The Igniters of Fury – No. 8



28 thoughts on “The Igniters of Fury – No. 8”

  1. Yeah, but I flew around the wrold to see him and he turned up late to everything. I guess it is a case of what bothers you is a tool to be used against us?

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    1. I too flew miles to be with him and he turned up 3 hours late to collect me from the airport and didn’t apologise but mocked my anger. Shoulda got straight back on the flight back.


      1. The greater ‘missed him flight’.. which left me stranded in a foreign country, as everything was booked in his name, and flew in the next day.
        I just remembered it. So next time I left a day early before him.
        Before I knew what he was. See even then I knew I had the Super Empath in me.

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  2. What? HG Tudor are you awake at this hour? That was very very quick in moderation I was expecting it to go into the blog by early morning. Get some sleep already you crazy narcissist. Ha ha. I love u


  3. Turning up late? TURNING UP LATE?? Pfft!!!! But it was ok for the tHiNg to always turn up EARLY!! Used to piss me off something chronic!! No boundries. NONE! Then….of course, Id be in trouble for not being ready to go. Ugh!!!! So glad not to be putting up with that BS now.
    Thanks HG.

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  4. See I always thought that he was not legitimately angry. I guess he was though. I was always on time but once in a while well….shit happens. This one night I was waiting outside for him to come and get me and I stepped into a store to buy gum. It took all of a minute but he showed up and he didn’t see me and good Lord !!!

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  5. Psssshhhhtttt! Again posting about the stuff YOU guys do! He was always late. Always! Never cared if I was though. Nope. Had the “nice guy” persona all the time. I never gave him any crap for being late. I wonder now if he’d have flipped out if I had reacted differently.

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    1. It’s their over-inflated sense of own importance Gabbanzobean.
      I got annoyed with constant excuses and I have told him: When you are late you basically telling me that 1. You not value my time, 2. Other things are more important to you. Next time I won’t wait for you.
      He didn’t like it but since then he was always on time.


  6. I’ve gone MIA bc he was late. It is one of my peeves so turnabout is fair…I won’t be late. I just won’t be there if you aren’t there. You get a call and text. if no response, the 15 minute rule takes place. Sera.

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    1. Excellent time boundaries, Jaded! I used to let people mess with my time boundaries a lot, even clients that showed up late. I had to stop accommodating them and set a firm, no I will not see you an hour late, even if I am available. It sets a precedence. My ex would cancel after being late. I ended up doing it back to him toward the end, to show him how it felt. Not that he developed any understanding, given what he was, though I thought in my silly mind I could still reach his understanding side. The game was so not worth it for me. If I have to play games and tit for tat, then I am done.


      1. I went to the movies Saturday with my exhusband. I messed up my time and ran way late. I was afraid it would ruin our whole day, bc he has never had any tolerance for tardiness. When I blew into the theatre at the last minute he didn’t say a word but was dripping with cold fury. Even though the theatre was packed, we still got our favorite seats. He thawed out then and when I apologized again, he said it was alright bc it ended well. After me treating him to dinner at a nice restaurant, I was forgiven. But of course, that diesnt


  7. OMG, I remember those days! You would’ve thought the world was coming to an end if I was late, and I mean by seconds. I was expected to be there between 11:55 to 11:59:59 for a 12:00 date or phone call. Not too early and definitely not late! I don’t miss the anxiety this caused me on a daily basis.
    Of course, now that he’s trying to hoover me, I have no expectations to live up to. I can go days without responding to him and he holds in his fury pretending to be a changed person. Thankfully, I know the truth.

    Sometimes, I just shake my head when I think about the way I allowed myself to be treated bHG – before HG.


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