The Narcissistic Truths – No. 121



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  1. Luckily I went no contact. Oh thanks the sweet Lord Jesus I went no contact before that shit really took off.

  2. I do believe my ex-narc may have succeeded in making me crazy with his last abuse. This abuse took place in our bed, 2 feet away as I slept… with our 4 year old granddaughter.
    Would you be so kind as to enlighten me HG. Since rules do not apply & there are no such things as boundaries, is this something widespread/prevalent within you kind? By no means am I insinuating that you would do such a thing, however, you do seem to have all the answers.

    1. Hello Numb, whilst it is not something I would do because I have no interest in children in that way at all (I have little interest in children full stop) it is correct that owing to the sense of entitlement, the lack of boundary recognition and the need for fuel, there will be those of our kind who engage in such behaviour. Is it widespread? There of course will be no empirical evidence available to address this, but based on anecdotal evidence of all of the narcissists I have dealt with I have known of two such abusers. One abused me. The other was someone who is swept up in the football abuse scandal that has surfaced in this country. I suspect that the numbers of narcissists who are child sex abusers is disproportionately high but not widescale. Thus, only a minority of narcissists are child sex abusers but those who are child sex abusers have narcissistic traits or a narcissists. In terms of wider child abuse, many of our kind will engage in this as it is invariably how we come to be created to begin with, thus emotional and physical child abuse will be prevalent.

      1. I’m very sorry Numb. I pray that you and your grand daughter will heal. Mr. Tudor, thank you for the reply. Does that mean that all pedophiles are narcissists? I understand that not all narcissists abuse children sexually. I do not know of any from my experience. Though that may be limited.

      2. I would not say they are all narcissists, some will be and some will have strong narcissistic traits. They are certainly not empathic of course.

      3. Thank you for responding. There really needs to be a lot more education as it pertains to your kind. I do appreciate the insight. I commend (fuel) you for that.
        I attend a support group with more than a dozen other parents of sexually abused children. As I listened to each describing attributes of the abuser, it became abundantly clear they were ALL narcissists. As I was new to the group, my first question was to determine how the others were healing from their narcissistic abuse. The psychologist and I were the only two in the room with any knowledge on the subject. Not one other parent in this group had even heard the definition of narcissist, thus they were not aware they had been victims of abuse as well. Appalling, just appalling.

      4. You are welcome Numb and you are entirely correct that there ought to be more education about our kind. Your observations about how you and the psychologist were the only ones who knew about narcissism does not surprise me and this is why we are able to do as we do with near impunity.

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