand do you still have feeling of ownership or connection to her due to having given her the “gift” that is you, or not, because you have put no real investment in? (Other than putting your “gift” actually in her).

  1. You are a DARK ONE, Mr. Tudor. I hope to see this on stands next x-mas, a book of Narc poetry. A Very Dark Narc Holiday A Book of Prose and Poetry by HG Tudor

    A perfect stocking stuffer for the wicked.

  2. HG

    Do you exchange gifts with your family? I can only imagine how that goes lol. Im kinda feeling for all those with Lessers that will wake to find something off the floor of his car for them under the tree (possibly wrapped if hes feeling fuzzy and if the tree is still standing).

      1. Try to be nice to your sister and don’t needle her about wearing last year’s fashions! Lol

    1. Hi NarcAngel,
      Hope you are keeping warm up there in Canada in your fur lined unmentionables!! Merry Christmas if you celebrate and if not have an awesome peaceful weekend!!!

    2. NarcAngel, I once got a potholder, a hand vacuum, and a book about walking for exercise. Told narc I didn’t appreciate being told to cook, clean and lose weight. This year I got Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I bought him pistachios. To be fair, we’re broke this year, my narc should have picked a wealthier woman to support him, lol.

      1. Well thats not bad considering what some get lo. I love peanut butter cups. My hubby and I (hes not narc) dont exchange gifts so id have to say im a little jealous right now lol.

  3. As I sit and I ponder on Christmas Eve for the facade I remember so vivid and keen. All the illusive denial I put myself through in the hopes of the granger that never was true. I thank HG his tidings of reason …for it his enlightenment that has set me free!

  4. Excellent job, Merry Christmas HG and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have taught me and my family!

    Thank for also for connecting us women with each other!! I’m so greatful for all of the support, laughs, tears and stories we’ve shared with one another. I wish you all, my sisters from others misters, a very merry Christmas, Chanukah, or other celebrations, including the celebration of No Contact!!! 🌲🌲🌲🌲🎄⭐️✨🌜❤️

    1. Indy, same to you. I celebrate Santa A.K.A. American Express Platinum.

      I do like the togetherness that this holiday brings for some. The Well Wishes. But why can’t this be every day?

      I watched the Dolly Parton Special the other night and cracked up the way they kept saying Baby Jesus.

      BABY JESUS……………hahahaha Say it again. From the mountains of Tennessee. Love me some Dolly Parton.

      1. Hi AH OH. Im glad Santa was good to you. Agree kindness should be every day. Lol, someone I used to know would shout “sweet baby Jesus” when certain things went her way. Cracked me up every time.

      2. I thought of talladega nights, where Will Farrel is praying at the table “dear lord baby Jesus, up in heaven riding your little golden tricycle”! Funny stuff.

      3. Sweet Baby Jesus, hehehe….
        Dolly, gosh it’s been ages since I watched her. I always loved how she had such a big wig, chest, heart and voice in a 5 foot tiny body…I bet she could knock the lights outta a butt head!!

  5. Brilliant of course. My apologies for my previous inferior offering of this Christmas story-I didnt realize til after, that you had planned to do these each day. To your credit though, you did post mine proving once again you are fair and impartial to what we submit (even if you don’t like it). It’s probably one of the 5 rules, but since it’s Christmas I choose to believe it’s something (or someone) else.

  6. You saved the best for last HG!!!!
    I love the original but now I have a visual on what your plans are for tonight.
    Thanks for all the Christmas songs and that rendition.
    Have you shared any of these with the good doctors? They should be impressed.

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