Your Fault






Why is it always your fault? Why does the narcissist never accept that he or she is to blame? How are they so adept at blaming others and especially you? Why do they do that? How do they achieve this blame evasion? What is behind their need to place the blame elsewhere? Why do narcissists create blame bombs and what do they do with them? These questions and more besides are posed and answered in the usual direct style, straight from the caustic tongue of the narcissist himself. Understand the reasons behind the narcissist’s relationship with blame and finally understand why it is always your fault.


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2 thoughts on “Your Fault

  1. Sunniva says:

    I have now read most of your texts here on the blog. They are direct and clear, and easy to understand, also for a non-english speaker.
    I now have a much clearer understanding of a narcissist and the narcissistic mind-game. I too like to have control in my life, and dislike when I am confronting something I do not understand.
    Thank you:)
    My occupation demands me to attend to many different social gatherings, and because of my title I have talk to many people during these events. I do not see my self as a typical empath, but I am a very tolerant person: “lend me your eyes and I will show you how to look” appeals to me, so I always enjoy meeting new people with different, new and interesting perspectives:)
    My questions is; can a narcissist mix the scent of empathy and tolerance? Not you of course, since you are a greater one, but a Lesser or a mid-ranger?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Sunniva, yes, all narcissists can ‘sense’ the empathic traits etc which make a victim a prime target for us.

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