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  1. Thanks Entertainment for the Hush referral. I didn’t play the audio because of all of the comments. I actually went back through previous submissions of “Hush” to read it first. I didn’t want to swoon and miss the message. It does ring true pain, pleasure, and silence. H.G. you are brilliant.

    1. When insomnia kicks in, Hush audio version is one of many tools I use to calm my thoughts and achieve sleep. It took me awhile to listen to the full story. ☺

          1. My prescription drugs, recalled the drugs.😊 or HG is gaslighting my post. I hate he left the show. Anger management is pretty decent.

  2. HG, do you EVER remember feeling empathy for a person or animal? Even a tinge?

    Also, my ex favors his eldest daughter above all else. Showering her with gifts and attention while treating his youngest daughter with contempt. Is that due to the quality of fuel each gives him?

  3. Hi Entertainment, thanks for your concern and best wishes. HG’s comment back to me made me (genuinely) ‘lol’ as much as the ‘article’ itself. I’m under no illusion of his reasons for thanking me and telling me to keep reading. There is nothing sincere about narcs. That much I have learned in my time with one. I’m sure your reply to me amused/supplied HG as much if not more than my reply to him. But that’s ok with me. Really. In the way that I mean nothing to him, he means nothing to me. My reasons for reading are as selfish as his reasons for writing. I am using him for supply/gain of information to the same extent he is using me for supply /gain of attention. He means nothing to me. There will be no ‘loyalty’ or ‘trust’ believe me. If I find a ‘fresh primary source’ of information that is worth more to me than I will happily ‘discard’ HG without a backwards glance. There really is no attachment other than selfish (dare I say, a tad narcissistic 😉) attachment that he has something I need right now.
    Genuinely, thanks for your concern. I understand and appreciate what you are doing and your selfless intentions for doing so and I’m sure you have stopped others being hoovered. That’s a great thing. My ‘giving something back’ and finding a ‘positive’ from all the ‘negatives’ is that I’m training to be a domestic abuse counsellor and already supporting a few ladies. If I can help one person who is going through what I went through then a positive has been achieved from a nightmare that almost destroyed myself and my son.
    Good luck in all you do Entertainment. 😊

    1. P.s. I read the ‘hush’ articles. They made me sick to my stomach 😣 or rather the comments that followed did. It really is scary. I’d assume the majority of people come across this blog as a result of looking for answers as to why they have been the victim of N.A. so to then see so many of them normalizing and/or worshipping what HG writes is truly shocking and chilling.

    2. Karen,

      The best gift one can give to self is to help another. Your work with victims of domestic violence will prove to be well worth all the hell you were put through. You level of compassion and selflessness is definitely needed to work with Our kind. Continued blessings and healing.

  4. Remorse. Your little HG probably feels enough for the both of you.and this is why you may shove him below. Thing is that he likely has nothing to be remorseful about other than what Matrinarc put into his head. You have the power to recognise it. As you tell us
    ..seize that power. We will not hold it against you for showing true eemorse and acting on it. I could be wrong. I am mostly wrong.

  5. HG, sometimes I love you and other times I hate you, but the truth is what I need to hear, so no matter which of those emotions your posts make me feel, I am thankful because they are helping me heal. I just received the Exorcism book, the one about purging a narcissist from your heart and soul, and it was well worth the money. I am going to purchase Fuel and Fury, since everyone says they are a must read. Thanks for all that you do for those of us who have been victimized. You are also saving the life of the abuser in my case, so double thanks.

  6. Has any past girlfriend been clever enough to figure out how to attack one of your “pillars” and if so, in that instance, do you feel a twinge of remorse for pushing them too far?

  7. Good evening HG, as a woman who is 5 months out of a marriage with a narcissist and who is suffering C-PTSD and really struggling I want to hate you. However, you make me laugh out loud! The only person I hate is me for liking you. Double hit for ‘your kind’ no? 🙂
    That said I am grateful for the insights you offer. It helps my confusion. So thank you.

      1. Narc talk for Karen keep reading you will become one of my loyal, trusting followers. BTW, don’t forget to check out the article ” “HUSH”.
        Karen, take what’s for you and leave what’s not. I will admit, I can’t stomach so of the articles or things he writes in his books. In the beginning it’s a lot to take in. The more information you gain the easier it will be to separate HG actions from your narcs. I wish you continue success in your pursuit to healing.

    1. I’m very sorry to hear all that Karen and hope you can continue to find what you need from HG’s articles so you can clear that confusion.
      Entertainment, that was a fabulous comment you made to Karen and great advice. A 1000 likes!

      1. Hi sea Shell, thank you. I am very lucky in the fact that my ‘love’ quickly disolved to hatred of the ex at his first suicide attempt when I tried to leave him because I couldn’t deal with his anger. I now understand that this wasn’t actually a suicide attempt it was controlled self harm to emotionally manipulate and keep me there. It worked! From that day on I was trapped. He held me emotionally hostage for years. I say I am lucky because the fact that I hated him and he made my skin crawl allowed me to bypass the jealousy stage and the hoovering stage when I was finally free. I went no contact staight away and the police served him a harassment notice when he continued to not leave me alone. Of course he breached the order the day after lol but eventually because he couldnt get a response from me he gave up and found himself a new primary source. The guilt I feel to his new partner is immense especially as she has kids but there’s nothing I can do but wait and be there if she needs my help when she’s starting to realise the person she’s really dealing with.
        I admit, the one thing I never thought would happen is that I would be dealing with c-ptsd after I left. It was more than I could dream of to be actually free of him and so logically, to me, I should be having the time of my life and enjoying my new found freedom. Simple. But instead I’m chained to flashbacks and panic attacks and can’t even go to the supermarket without taking my Dad with me (I’m 45 years old!) And the knowledge that he is still controlling me in that sense frustrates the hell out of me. Fortunately he thinks I dropped him and moved straight on with my life without a backwards glance. (He hates that as you can imagine!) The reality is different but I find comfort in knowing he believes he is nothing to me.

      2. Thanks Seashell,
        In a sense it’s like sleeping with the enemy😊 Sometimes, the only way to beat the devil at its game is to know the devil. HG, provides the tools needed to help defeat his type. Before we trying to fight flys with a mouse trap.😊😊😊

  8. I wish I would have paid more attention to how she reacted to me crying.
    My ex threw in here and there that she was sorry but when I was right in front of her crying my eyes out because of her behavior she didn’t have that empathy that I would have if someone was in front of me crying.
    And the weeks of silent treatment that she put me through….. I begged her to tell me what was wrong and cried in bed for days. She was just fine with no remorse.
    The more I tried to help the more she made me cry. No real remorse in her eyes.
    She also stated many times how sorry she was that she ruined my life but in the end she said I ruined hers.
    No remorse. She’s just mad her plan didn’t go as planned.

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