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8 thoughts on “Exorcism

  1. Gina says:

    HG in the book it says get rid of anything the narc gave you as a gift. My mid range cerebral ex gave me some really expensive shoes and I hate to get rid of them because I like them and I don’t have a lot of money. He discarded me a couple of months before our wedding and my family and myself are not the type to ever give anyone our trust twice (Italian lol) so getting back together is not happening. Can I keep the shoes if I am done with him?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      1. The best course is to get rid of them.
      2. If you cannot do so I recommend you place them in a shoe box and give them to a friend for safe keeping for say 6 months or a year and this will give you the time required to drive the emotional infection form within you so that you are in a stronger and safer place when the shoes are returned so that the effect of their reminder is much diminished.
      3. Ensure your friend is not a narcissist before handing over the shoes as otherwise she will start wearing them and then you will have a reminder of your narc when you meet up with her and then she will create an ever presence of her own concerning you and her double trouble!

      1. Gina says:

        Hg thank you for the response. It is very helpful. Before I read your response I asked my older sister about it and she said I could give the shoes to her because she would wear them and it doesn’t bother her. Are you saying that is narcissistic of her? I found it to be insensitive because she knows how much hell he put me through.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          No I do not regard her comment as narcissistic. She’s a woman. She loves shoes. It’s the law.

  2. C★ says:

    If you are using a French keyboard, it puts a space before punctuation mark

  3. AH OH says:

    As with any punctuation, it comes immediately after the last letter of the word of the sentence or statement. <<<<<—–
    Just could be a typo. Who cares anyway. Is someone a bit OCD?

  4. Victoria says:

    Hi Anonymous,
    I do the same thing when I write and I am the polar opposite of a narcissist! I am not aware there had to be a space before a punctuation mark; at least I’ve never seen one before. Are you sure it is not you who is confused?

  5. Anonymous says:

    HG, this is the second time I notice this. The first time I managed to remain quiet but this time I have to say something. There is never ever a space before an exclamation mark. Is this a narc thing? My ex did the same thing! Even though I told him about 53853 times! (notice the lack of space)

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