The Narcissistic Truths -No. 145



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  1. My older kids say that because their dad apologizes, he is the humble one! They wish I would apologize more. When I ask them what for, they have no idea. They just like that he is always willing to apologize. He has them soooo brainwashed!! They can’t see that a false apology is a LIE!

    1. Hi Becky I know. My ex apologized a ton and yet his actions never match his words or his claimed intentions. I feel for you. He had children too and drank and relapsed repetitively. He was a narcissist, mid range mixed type tho mainly cerebral. The eldest, an adult now, a stepchild, had cut him out of her life for a period of time. I suspect because she was tired of the lies. I’m just grateful I never had any children with him.

  2. The last few months I have received a few lengthy apologies via text or email. Sorry was his favorite word next to “No” or “Can’t”.

  3. I remember once having a conflict with someone at work. I felt she was being intellectually dishonest and lacked integrity. Also angry because our breach was stopping us from making progress.

    I told Mr. Narc about it, and he said, “Apologize to her.” I said, “Apologize for what? I’m not sorry and she is in the wrong.” He responded, “The apology isn’t for you to express remorse, it’s to make her feel better so you can move on with the work.”

      1. Apologizing
        Also known as you better pack a fucking lunch ’cause youre going to be waiting a long time.

  4. Apologize, sorry, tomayto, tomahto, especially when words are empty. Please be careful bc if you use the phrase, “I’m sorry” then you might be met with the retort of, “Yes, you are sorry.” When met with a blankface and monotone, it will be criticism to the Nth power.

  5. I am literally in shock. HG, are you bugging our devices? My next question to you was going to be….why are they so quick in the beginning mainly to apologize. I told him to stop because when he really does something that warrants an apology I wouldn’t accept it.

  6. My ex never was either. I don’t know why I didn’t see it.
    “Sorry” was said after many hours of me crying and followed up with “I don’t know why you want to be with me if I make you cry so much”.

    I was the one who was always sorry. Still am for letting things go as far as they did.

    1. yep mine just thought he could do whatever the hell he wanted and could just say sorry and that was the end of it. I would tell him your not sorry saying sorry means you learn from your mistakes and wont do it again. or i would say your just sorry you got caught but sorry meant nothing to him!

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