Heart Hooks No 3


This is a meme.

27 thoughts on “Heart Hooks No 3

  1. amsodone says:

    thank you for pointing out the pic is a meme????

    1. HG Tudor says:

      May be obvious to you ASD but you have not seen the number of times I have received messages stating “I cannot find the text” or “Where is the link?” or “There is nothing to read, is the link broken.”
      Mind you, those are the people who have to be reminded not to iron clothing when they are wearing said clothing.

      1. Entertainment says:


        I am sure that breaks one of your rules.

      2. AH OH says:

        Woah HG, let us be kind with our words.
        I am reminded to be kind with my words because I recieved a smack down from Facebook. I called a rapist a pig and and then retracted it and stated that a pig was too good to compare this POS with. I am sure I do not need to tell you from what ethnic group this is connected with. I guess they do not like PIGS. Facebook said I had to be nice.

        1. Entertainment says:

          Muslims are not a ethnic group if you are trying to insinuate Islamic or Muslim faith hate pigs. (Pork) oh ah do us all a favor and disappear boo boo kitty. Pathetic trying to incite your racist agenda on this blog and include HG like you are superior and of high quality. Sit there and smoke your Marlboro’s drink your coffee blackand continue your relationship with your pooch.

  2. Nicnocturnal says:

    We finally separated less than two months ago on 5th February. Nearly 2 weeks ago he put a horrendous post up on FB saying that I was taking the piss because I hadn’t collected my furniture for OVER two months, that he wanted me out of his life and that I was really taking the piss (I wasn’t, my mum had been really ill and she’d been my priority, and then I had to wait until I got paid so I could pay for the removal van. He knew both of these facts, the utter throbber).

    After the FB post I stated to my friends that he was just posturing to the next victim in his queue. They were aghast and rather disbelieving that it could happen so soon after our split. Then this weekend we found out he has a new lady friend. He’d simply wanted the furniture removed so it didn’t cramp his style. And she’s now deleted me on FB, quelle surprise. I’m the horrendous It’s a pity because she’s a really nice lady. A single mum like me, genuine, kind, sincere, vulnerable to persuasion. You know the type 😉

    I am so glad I found this blog. Because of the certainty of your words I’ve been able to predict almost his every move and so wrestle some control back from him.

    Only now I just feel weirdly conflicted. I’m still angry with him, and her, and what he’s already done and still trying to inflict on me. But this post caused me to genuinely laugh out loud about his antics for the first time in a long while. He used to say the exact same thing to me. Almost word for word. No doubt he has been bombarding her with heartfelt bullshit like this for weeks now. Haha.

  3. EscapeArtiste says:

    Haha – that’s exactly what my ex-husband said to me. Word for word.

  4. Giulia says:

    Of course….
    He couldn’t even be original with his bs.

  5. Broken says:

    … OMG!!!
    “You will be my last and final wife! All others don’t count…”

    I cry every day while reading here and in the books. But now I cry for a completely different reason than before… I cry because it was all a lie and he is an illusion! So hard to fathom but so good for getting answers and closure. Getting stronger by the day .. hopefully soon I will be free again.. free from the darkness and the never ending question “WTF happened?”
    Thank you!!!

    1. Letting go of the illusion is such a huge part of healing. But you loved. That’s never a sad thing. x

      1. Broken says:

        I loved like I never loved before … that is why it’s so hard. Thanks …

      2. amsodone says:

        I wished I didn’t in my narc situation. Letting go of the illusion – well said and wisdom, I battle everyday.

  6. 1jaded1 says:

    Wouldn’t have believed that one.

  7. Vashti says:

    Oh my gosh HG. Go to bed. Did you rest this weekend?

  8. Now that is tacky.

  9. Seems legit. I am the best thing that ever happened to you ♡…….. Right?

    1. AH OH says:

      ABB, wrong again. Looks like you will have to settle for Mr. Black. I believe HG is much to lofty.

      1. Uh, nope. I don’t settle. Mr. Black is a fine fine man. As far as it goes with HG, Since you don’t know me Ah Oh, you cannot make that assumption. I am positive that I am right in HG’s league.

        1. AH OH says:

          ABB, since you are in his league, you can have him most times. I can’t handle the brutality of his machinations.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Cue sardonic laughter at Tudor Towers.

          2. AH OH says:

            Hmm both you and ABB “cue” often.

      2. Entertainment says:

        Most women have probably wished to be more desirable at some point. I personally dont see these characteristics of highly desirable women, in the women from Las Vegas, Nevada the truth is that I can only speculate.

        However I can safely say that highly desirable women will likely have the following characteristics.
        1. They don’t chase people
        Highly desirable women would rather chase their own awesomeness, because they know running after people is just a waste of time. They also know that it is a much better idea to become better versions of their own selves. Instead of seeking to bring other women down they steer them towards their weakness in order to lift them up.

        They don’t have time for such envy and strife because they are just too busy creating a better life for themselves. That’s what makes a woman more desirable — that carefree, confident attitude. They are complete in themselves.

        They are in control of their emotions
        You won’t find desirable women complaining about every bad relationship or failure in their lives. Instead, they are always in control of their emotions. They don’t waste their time and energy in harboring trying to point out faults in others without providing viable solutions.
        Simply put, desirable women would much rather be a shoulder when there’s a need and opportunity to help others.

        I find you highly undesirable, unattractive, and a shot stirrer without purpose.

        1. AH OH says:


          You have every right to feel the way you feel. This does not concern me at all.
          I am not sure what you mean by your comment of “women from Las Vegas” as I am from the east coast. Perhaps you should climb out of your box and explore the world. You will see people are people no matter where they are from. It seems many people here are from California these days. Hmmm

          As far as my comment to ABB, I would hope she knows how to take my comment and decipher it. We have history. She is my sister wife. We know HG thinks he is better than anyone and everyone. He tells us all the time.
          My mother always said “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and I do not need validation from you to know who I am as a woman.
          Looks fade so you better have something else to fill in its place.
          I did not get where I am by my looks, oh it helped, but it took my brain. I am in the top 4% in this country for my demographics. I do not need approval from anyone. I am rich, WHITE and very proud of it.

          I do follow a few on here and they know who they are.

          1. Entertainment says:

            Ah No

            It was apparent that you were part of the 4% of the millionaires (wrong percentage) when you made the statement that Nevada residents pay more tax than California residents. Followed up with a post that your friend left because of our taxes.
            ot have income tax? I knew what you were after that comment.

            Seven U.S. states currently don’t have an income tax: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming. And residents of New Hampshire and Tennessee are also spared from handing over an extra chunk of their paycheck on April 15, though they do pay tax on dividends and income from investments.

        2. AH OH says:

          “You won’t find desirable women complaining about every bad relationship or failure in their lives.”

          You just insulted everyone on this blog as we are all here due to a bad relationship and we all complain, as you see it, about this bad relationship.

        3. AH OH says:


          So you like to cut and paste? Typically, when you copy a source, in part or full, you should state this. But I understand your motive.
          Your sources are weak.

          Never get in a pissing match with an educated, gun toting, dog and espresso loving hillbilly that does not smoke nor take Benadryl and wine to sleep. As a matter of fact, I rarely drink. I like my liver.


          1. Entertainment says:

            Ah No

            Fool yourself, I copy and paste the state tax information. Hahaha, I don’t need to cite. Your hillbilly ass don’t know about the tax system because you don’t pay into it. You are invisible to me and not worth me responding too.

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