Cheat To Beat


Why do I cheat? I have lost count of the number of occasions where I have been asked this question. It has followed me from my youth, the same question hanging in the air as if uttered by some spectral accuser that never leaves my side. I would play board games with my siblings and invariably they would end in shouts as I was accused of cheating. I never admitted doing so of course. Such an admission would be weak and I know that once you admit to something you become tarred with the same brush thereafter. As I successfully cheated through games of Monopoly (I played the banker and the bank’s notes would invariably drift into my pile), Cluedo (I peeked at the cards before I inserted them in the envelope), Chess (I would distract my opponent and move the pieces to a more advantageous position) and Snakes and Ladders ( I would jolt the table and then move the pieces back into slightly different places, for example moving my piece past the large snake in the centre) I revelled in my victory. To me, the means always justifies the end. If those playing were too stupid to notice what I was doing or they lacked the guile to do likewise, well, that was their problem wasn’t it? Nobody gives you an advantage in this world. I learned that at an early age and I learned it quickly. If you fear that your army will succumb on the battlefield, then change the battlefield. Is your opponent stronger and taller than you in a football match? Kick him hard early on in the game or subject him to a vicious nipple twist as a corner is coming in. It will soon put him off his stride and affect his performance.

My early experiences provided a solid foundation as I grew older and embraced the world. Everything is up for grabs and history never remembers the loser. Break into where the exams papers were kept to gain an early look at them? Why not? Advise other waiting candidates for a job that you are a shoe-in as you golf with the interviewer and watch them slink away not wanting to waste their time. Drug test? Handy I know a paediatrician who will sell me pure baby urine to evade any issue there. Renege on a deal? Complain about the service even though it has been exemplary? Insider trading? Yes, yes and yes. If I don’t do it then someone else will and they will then be succeeding where I should have and I cannot have that. My natural intelligence and charisma aid me in extracting every advantage I can by fair and more usually by foul means.

Before you wag a sanctimonious finger at me, take a look at yourself. You never handed that money in to the police that you found in the street did you? When the sales assistant gave you too much change you remained silent. How many white lies have you told? I know you used a relative’s address rather than your own to ensure your child got a place in that prized school. Called in sick when you could not face work after a heavy session drinking? Yes, I thought you had. I’ve seen you park in the disabled bay at the supermarket when it was raining. You have repeatedly cheated and you are worse than me. I at least admit I do it. Hell, I even recognise I have to do it to get what I want, but not you. You deny you have done anything wrong or you mitigate your behaviour by declaring that everyone else does it and therefore why shouldn’t you?

I don’t know why you do it. Perhaps it is because you are bored and want to generate some excitement. That does not make you too different to me does it? The need to excite, the need to cause a reaction. I know why I do it. First and foremost I am entitled to succeed and I must always be seen to be winning. Secondly, the expressions of dismay and indignant protests at my conduct (especially since I am untouchable) cause me to surge with power as they fuel me. Now, you must excuse me; I have some money markets to rig and they close in an hour.

82 thoughts on “Cheat To Beat

  1. AH OH says:

    Hello HG, I see you are moderating as we post. How are you? You went through my thoughts with the horrible incident in Manchester.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Fine thank you

      1. AH OH says:

        Good to hear. It is polite to reciprocate with a greeting. I am fine also, as I am sure you are concerned with my wellbeing.

        Just kidding!

        It is nice to be back for a moment, playing on your blog. You know I have to discipline myself and stay away otherwise I get very upset and jealous. There is just not enough of you to go around.

        1. Jenna says:


  2. giulia says:

    @Flick…..all those years in catholic school and you learned nothing.
    you are a self professed righteous, and you think it’s right to insult someone that doesn’t think like you based on your superficial knowledge of other people’s believes.
    If you feared hell maybe you would not deliver such baseless harsh judgment so easely.
    God the ultimate narc….? This isn’t even blasfemous in your case, it’s delusional…

    1. sarabella says:

      Dunno about god as the ultimate narc, but I did read some piece last summer that Jesus likely had NPD. I was too saturated in the material to take that reality perspective on. It seemed suddenly narcs were everywhere and life was getting too scarry to contemplate so many corrupt people around me.

