The Narcissistic Truths – No. 182



15 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 182”

  1. The desire to control others comes directly from fear. When the narcissistic sociopath loses control over the victim, and/or the victim has actually gained a show of control over him, fear wears the mask of rage to defend itself. Big bad fear cannot hide, however.

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    1. My friend witnessed alot of what he did to me. I was in shock. I went very far to see him. I said in a stunned quiet voice faced that “it was all lies.” She said she didnt think so. She thought it was fear. There are only two states fear or love, and he lives in fear. Lies or fear… Dont know. Rage is defintely fear of loss of control.

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      1. What are some of them so afraid of? Gee, actually being loved? Growing? Doing something different with their life? Being seen? Realizing behind all the games, they don’t know who they are and really despise themselves? The fear must be extreme to need that much control all of the time.

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  2. His favorite is: Dont hate the player, hate the game, and I call the shots. the last one had me gone. what fun is that? go play by yourself then.. .. just keep dribbling that basket ball all by your self and take your shots while I slowly walk away. He shoulf have never advertized that one.

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  3. one of his rules:
    ” Game? there is no game. What are you talking about? ”
    Like saying : Blind thou has been made, and blind thou shall remain. Just be a good girl.

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  4. My comments are awaiting your approval on 183. I suppose we orange pickers down here in the banana republic require special scrutiny. Nonetheless I assume you are privy to all eh?


  5. So I’m terrible at his stupid game and stupid rules, and broke no contact. He was definitely trying to get negative fuel from me. He said everything I say to him is mean in some sort of way. I asked him to please tell me how that is? He said it was too much to explain, of course it is. I ended the conversation with of course an apology, never my intentions to be mean but if that’s how he feels I’m completely backing off. He read it and now not a word. Question time HG;). So is this a silent treatment or A discard/disengagement ?


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