The Narcissistic Truths – No 122



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  1. If your trying to get down Mr. Tudor’s trousers, don’t think it’s gonna happen any quicker by your smart comments that put victims of Narcs in the same light as the Narcs themselves.

  2. Mr. Tudor, I fathom that if you live to be 💯, you will have gone thru very many valuable and wonderful women, and have never settled down with any one of them, and if you do, you will only be restless and miserable. You seem to have a need to go thru them, one by one- never satisfied. If you were to change for no other reason, perhaps it might be just so you might finally find satisfaction in only one person…one main person…instead of a revolving door of women. But, of course, it is a matter for you. You will do what you will do. My words are meaningless to a Sociopath who’s own words hold the ultimate truth unto himself.

    1. Hi Yay. I understand what you’re saying. But let’s turn this around and ask ourselves how many people with personality disorders we have been with? It has been a revolving door for me too. Yes, at the time, I may not have wanted the relationship to end but I’m glad now that they all ended. So just like they run through many women I’m also guilty of running through many men. Were our intentions different? Maybe…maybe not. We both were in search of the One. We both were disappointed that none of our relationships resulted in finding ‘The One’.

      1. But, obviously we don’t want to stick around with these deceptive personality disorders once their true colors come out. We are not the ones at fault here, Love.

      2. I DID find the one and was with him for 7 years until he passed away from kidney disease, Love. After that, I was distraught and thus baited by Narc after Narc.

      3. Thank you, PTSD ❤️❤️❤️ Losses like these are heartbreaking. Upon losing the Histrionic, it was painful, but not as shattering as losing my relationship to the death of this healthy relationship, with this wonderful man. It really broke me. Thank you, again, PTSD 💜💜💜

  3. Well he said that about his wife, then he told her that about me, no doubt. But did she ever stop to think what he was telling another woman for 16 months? The one he impregnated? I think she might be too far gone.

    The only sad thing is she may never wake up and realise what an arsecake she’s made of herself. Some days I have Schadenfreude real bad. But then, of course, I’d help her up out of the muck because through this blog I realise just how fucked she really is.

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