      1. giulia says:

        Jesus??!! MY Jesus??!! :))))
        That Jesus that died on the cross after unspeakable tortures and scorn to pay for our sins?!
        I wish the narcs were like Him….I’m afraid they aren’t…

        1. sarabella says:

          Lol… Yeah, like I said, I didn’t focus too much on the essay. My head couldn’t take it. Maybe Google it. lol

  3. Narc affair says:

    I have to giggle at this one bc my stepdad( midrange narc) is notorious for cheating at any type of game. We’d play monopoly games that lasted for hours and I’d catch him moving his piece so he wouldn’t land on my big properties and he played banker too and conveniently paid himself extra lol
    When him and my hubby had a dart match when we first met my hubby came to me whispering your stepdad keeps cheating!
    As far as I know he’s never cheated on my mother tho.
    We’ve all been guilty I’m sure of it on some level but a narcissists motivation for cheating is different in that many make it a way of life and enjoy it. It’s a high knowing theyre deceiving others and getting away with it. That makes them smarter in their eyes. They’re the doer never the done to. They’ll never again be the abused but the abuser. Cheating is that protective bubble that gives them the upper hand and never will they lose. The cheating becomes so second nature it’s the norm. Not only do they do it with no conscience but they take a smug pride in it. Like an art form or talent bc they get away with it and do it good.

    1. sarabella says:

      yes, the pride. narc is proud of being what he calls a master player. i asked him, why are so prideful for lying to, deceiving and tricking people as a player is just a manipulator, nothing else. Told him I dont even think ita for the sex but just to actually lie, deceive and trick. Its FUN. Its COOL. And yes HE does it, no one dare to him.

  4. giulia says:

    If you want to be miserable yes, trust no one.

    1. MLA - Clarece says:

      Agreed! I can’t imagine living in a world with absolutely no trust or unconditional love.

  5. Cc says:

    Unbelievably I trust HG. Perfect me. Lol!

    1. Ali says:

      it’s pretty easy to trust someone if all we see is the honest side… it’s good to remember that offline he has other sides we don’t see here… and that might actually only extend to this blog not all of online considering some of his posts… though one could argue that by being a narcissist he shows honesty in who he is there as well… I for one would not want to fall prey to his hoovering… or even be in the same vicinity as… I’m sure his charm is lethal and he’s not afraid to use it… It is nice to find people we can trust fully though so I completely understand.

  6. Ms brown says:

    moral of story: Trust No One

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Oh yes.

      1. Cc says:

        It’s so hard not to trust people when you are trust worthy. We project ourselves onto other people.

  7. superxena says:

    And one more question:
    My ex was ALWAYS acting on the premise that EVERYBODY wanted to cheat on him: his friends,boss,collegues,me.etc. That is why your statement of : “it is better to doing it first ( cheating) than someone else cheating on you” attracted my attention.
    Why is the fear of being cheated so big?

  8. abrokenwing says:

    I still remember the disappointment that I felt when my childhood hero Carl Lewis failed drug tests during Olimpics.
    Cheaters tend to think they’re better, more deserving, more entitled so they compromise their ethics.( if they have any).Ben Johnson , Tonya Harding, Lance Armstrong..
    Every win by the dishonest is one denied to the honest. Unfortunately races won by Armstrong can never be run again.

    1. windstorm2 says:

      I agree, abrokenwing. In my family cheating is just a fun part of the game. I think it makes them feel superior, that they can always win, certainly that they are smarter. And of course the answer to “Why did you do it?” is always, “Because I can.”

  9. giulia says:

    A super sexy cool tourist right in front of me right now…even better than Fassbender if that’s possible…married with wife and kid….man….I wouldn’t care!!!
    Big time temptation here!!!,

    1. giulia says:

      Wife doesn’t look happy though….🤔

  10. Flickatina says:

    There are three things I cannot bear – lying, stealing and cheating.

    And I don’t mean a white lie to make someone feel better.

    How can I claim any victory if I have cheated? If I do something well I want to know that it was because of me, my efforts and not because I cheated.

    ISeeYou – you need to lighten up!

  11. Myworld says:

    Maybe you are more self aware than some….that much I do give to you. Most people do live in denial of who and what they are. They rationalize their bad behavior to the point of believing that it was the right choice. But I wonder, cheating makes you just that…a cheater. You did not win because you were better. If you were better, you would have won without the need to cheat. So how does this really fuel you or make you feel better than your opponent? Just because someone does call you out on your cheating doesn’t mean they don’t see it… simply means they now know the only way you will ever win against them is by cheating. That is just a false sense if reality. In it’s own way…I would almost say it’s a form of denial.

