Whether you believe in ghosts or not, we certainly behave with certain similar attributes. We appear out of thin air. It is similar to how you can never remember the beginning of a dream can you? You cannot remember quite how we appeared. We just did. We seemed to coalesce into your life with the ease of a ghost walking through a wall. We arrive and ghost into your life. In the same way as seeing a ghost, when you experience us, it is not an event that you will forget in a hurry. We sidle up to you, insert ourselves into our lives and make connection after connection with you as we feed from you. Like some wraith we attach outselves to you and steadily begin to suck the life force from you as we gorge on the fuel that you provide.

Often we will vanish just as we arrived, without any warning or announcement and try as you might you cannot find us again. It is as if we have disappeared off the face of the earth. Naturally we chose the moment of our vanishing act without any concern for its effect on you. We slip away like a mist evaporating. Once we were everywhere, woven around you and captivating you. Much in the same way as one might be transfixed by the appearance of some spirit. You are entranced by our appearance, there is something ethereal and mysterious about us that causes you to be drawn to us and then we are gone.

We are that elusive spirit that can now not be found. You might go to the same place where we first manifested but there is no sign of us. We have left no footprint, no trace of our existence when you try and seek us out, just like our spectral cousins and then suddenly we have returned. We ghost back into your life and continuing our haunting of you. We are incessant and ever present, drifting about you as we resume our extraction of fuel. We resume our draining of your spirit, leeching it from you as our cold, dead hands take hold of you once again.

People have many theories as to what ghosts are if they indeed exist. Some suggest that where there has been a sudden explosion of emotion, a heightened experience, then an imprint has been made on the fabric of existence. This imprint appears to those who are attuned to seeing it. That imprint is seen doing the same thing over and over again. It walks the same route, passes through the same wall and then vanishes only to appear the next night in the same place. The spirit follows the same routine like a piece of video film stuck in an endless loop. Just like such a ghost we engage in the same behaviours over and over again. The same actions all designed to haunt you as we extract our fuel. The same gestures, the same actions all of which must be replayed. Some believe that a ghost is the soul of someone who has suffered eternal damnation. He or she has been denied entry to heaven or hell and instead has been consigned to walk the earth for eternity, stuck in an unceasing routine. Our endless quest for fuel finds us in such a similar position. We must make our way through life, restless and never finding peace. We move from place to place, unable to rest and be satisfied. Instead we are driven onwards, plagued by the curse of our need for fuel. Thus we must haunt others, our appearance bringing dread and fear in the same way as terror follows the appearance of a spectre.

Unable to quite fit in we are ghost at the feast. Even when we have vanished there is a lingering coldness that strikes you to your core. You still sense us, able to feel the effect of our chilling appearance. You are wary and anxious as you know we will appear once again. Quite when is a mystery but as we first arrived and as we first disappeared we will ghost into your life and continue our haunting of you. Better consult that exorcist.

40 thoughts on “Ghosts

  1. mick25117 says:

    Id like to see a ghost.. Just not alone!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You won’t be Mick, the ghost will be with you too!

      1. mick25117 says:

        Was it a ghost? Who knows! Alien? Creature from other dimensions?

  2. sarabella says:

    One other thing, HG. Your writing is power, but simple. I have long thought this, someone really needs to write a book for young girls. Someone needs to find a way to give them this information to protect themselves especially with the internet. Someone needs to write about how to help vulnerable young girls to spot red flags and analyze this behavior. Think about it.

    I was 14 when I was targeted, he was 17. I can’t think I was anything but a target now. That hurts. Especially since he used a painful part of my life then that he knew about to get me to get my guard down and control me. And he blamed his 17 year old behavior on not knowing any better, ignorance of some things. I would think a 17 year old would already show signs of narcisssism, no? My parting words to him were that is all it was back then. I was his early practice for luring someone in and discard fueled hatred.

    Think about it. Maybe you and your doctors can write a kick ass bok for teens especially with the internet and sexting and photos and mobile phone games. Puberty was hard enough with a plain phone. I cant imagine how kids are coping with these games with today’s technology. It is way too much for their minds. We are adults and are fried by it. We could all help proof it, too.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Sarabella. I agree. I have written Red Flag which is along those lines, but I agree that something which targets the age group mentioned would be effective.

