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10 thoughts on “Sitting Target”

  1. Truly is an excellent book. I read “Fuel” first & thought, wth?? Then I read “Sitting Target” & that’s when it hit me. I truly was a Sitting Target. Thank you HG for sharing your brilliance & opening all of our eyes. I will be forever grateful.

  2. I am in the middle of reading it now! HG, thank you for your continued clarity of these situations.

      1. You’re welcome. I also wish to say that I am amazed at your thoroughness in describing the types and cadres of narcissists. Through our email consult I have identified my struggle to be with that of a Cerebral Midrange and holy hell does he fit the profile for what I am reading. Mr. Smartypants, Intellectual, Brilliant, into arts and music (is a musician, a struggling one nonetheless which frustrates him, but he has a side job at a medical practice). His vocabulary is ridiculous.

        I am now in the chapter where I am reading how cerebrals are found in the medical field and although he is no doctor (he’s a front desk person at a doctor’s office actually)….he still refers to the patients as “his” patients and personifies the know-it-all attitude along with his cover of being such a “nice” guy). I can go on and on. It is eerie how much you’ve almost described him word for word. The irony is that he never even finished college to get his degree.

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