    Not sure I can truly see your point of why you cheat. I do agree that most people do, one way or another and are completely blind to it. Self awareness is something that most will never achieve. 🙂

    1. Myworld says:

      *doesn’t call you out on your cheating.

  12. superxena says:

    I got caught on two of your phrases:

    “Such an admission would be weak and I know that once you admit to something you become tarred with the same brush thereafter.”

    ” If I don’t do it then someone else will and they will then be succeeding where I should have and I cannot have that. ”

    My ex used to say them quite often.I recognise them…so I want to ask you:
    Where does that thinking come from?
    a) Is it something you were ” indoctrinated” when you were a child
    b) Was it something that actually happen to you? That is to say
    that you actually admitted something to someone once in your life
    and they used that information to hurt you?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      A. I watched how someone who never admitted fault or accountability was impregnable.
      B No. I have seen it happen over and over again to others. Never admit, never explain.

      1. MLA - Clarece says:

        When you’re authentic, honest and true, it’s never a burden to explain anything. And I’m not preoccupied with heaven or hell when I’m brutally honest either.

      2. superxena says:

        A. You watched someone doing this:
        1. Who are you referring to?Do you refer to someone in particular?
        i.ex. your mother?
        2. Is being impregnable essential for you? If that is so: why? Could
        you make yourself ” non impregnable” in certain ocassions?
        B. What if: what do you think it would happen if you admitted
        something ? Is it always threatening to you? If that is so: why?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          1. My mother mainly.
          2. It is essential yes. To win.

          1. superxena says:

            ….no answer to my ” ifs”? 🙁
            And what is ” winning ” for you?

      3. sarabella says:

        a. my mother and it also made her a hard cold person
        b. admitting to the wrong people, yes. to the right ones, it can build trust a and richness and growth

  13. Jenna says:

    I always give the extra change back if the cashier makes a mistake, even if it’s just a penny. I wouldn’t want her to get in trouble at the end of the night by her boss for her mistake.

    1. AH OH says:

      I do not take which is not mine. I have returned money over paid. I have corrected a cashier if they do not charge the full amount. ETC. I have also turned down taking food off a bill when it was not correct. I say “I am not here for a free meal, just please fix the issue.” Most times, I am thanked and the desert is on them. I feel that bad juju will follow you if you take what is not yours.
      One time I was jogging when I was on Maui and found a twenty dollar bill. I stopped and as people were returning in the direction of the hotels, I asked them if they dropped money. I did this for 20 minutes. I had hoped to find the person, to make up for a 20 I might have lifed that was not mine when I was 16.
      (I took what was not mine at one time in my younger self when I was not so nice. When I could have been very close to what HG writes about. I was horrid. I was saved from myself and I am thankful for this)
      In reading your post, I realize I give it back for my own salvation. The fact the cashier will benefit from it is just a byproduct of my self preservation.

      You are a good person Miss Jenna.

      PS I will pick up a penny most everytime.

      1. Jenna says:

        AH OH, that is very commendable of you! Keep it up! 💗

    2. AH OH says:

      Correction. DESSERT, not desert. I live in the desert and I eat dessert. YUM!!!

  14. Cc says:

    I’m terrified of going to hell. That’s what keeps me in line. I also have a desire to serve and please God alone. I guess that’s why my ex N would always yell that he was my god and the only one I should please and be afraid of was him. That ran me off more than anything else he did.

    1. giulia says:

      The antichrist basically…..lucky you😶

      1. Cc says:

        Lol! Thank you.

    2. Flickatina says:

      And this is exactly what pisses me right off about religion! You make sure you behave properly because you are scared of going to hell! How about – BECAUSE IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!

      Being a good person for the promise of a reward or the fear of punishment is not being a good person.

      This stands for everything I loathe about religion. You sicken me. You are a shallow shell of a person. You cannot even think for yourself,

      1. Cc says:

        Maybe you need to study Catholicism. Then you’ll understand. I’m sure HG understands what I am saying.

        1. Flickatina says:

          I think 16 years at Catholic School served me well.

          I do not need an imaginary friend to promise me a mythical utopia.

          I do the right thing because I’m a good person. It’s pitiful that you cannot do the same.