      1. Sarabella says:

        Please do. Really. I see signs of people posting about these games but no one except in this realm I think is really talking about it. And they think that some of it is really benign, kids stuff, and not surely calculated by their fellow classmates as I am sure it is. They need this information in a big way. Not a dating book. Not some lecture about playing hard to get or about safe net practices. You know what I am talking about….. thanks

    2. Great idea sarabella! HG that would prevent alot of heartbreak for young teens.

  3. Holy Reality says:

    There is no loss for someone or something that never existed. While the lessons learned are invaluable …let go or be dragged. Your choice …choose wisely!

  4. Thank you Purple (such a lovely colour) I have more !! These precepts were taken from ancient Tibetan ministries from stones that were carved with these Sanskrit sayings. I think they are some of the earliest texts ever to have been translated. They are very beautiful and haunting. Its almost like they speak directly to the soul. (Assuming one has a soul, of course, which is debatable in the case of psychopaths)

  5. HG…I want to share this with you. Over the past few month’s I have let out my anger, vented my disapproval for the pain and suffering your kind do to people that did not deserve what your kind do.
    Ghosts come back to haunt HG. You have been haunted for a very long time. You call yourself an elite and I have dealt with your kind, that is obvious.

    You have no guarantee that your health won’t change, you are not guaranteed a future. Yes, you live it (life) on the edge. Do you know what happens to people who live life on the edge ? Something out of nowhere comes along and they are just on the edge, so close to the side of the cliff. That can be a sudden illness, an unexpected turn of events, many different scenarios.

    Laugh, through hidden tears- You are pushing it and you are not invincible. All of my rants about the N1 and N2, you may or may not recall. I recall, I know how crazy some of it sounds, yet I don’t care because I know what I mean, know what the triggers are and know that I would rather allow my vulnerabilities to surface than to hide them. Personally, that is my choice just like your choice is to keep deflecting and projecting, keep causing harm and saturating others with painful experiences who actually gave a crap about you.

    You don’t like lectures, you don’t like lines of inquiry and you do others, they don’t do you, right?

    Remember or arrogantly chose not to remember, whatever your flavor is in the moment- I have discussed this and vented my anger toward my abuser. I prayed and had no choice left but to protect myself. I used a combination of prayer and knew the time was coming where his behaviours and actions would be ceased by a higher force.

    That time has come about HG. He would not have dreamt in his wildest dreams that the weakness you people look upon (the sick, the infirmed, the diseases that ravage people) could ever be your lot in life. Those were there for your kind to mock, to take advantage of, whatever works for your kind in the moment.

    Newsflash- someone similar to you, has been struck ill…..yes the pathology results are in, yes it has happened so very quick…I won’t have to worry about being abused. SEE HG. Things can turn around when you least expect it. You don’t do the past, yeah I get it. Live in the moment. The past has a way of catching up with you and you have no control on it. Your popular word, (metted out and mett out will be your inheritance).

    The empathy and compassion that should have been given to me, was not and now I can choose to be unforgiving. I chose not to be. Life will happen HG. Don’t get too ahead of yourself.

    1. Well put. PURPLE. for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I’m including a passage for HG here. It is from an ancient book of precepts. Translated from Sanskrit by Helena blavatsky. “When to the World’s turmoil thy budding soul lends ear; when to the roaring voice of the great illusion thy Soul responds; when frightened at the sight of the hot tears of pain, when deafened by the cries of distress, thy soul withdraws like the shy turtle within the carapace of SELFHOOD, learn, O Disciple, of her Silent “God,” thy Soul is an unworthy shrine.

      1. Thank you supernova. The passage is very thought provoking, hauntingly. Sanskrit no less.

        1. HG,
          You speak sanskrit don’t you? Or wait, you decipher sanskrit for the dummies at the museum. You are so smart I can’t keep up!

  6. I watched Tudor wank off thru his window the other night, and he only last 3 minutes. He must be in his Cerebral Narc Mode…

    1. AH OH says:

      STOP IT CLAUDIA! I do not want to read this crap! I am not in the mood.

      1. Kat Huff says:

        AH OH, Looks like we had one of those Internet mix-ups, misunderstandings. Sorry about that.

