Little Acons – No. 14


A series of memes which encapsulates the mind set of the narcissistic parent towards their child result in the creation of the Adult Child of a Narcissist.

9 thoughts on “Little Acons – No. 14

  1. MsSevyn says:

    My father’s wife died. He wants to lean on me for emotional support…fill her role and provide the fuel he lost. I can’t and won’t do it. I’m the bad daughter for refusing to “help my dad”. I can’t get sucked in again. Am I wrong here.

  2. Love says:

    Love love the little acons compilation! I have heard the songs my entire life and know all the words by heart. Its a sing a long! šŸ˜‚

  3. Violet says:

    HG would it be accurate to say the narcissist has no point of reference for their self and so uses the world as this point of reference?
    As an example this meme counters an internal lack of pride and self respect as a parent?
    Is everything they say a reflection of what they are missing in that moment? And do you abuse people simply because you don’t know how to get them to do what you need in any other way?

  4. Nat says:

    Oh yes! My ex Narc heard it all the time from his Narc mother. She used this argument whenever she wanted to punish him for trying to be independent.

  5. My Mother. She gave up her life for me, dontcha know. Maybe I could believe this statement if she hadn’t told me and my brother a million times how much she never wanted kids. Oh and how children wreck everything and she had both of us because back then you would have to have a back alley abortion and she couldn’t risk death so she carried on and had such struggles. She tried to give my brother up for adoption but my aunt made her go get him or her conscience couldn’t allow her to do that (whichever story brings more fuel) You see as she says my father was never going to be responsible for us, was he? So she had to make sacrifices. Poor her.
    My Father. He sacrificed his first marriage because he loved my mother so much. Uh except for the times when he cheated on my mom with her and others. And well the time he told me that he stayed with my mom not for love but because she cooked and cleaned and oh yeah, because out of all his kids, known and unknown, I was his favorite so he stayed for me. Except for all those times he left, I guess he was sacrificing for someone else then. Hmmm, maybe that’s why she’d always leave too. They really showed each other with that game. Narc on narc is really a crazy dynamic.
    And they wonder why I’ve gone no contact, Its a sacrifice I have to make though isn’t it?

  6. Lou says:

    Yes, she manipulated in this direction too. I used to feel so guilty for existing. With 10 I used to think her life would be much better without me. I loved her so much I would have died for her.
    But now I remember her expensive clothes and beauty products and the nice house she bought recently. She clearly sacrificed much less than she wanted to pretend.
    She was never generous with her time or attention either. We were a burden to her.

  7. Narc affair says:

    The only thing a narc parent sacrifices is their childrens healthy upbringing and sense of security.

  8. SVR says:

    So my parents had a hold over me for many years after I became an adult. No more, at last the birth cord is CUT and it’s very liberating.

  9. Cā˜… says:

    i heard “Of all the sacrifices I have made for you”… then why the fuck did you have me? i hate you more than you hate me

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