The Narcissistic Truths – No. 209


17 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 209

  1. amsodone says:

    shiny… AKA danger

  2. Noneedtoknow says:

    No doubt right there HG! 😰

  3. Karen lynn says:

    He discarded me after 29 years! His new primary was found online I think she is in another state and he met her this past Valentine’s Day I’m sure of it. He comes back this march 8. I dread his return. How long can he be sustained by his IPPS just online? I hovered him for 8 weeks post discard before I found you. We still are not divorced. I will try my hardest to stay no contact. It’s been a week but he is still out of state. Which makes it easier for me. But upon his return will he still stay away and act like I disgust him? Surely he will since he just got super charged by her. The family believes he just went to see his dad. They believe all his poor pathetic lies. I am the villain.

    1. Not So Sad says:

      Hi Karen lynn,

      Ex narc also met his new primary source online & she lives in a different part of the world, he’s traveled to see her & vice versa .

      Over two years on & he’s still in an online ” relationship ” with her if you could call it that, but he’s made no effort to move to be with her, mores the pity because I absolutely LOVE it if he did.
      A quick glimpse occasionally at both their social media accounts clearly shows he’s devaluing her now.

      Well done with NC Karen, we all know how difficult it is, but through pure willpower it can be done .

      Keep up the good work !

      NNS x

  4. MLA - Clarece says:

    Love in Truth
    Truth in Beauty
    Beauty in Love
    You trust us believing in you and following you until the end of time.

    1. MLAC, u been watching Moulin Rouge again???

      1. MLA - Clarece says:

        Actually no. It was during a tarot card reading and was part of the explanation given to me on the meaning of pulling the “Lovers” card. It was over a year ago but it stuck with me.

  5. 1jaded1 says:

    Apt analogy, HG.

    In the literal sense I’d say, “Ooooh, I see a shade off in the distance. Let’s see what it is.” *runs quickly into the dark forest.*

  6. Hurt says:


  7. Focus, focus, look right in my eyes….yes that’s it….you’re getting sleep…er, attracted…yes focus…when I say the words I love you, you will give your entire being over to me, along with your money, car and home….yes focus….now when I say your a dirty whore you will vanish…unless you want me to attack you….then when I say the magic words…I didn’t mean it that way, you will march right back to me….when you hear the word fuel, you will immediately stop contact with all other humans or animals or inanimate objects that are attempting to steal your attention….when i say the word triangulate, you will immediately turn to any woman i am talking to and praise me….when i count to 3 and snap my fingers, you will awake, feeling energized and attentive only to me, purring I love you and filling me with compliments….1….2…3…SNAP!
    Oh HG, You are wonderful and so amazing, take my traits, my home and my money right now, it’s all for you, I get you right? Your the only one for me…etc.
    (Disclaimer: Mr. Joe Black gives his express written consent to this post.)

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Not going to work.

      1. That was HG doing the hypnotism. I’m sure if he does it, it works everytime.

  8. NoMore says:

    Hi, will you please explain the meaning of this truth?
    Thanks, N

    1. HG Tudor says:

      By distracting you with the pretty and attractive things you fail to realise where you are being led to.

      1. NoMore says:

        Thanks HG. I actually had a guy friend call him to tell him to never contact me again (a month ago) and haven’t heard from him since. I was just following along with your books and had only stumbled upon them the week before his return (after EXACTLY 1 year to the day of horrific discard…bc I was trying to split amicably I guess…was that timing planned?) so I was still learning from your books as I was going..and made a few mistakes. The one thing I did right was refuse to see him. The lies started within a month of all the I love yous, can’t live without yous, major hoover, etc. I knew he needed the other fuel sources so just waited gor the mask to fall. It fell hard and loud. Your books saved me from going back and now I have a life again. He did everything you said he would do. Especially triangulating me to lure his new (very young and dumb) supply. You said he’ll never stop unless a 3rd party steps in. Right again. Was his ego bruised to have a guy call him to tell him to stay away? In 5 years, I finally came out on top. I made the guy call him for reassurance bc I was really ready for it to end and knew that would be it. I texted him to not contact me anymore after another lie so when he called and texted I didn’t answer and had my friend do it instead. Now, he’s gone for good, yes? Yes?He’s actively smearing, securing new girl just like you said….was on next day…was on Match all along but *hidden* and didn’t know i knew. Now do you see how you saved me? Thank you again so much!!!

      2. NoMore says:

        And don’t worry, I haven’t spent the last month thinking of him. I only just saw your post comments in my mailbox and letting you know it ended. I still look at your posts now and then for validation. Thanks again. ☺

  9. Twilight/Dawn says:

    I always find my way back

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