      2. Love says:

        Ah Oh, it is Claudia’s sister. She has told us in the past that her sister breaks into her computer sometimes.
        And for the record, cerebrals last a long time. Why? Because they hate the act and don’t get off on it.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          No it’s not. It’s the same person Love. Ah Oh is correct.

      3. Damn it! I knew it was claudia too!! She can’t fool us AH OH!!

  7. AH OH says:

    You are.

    1. Kat Huff says:

      No, I’m not being personal. It’s difficult to discuss the matter completes exclusive while HG is including himself as “we” yet I’m speaking as the you as a whole, I think HG gets that, but I wamted to make sure just in case because of my wording could have been better perhaps. I am also addressing his article, that part is on him, his perspective. I think he welcomes this, he desires our thoughts.

      1. Kat Huff says:

        Sorry about the typos:)

      2. AH OH says:

        Kat Huff, not sure if your post was to me but it came in my feed. My post was to HG. He said he is a Ghost. I agree.

      3. AH OH says:

        So I am not sure how you connected to my thread.

  8. Kat Huff says:

    You as “your kind,” I wasn’t being personal here. I have no need nor desire for that, HG.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Noted, KH, thanks for the clarification.

  9. Kat Huff says:

    Oh my gosh, what’s all this fuss about? Once your victim fully realizes you are a completely and utterly a fake, nothing about you is real, nothing you ever said or did was authentic, then your victim can wipe you out of her mind and heart, you have become an it. Nothing more. You are like a computer chip that has the capacity of fury, an it. Ghosts aren’t real, let’s stick with reality, hum. Once the victim comprehends what the sociopathic narcissist is, it ceases to be scarey and a mystery.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      If they realise.

    2. Kat. This is what I’m talking about. A rational intelligent response. How very refreshing indeed!! You’re a breath of fresh air!! Thank you. I couldn’t have said it better myself. These people are fossilized 4 year olds in temper tantrum mode. Nothing airy fairy about it.

      1. Kat Huff says:

        Thank you, Supernovamagnate.

    3. sarabella says:

      It may be real, it may not be.

      I remember many times feeling like this invisible string was connecting us from thousands of miles away. I know something had happened between us decades ago. I know, he was always on my subconscious mind. I always felt I was never looking for someone, really, because I had already met him. I had Just forgot it all when he had done his IDD decades before when I was too young to know and of course, I really blamed myself.

      I dug into alot of material on telepathy, on other realms, on religious discussions of evil fallen angels. I felt like he was always there.

      At one point, I had to tell myself, he is not here. I am alone. He is over 3k miles away. I felt him ALL the time. I looked up cord cutting. Anything to break the bond or kick out the ghost. I was desperate, nothing worked. I would shop, he was there around me. I would do all these things and always with the feeling that he was watching me. When I had the upper hand, I should have blocked him but I felt unable to do it for more than 40 seconds without a full on panic attack.

      He just would NOT leave. And its nuch, much better now, but I still feel his presence. He has beeen blocked on social media for 3 weeks. I newer lasted a day of blocking and nw I am at 3 weeks. Don’t even know if he notices. He had stopped reaching out a long time anyway when I started to get help from outsiders and find out answers. He feels I did something in that that deserved no forgiveness.

      I feel him less as I accept who he was.. But I still feel him. I do not know why. Its still bothers me. Sime would say I won’t let go but it feels beyond that. No one would get it. He is very faded, but he needs to be gone for good.

      When I used to beg him to let me go and we were only long distance. he wouldn’t say a thing. Acted clueless. I told him to STOP thinking of me, I could feel it. He neither denied or agreed. He said there was no chance for he and I to be together despite all the future faking, so I would then say, stop thinking of me and I will accept it and I could. Again, no reply.

      Blocking has helped. This blog added another dimension to the healing.

      But he FEELS like a ghost. I used to feel these sudden intense shocks of memories of things he had said. They would be so strong, I felt they meant his energy and attention was on me. He was thinking of me. Sometimes they would come oit of knowhere.

      So, haven’t seen his FB page since Nov. He is blocked. Deleted his number. Our last fight was the last. Yet, I still feel him. Like he is still around me. Or, am I projecting these feelings of ‘its him’ onto other feelings I have in my life and is it really not letting go?

