20 Admissions of Victimhood



There are many things that my kind like you to say. We want to hear your praise, your affection, your love and your adoration. We want to hear your anger, your frustration, your upset and your vitriol. You hear words. We hear emotions which fuel us and cause the powering flames to burn fiercer and higher. When you become ensnared by one of our kind, we make you a victim of our range of machinations. As part of this entrapment we aim to have you provide us with fuel and this is done by causing you to say certain things to us. We are obsessed with the concept of our status, our superiority and our power. We must always ensure that you are inferior to us, that we are in control and that you are obedient. If we ever feel that this imbalance is slipping, then we will fight to maintain it. We are the conqueror you are the conquered. In keeping with this need for control and domination, we want you to not only be the victim but ensure that you act as one and portray your status of victimhood at all times in your dealings with us, save when we decide to the contrary. The latter being usually for public appearances and the maintenance of the façade. We want and need to hear you reinstate your designated role. Of course this does not mean that you will declare that you are a victim, using those very words, because when we have you in our grasp you do not realise that you are indeed a victim. Instead we need to hear it through you stating certain phrases which amount to admissions that you are a victim. Understand that when you make these remarks you are fuelling us and also reinforcing the imbalance that exists between you and us.

  1. I am sorry.
  2. I just didn’t think.
  3. I don’t know what I am supposed to do.
  4. I can’t understand what you want.
  5. I can’t take this anymore.
  6. I will do anything for you.
  7. I just want this to work.
  8. I’m not giving up on us.
  9. I deserve better than this.
  10. Why are you doing this?
  11. Please stop.
  12. Please talk to me.
  13. Am I not good enough for you?
  14. Why is it only me that is treated like this?
  15. I just want to be happy.
  16. Tell me what you want from me.
  17. I didn’t realise.
  18. I always put you first.
  19. I want to make you happy.
  20. What’s happened to us?

9 thoughts on “20 Admissions of Victimhood

  1. Bette says:

    Wow, very illuminating. I can see that when the constant
    attempts to triangulate me with the affair partner did not work,
    (I actually laughed and said “Good luck with all that” when
    he complained about her abuse), he dumped her and came
    back to me. Or rather hoovered me, claiming he wanted to be
    a better father and sharing tales of his abusive childhood to
    explain his abuse and absence (it is notable that although he
    was prone to play victim, when he related these tales of abuse
    he had the same callous disregard for himself that he had for
    us, his own family)

    When I grew tired of the emotional chaos and lack of change, I
    threw in the emotional towel, so to speak. Told him I couldn’t
    do this anymore, meaning feeling sad and/or upset when he didn’t
    follow through. As soon as I disengaged emotionally, he was gone.

  2. BraveHeart says:

    Although, I’ve never been friends with the ex-N on FB, I know he has the capability of seeing what I post (publicly, at my discretion). What I love about that (just in case he is looking), is the fact that he gets nothing from me other than shared posts like this one. If I can’t tell him what I think about him, I’ll just keep on posting it. Thank you, HG, for providing me with ammunition. 🙂

    1. HG Tudor says:


  3. “I am sorry for being demanding”
    “I will try to correct myself next time”
    But the nice thing was, he would say, “i’ll try to correct myself also” and he really would try.

  4. Exhausted says:

    It must suck when we move on, become multimillionaires, and run off with the younger/fitter man.

  5. MLA - Clarece says:

    Over a 3 year span, I covered all of those. Throw in the compliments about what I adored about him too. Just to have Super Tanker Status.

  6. Supernovamagnet says:

    So what would happen if you, HG, came in contact with a supernovamagnate who didn’t fall for the persona. Someone who loved, adored, lusted after the monster inside and was completely unmanipulated by the mask? Someone who knew EXACTLY what she was dealing with and found it erotic and dark and beautiful. What then?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I don’t know, it has not happened yet.

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