          1. windstorm2 says:

            Flickatina, I do the right thing because I am a good person also, not out of fear of any kind of punishment – now or after death. I am also a Catholic. The two are not mutually exclusive. We each have our own personal reality. And it’s important to respect that we’re all different, living different livesand may have different, but equally valid beliefs and motivations.

      2. giulia says:

        Take it easy Flick….Cc is right. I am very religious too and a believer. I like sex…true but I’m not a dog and I don’t cheat. Most of all I believe.
        We all choose freely the way we want to live.

      3. giulia says:

        Proverbs 9:10

        The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

      4. Flickatina says:

        You can believe what you like. I have no issue with that. What I have issue with is Cc’s first two lines.

        I’m terrified of going to hell. That’s what keeps me in line.

        Really? That’s all that is stopping you from killing, stealing, lying, cheating etc?? That’s a very skewed moral compass.

        You have all missed the point of my ire. Believe what you will. That’s your own private business. But do not for one second think that this makes a better person. It makes you worse. It makes you incapable of making the right choices on your own. As proved by Cc’s vapid post.

        I get that many of you are religious yet still manage to be good people without the promise of the fabled room in the sky fairy’s mansion. Good for you.

        And heads up – you’ll be going to hell for much less than cheating if you are a Catholic.

        When will you people realise that the concept of god is the ultimate narc. Virtually every religion oppresses women. This is why you leave yourselves open to narcs. You are conditioned by your religion to feel inferior. Wake up and smell the coffee for fuck’s sake.

      5. windstorm2 says:

        Flickatina, I did not miss the point of your ire.
        When I became a vegetarian at age 20, I was the only person I knew who didn’t eat meat. A friend introduced me to someone she knew at university who also was a vegetarian. I was excited to meet this woman. The first thing she asked me was “Why did you become a vegetarian?” Without hésitation I told her. To my utter horror she went off on me! Even though she believed no one on earth should eat meat, I was not eating meat for the WRONG reason!! She was very upset that I was so stupid and ignorant and lectured me at length. Needless to say it was a learning experience for me, but not at all in the way she wanted.
        Over the years it has often annoyed me when my husband would say, “It’s the bottom line that counts.” But I have to admit, he is often correct. Beware of the trap of “righteousness.”

  15. Indy says:

    But such false victories are hollow to me. The recent ex cheated at everything, particularly games! He equated it to like magic, illusion. It was his thing! He even taught his child to cheat and gave props for when his child could out wit him in cheating on card and board games. He also equated far fetched lying to magic and loved duping. Lying on stupid things. He would double down to the end on lies, even when I said it was ridiculous and totally not true. He Loved watching others being duped on TV as well. All a false front of superiority.

  16. Ali says:

    nipple twist? really?

    and the answer to that one is easy… self-entitlement, selfishness, because you want to, because you can, because the opportunity is there, because you get away with it or feel you can get away with it…

  17. K says:

    Sometimes I can be slightly opportunistic, however, it is rare…only occasionally, maybe often, let me think on it and I will get back to you…

    1. K says:

      Ok, I have thought about it for a bit. When shit hits the fan, the rules don’t apply to me. I will lie, cheat, steal, forge, or behave fraudulently to survive or protect myself.

  18. ISeeYou says:

    The school system is a joke. The whole thing is worthless. It’s designed to separate families so that the youth are raised and controlled by the state. The medical system is a pile of shit. All of the prescription meds and vaccines are filling you full of poison and the FDA knows this.

    People honestly think that putting a lab created inorganic substance into an organic body is wise? WTF?

    Why are we working anyway? If we hadn’t “gone forth and multiplied” like ants in a damn ant pile, we would be having a good time enjoying an unpolluted, beautiful world… not caring what we looked like and not spending our entire lives in chains to the “economy.”

    I hope all your cars stop working all at the same time.

    1. AH OH says:

      ISEEYOU Do you see someone? I am asking is do you see a professional? A mental health specialist? You do have hatred and anger. I am not being disrespectful.

      1. ava101 says:

        You suggest that everybody who does not agree with the system goes see a “mental health specialist”? Or anybody who feels hatred or anger???
        I wonder more why this slightly offtopic comment got posted, but I guess that is resolved now.

        1. AH OH says:

          It is just where the post ended up. Have you read what she posts? Do you think she should seek help if she does not already?
          “Agree with the system”? What does this mean? I did not ask her to be disrespectful, I asked because she should if she does not. I did not suggest “everybody” seek help, these are your words.

