The Narcissistic Truths – No 170



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  1. I was married to and had a child with mine. The ones after me have been jealous he wouldn’t marry them or have more children. Someday they’ll see he did them a favor with the “almost”…

  2. BE I am in agreement with you hangmans noose or ring both mean the same to me.
    A HELL TO THE NO! I may wonder but nothing brings more fear to me the a marriage proposal or even the thought of one

      1. I was punished for a crime I never committed forced into a family worse then my own, maybe one day I will change my mind but as of right now I will never be owned on paper ever again. This doesn’t mean I don’t love deeply and believe in it, I just don’t believe you need a piece of paper saying you are committed to this person. I have no problem with commitment just that piece of f**king paper. For me it’s a reminder of something I was forced to do and more then just me got hurt.

      2. Twilight,
        Thank you. Nobody should be forced to do anything they don’t want to. That is abuse. I’m sorry “they ” ruined the piece of paper for you. I was always afraid of marriage. The paper was a lock to me. I thought I would lose myself. I look at it now like a lock keeping things out, not locking me in. I see now it’s all perception.

      3. ABB no, no one should ever force another.
        Man create this piece of paper, all it is, is a document written up of an agreement to share each other’s lives and money. And people throw it away just as fast as it is written up, explains why prenups were created.
        One day a man may convince me to sign this document again but I am afraid he would have to show me hell froze over.
        I can bond completely with another with out signing any documents and it is less messy financially, emotionally it can be devastating still.

    1. My favourite part about marriage proposals is turning them down.

      “Oh how nice, but why on earth would you think I would want to spend the rest of my life with you?”

      There is only one exception to the rule; one instance where I might bite the bullet and do it. But until they figure out a way to clone me, I guess my nightmare wedding is on hold. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  3. Bloody Elemental, I thought the same like you and I think it is meant like that. Double message.

  4. Is it odd that I excitedly thought this was a hangman’s noose and did not notice it was a ring until it was pointed out here?

    Ring/noose – no big diff.

  5. I’m under a lot of stress at work, if you could just do X more I would feel better and wouldnt be so irritable with you….

  6. Hi HG. I do not get this one. That is a wedding ring as a cord to hang you up with, right? Is it that marriage with narcs will be like a cord around your neck?

      1. When I first saw it, I thought it was like “reaching for the brass ring.”

      2. Yes.
        Over and over and over and i
        over and over and over again…. promising .but never delivered.
        HG Tudor i asked you a que8xtion in another post.. i don’t know if you answered me because i cannot remember which post it was.
        My question was if you know that a Narcissist could be monogamous, stick to one woman, though not living together, but still be a Narcissist… i think i am experiencing this, although i have my doubts .

  7. Throwing a few love kernels here, tossing a few breadcrumbs over there. Always dangling hope in front of them. Always being tested.

  8. So, you found a way out, fooled the good doctors, fooled your family, fooled the judge….
    I ask myself, whether anything that you wrote about your childhood is true or whether it is only another lie. I cannot believe it anymore. Everything a lie to get away with your spoiled character? It will be your secret. You never spoke about your sexual abuse in childhood clearly, you never worked it out. What a bad and sad childhood! Or was it just the opposite and you tried to convince us that there is a little HG, who was damaged in an evil way? It is enough self-pity (about what?) and fury. You helped a lot of people to see the truth through your books, this blog and interviews and on the other hand I believe that you did evil at the same time in your real environment. Yes, you are evil and you always will worship the dark tetrade. I said so before and I repeat. Where is your book: “The lost boy.”? Where is it? We should all go away and leave you alone. No comments anymore. That would be the best we could do. The silent treatment for you. Oh, I loose interest. I admit that I do not read your articles thoroughly any more, I am more interested in the answers. Stay alone on your rock in the sea. I would be happy.

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