The Narcissistic Truths – No. 223




  1. HG, is it possible to earn the trust of a narcissist? I recall reading you write that due to your kind’s paranoia, you don’t trust anyone.

      1. Thank you, HG! So when my narc used to thank me for being there for him and confiding in me as I was always supportive and empathetic, he still did not trust me? Why was he thanking me and confiding? He is a mid-ranger. I was intimate secondary source.

  2. HG,
    Was your Father the Empath in your parents marriage? If so, what kind of empath and did he display codependency or a personality disorder? The questions asked are to understand the family dynamics that assist in creating narcissistic or empathic behaviors and seeing if the narcissistic individuals I and others have had relationships with had similar dynamics in their parents marriages. Thank you for considering.

          1. If you are the narcissist and they are the empath then how could you not? You are your Mom and they are your Dad. Aren’t you just imitating them subconsciously? If you take your Mother’s role, you get control of the helplessness you felt as a child. Nobody will ever control you and then nobody can put you in a position of vulnerability. You remain the perpetual predator (nice ring there). Never a victim. Easily done. Finding out how to live as a “normal” is much harder than being predator/victim. Because it’s a gray area. You don’t do gray. That’s why predator works for you and you see no reason to change. Which is totally fine with me, as you know I like you anyway. 💙

  3. Ohhhhh.. wait.. get up Maria..
    Now they need you to cook spaghetti again.. which of course would have to be perfect.. so pay attention.. or you will be vilified..
    well.. don’ t matter i am used to it..

  4. So few of us experienced secure attachment. You know the kind, mommy was always reassuring us we would be ok while she put us down and left the room. We had early anxiety set point for abandonment. So, anytime we desired attachment it would be accompanied by fear of familiar loss. You can read it in our faces, our body language.

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