      Anyway, this ghost thing felt real to me. Or I am obsessive.

      But he has my invitation to leave for good now. I am done with him cause I realize what and who he is and I have no doubts.

      How do you tell the ghost to be gone FOREVER? He is not welcome. Not in my conscious world nor is he welcome to be buried again in my unconscious world. He needs to be gone forever. Find some other soul to feed on. Or I am making this all up and this is just an elaborate way for me to keep on holding on to him. Normal feelings of love and loss?

      1. Kat Huff says:

        Sarabella, Here what I am about to say: it is NOT your fault. You want this narcissist gone from your mind, desperately so, right? It is the intention and game of the narcissist to have you obsessing in your mind, it is set up this way since the beginning when you first met. There is a huge web of lies, of manipulations, of mind games, many things that you haven’t figured out yet that have kept you obsessing. One important task that may help beyond no contact is gaining all the knowledge you can about sociopathic narcissism, the facts, not just from this site. When thinking about your abuser perhaps think this way: when a narcissist is talking they are lying. When they do something they do it for the purpose of manipulation. Never ever believe a word or an action of a narcissist, they are not like us. When you look back on your memories knowing these truths will help you. Learning about what these people are gives a person a completely new perspective and the narcissist becomes more of an “it” than a person because we see how inhuman they actually are, without love, compassion, empathy, etc. They only emulate these emotions to fool us. Don’t give up. Research.

      2. Sarabella says:

        Kat Huff

        Yes, I have been reading for nearly 2.5 years now. Survivor forums, articles, web videos, psychology references. Maybe the reason he is not totally gone is it really take as while, much longer than I ever knew, to break the bonds and they only break as fast as I am willing to take back my power. Maybe, cause I have had such a hard time letting go that this deep feeling I had, that we were meant to be together. It is so wrong. I mean, clearly it is or everything would have been different. But that feeling and his endless presence are very hard to have while continuing to accept the reality of what had happened to me. And its doubly hard to accept that what he did 30 years ago was nothing but a preview of who he was to ultimately become?! wow. To think now, that this person actually had an effect on my whole life in a way and I didn’t even know it had happened to me?

        Last night, I was doing ok and BAM, just this fire of anger ran through me and I started to argue with him in my head. Then I wrote it out, was about to post it on his IG account, not tag him, buried deep so maybe one day, he or someone would find it. And then I realized… nope. What GREAT negative fuel! The part I am getting from reading this blog. Really getting that part. But it burned inside. So burned wanting to keep slamming him and then I realized. I have said it all. I have. Nothing I say anymore is new to him. Nothing. All I am doing is reverse “hoovering” though for entirely different motives. My silence is all he needs to hear for the rest of my life. And I am continuing to recommit to it..

        But how do I get him totally out? I mean will I ever get to a point where I suddenly realize that he hasn’t crossed my mind nor do I ‘feel’ him and it’s been months? The first time I went NC, I counted every day. Every moment. Every second. I crossed off every single month. Made it to 6. Never felt better. Kept reading. But 6 months and he was like an anchor on me.

        Will he ever go away entirely in my soul? Not him, as he is NC with me. I am not wanting him to stop hoovering. He never ever will with me, guaranteed. But he is still there. Maybe this is really why there are old ceremonies to rid people of evil and bad spirits… (sorry HG).

  10. Mona says:

    Do you know the news about Sir Simon? He left Canterville, as far as I know. Yes, he was exhausted, terrifying people is a hard business. I see you are tired too. Relax a little bit. Don`t you want another job?

    1. Ghosts can be foiled, tricked and outwitted 😀

  11. Mona says:

    And please, do not forget a coat for me. It is cold here. Thank you.

  12. Mona says:

    Nice to meet you. I belong to an old traditional family of clairvoyants and white witches. So, it is no surprise for me. You better bring a nice present next time. What about a bottle of wine? Now, let us sit down and eat something. You are invited.

    1. Mona. You took me by surprise. You are familiar. Bronwen. Do you know Bronwen?

  13. Nonsense. There’s nothing supernatural about where you are or what you’re doing or your place in our psyche. You do not deviate from one specific program which, I might add, is rather boring once one comes to see it.

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