          1. Indy says:

            Hi Ah Oh,
            Missed seeing you around here, so nice to see you again. Any fun travels this year? I agree with your assessment that ISeeYou makes numerous comments that suggest something is wrong. Not sure what, if it is substances, or emotional or psychiatric or even a really bad prank. It is concerning though. I see where you are coming from.

          2. AH OH says:

            I leave for Galapagos Islands May 31 for ten days. I am preparing now. I want to do another trip this summer but not sure where. I want to avoid big cities for reasons that are prevalent. There is also talk of Las Vegas being on the radar of ISIS.

          3. Indy says:

            Girl, send me a postcard and I will live vicariously through you 🙂 So good to hear you are getting out and going to some nice spots.

          4. AH OH says:

            I can post one on here for you!

          5. Indy says:

            <3 <3 <3 🙂

          6. Jenna says:

            AH OH, the galapagos! Amazing! Do observe charles darwin’s tortoises if you get a chance!

          7. AH OH says:

            If you have Netflix there is a good documentary in 3 parts by the BBC. Titled Galapagos.
            I am getting pretty excited now. I leave in a week.

          8. Jenna says:

            AH OH, I do have netflix and i will definitely look into that documentary. Have fun and tell us all about your trip when you return!

          9. AH OH says:

            Do you have Starz? Watch The Girlfriend Experience. Female Narc all the way.

          10. MLA - Clarece says:

            OMG! Yes! She almost operated like a female version of The Terminator to me. It was compelling to watch. That show is returning but will follow different characters in the second season. I was floored when I found out the actress was Elvis Presley’s daughter.
            Another fantastic show where one of the main characters is a full-on Narcissist is “Flesh and Bone”. The show depicts modern reality for a New York Ballet company and follows the very troubled but insanely talented Claire who becomes the principal dancer for this company run by this mega Narc, Paul Grayson.

          11. AH OH says:

            I will check it out.
            I am glad it is returning. I think it was filmed in 2015. Not sure on this.

          12. Jenna says:

            I don’t have Starz. Sounds interesting though.

          13. MLA - Clarece says:

            Netflix has The Girlfriend Experience. You can watch it that way.

          14. Jenna says:

            Thx clarece.

      2. Jenna says:

        AH OH, do you think iseeyou is claudia? 😄

        1. HG Tudor says:

          It’s not.

        2. AH OH says:

          Hi Jenna,
          Her twin sister? I do not have a clue who it is but the rambling is similar. It is very sad for them to be in such a state of mind.

          1. Jenna says:

            AH OH, did you recognize me? You’ve been MIA so let me re-introduce myself. I am PANA (ptsdafternarcabuse), but now jenna since i no longer suffer PTSD. Yay! Missed you around here. Do stay awhile!

          2. AH OH says:

            HONEY!!!! I am so glad you are doing well. Careful with PTSD, I think it can be triggered but you are surly in the right place to counter it. We love to hate our HG. We hate to love our HG. We are here, plugged in.
            Nice to meet you again Jenna. I really like your name.

          3. Jenna says:

            Thx AH OH! I appreciate your sentiments. Oh HG – we have mixed feelings about him don’t we?! We love the insight he provides, but some of the deval behaviors towards his ipps are just over the top!

          4. AH OH says:

            yes and if he were to be standing next to anyone of us, we would be shaking in our boots knowing what he is. I have stood next to some very bad people in my life and Yes, he still would scare me.

    2. Love says:

      I.C.U, you are hilarious! Thank you for the laugh 😂

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Actually she is not.

  19. ISeeYou says:

    It’s called Shots and Adders, stupid. And cheating causes you to lose brain cells.

  20. Sarah says:

    It’s good to hear my own laugh again – you are hilarious. And yes, it’s true.

    HG, you are making us feel stupid here. You’re devaluing us by the masses while we listen in, intensely. Fuel, glorious fuel. You will get us to turn a full mindset circle, and we will display the narcissistic traits. You will not display the empath’s though. Never.
    Not until…
    To be continued…

  21. Christine Coughlin says:

    It’s that attitude that completely turns me off. That holier than thou, My sh*t don’t stink, I can do no wrong. I can’t stand that at all. Admit when you’re wrong and don’t think you’re better than anyone else cause that attitude will get you ZERO respect.

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