If You Go Into The Woods


It is a beautiful late afternoon as you open the front gate and step out onto the path. Birdsong fills the air and you can feel the warmth of the golden sun that hangs in an azure sky embracing your shoulders and neck. Flowers grow about your feet, nestling at the side of the path marking the route onwards, a colourful guide so that you can readily view the way ahead. You adjust the basket that hangs in the crook of your arm, a basket that is stuffed with delicious fayre, forbidden fruits and other enticing goodies that are meant for another. You smile and begin walking, a spring in your step as you hear a voice call out from behind you,

“Stay on the path, do not stray from the path.”

You smile again at this warning. You know all about not straying from the path, it is all you have been told for some time. The warnings and the cautionary tales about what happens when you stray from the path began as frightening tales told before bed time but their foreboding content has lessened as you have blossomed. You still smiled politely as older heads than yours warned you about what lay in the forest beyond the path, of waiting predators that are red of tooth and claw. These once dreaded fables are no more than an opportunity for you to curry favour as you kneel next to the wise one and listen, showing attentiveness, but your mind has drifted elsewhere. Your thoughts dwell on whether those supposed savages do exist deep within the darkness of the forest or whether they are just lost souls, poor fellows abandoned by the world who lurk amidst the shadows of tree and bush, not because they seek to do harm but because they have been shunned and know no other way of behaving. You contemplate whether if they were shown love, caring and affection that these wild folk might just be welcomed back and then be able to prove they are not the threat that they are always held out to be.

The tales from those older and more experienced had less of an effect on your reasoning and this soon gave way to listening to the stories from your peers. One of your friends swore she saw one of these supposed savages watching her from a hillock within the forest. She spoke of how he watched her intently with the most mesmerising and piercing eyes which made her feel wanted but in a good way. You all giggled as she recounted this tale, a flush of desire making its way up her chest and neck. Another of your group recollected of how she also saw one of these apparent beasts. He was gathering firewood and she stopped to watch his lithe and frankly alluring figure as he stooped amongst the foliage, gathering logs. She smiled as she told how he turned and caught her watching, but she felt no alarm as he too fixed her with a most penetrating look and then slowly ran his tongue across his lower lip. Your friend places her hand to her mouth and confesses to ‘that’ warm feeling down below as he continued to regard her. You admit you felt a pang of jealousy as the gathering desires of womanhood began to flow through your blossoming body and you longed for your own encounter with one of these mysterious forest dwellers.

You skip along the meandering path as you recall these stories and others, wondering how much is truth and how much is just the product of an over-active imagination. You like to think it is the former and with that in mind you chose your best dress and stole a little of your elder sister’s make-up, carefully applying the blood red concoction of beeswax and crushed bright red berries to your lips as you formed a cupid’s bow wondering if he too waited amongst the trees ready to fire one of his love arrows through your heart. You shrugged off the disapproving look from your father as you explained your appearance was such to look your best for your grandmother. The small smile that your mother gave you as she handed you the laden basket told you she knew otherwise.

Some time into your journey through the forest the flowers become less as the amount of light which percolates through the canopy above becomes reduced. The trees are numerous, stretching up high into the sky and occasionally you stop and look up towards the tree tops, feeling dizzy as you do so. A breeze gathers and the trees sway a little as the eddies of wind disturb the bushes that grow besides the path. You can still see the way ahead but it is not as a pretty now, but you are not concerned, you have walked this path so many times before. Admittedly, that was with your parents or later with your elder sister and now this is the first time you have been allowed to venture out into the vast forest yourself, hence the warnings to stay on the path.

You scurry along, almost tripping on a long thorny vine which has grown across the path. The route through the forest is less distinct now, the moss and wild grass obscuring it in places, the bushes encroaching on to it but you press on regardless. You feel the first splash of rain land on your nose and then another. You halt and set the basket down so you can lift your hood about your head and keep your carefully pinned hair dry. You stoop and collect the basket once again, moving neatly and efficiently in the manner that you have been taught, bending at the knees and straightening carefully. You are about to continue your walk when you hear a noise, a strange guttural sound which seems to come from nowhere and everywhere. You cock your head but do not hear it again as you step forward and resume your journey.

The noise comes again and you spin around before letting out a gasp. There is a man stood right behind you on the path, tall and handsome and your surprise immediately gives way to round-eyed admiration at this elegantly dressed stranger clad in emerald green. He lifts his hat and gives an exaggerated bow. His gaze returns to you, a pair of dark, dark eyes which seem to bore right into you but you can help but stare at the glinting and mesmerising pupils.

“Good day young lady,” he says with a deep and rich voice which makes you feel strange inside but in a good way, “what are you doing alone in the forest on the cusp of evening?”

“I am going for a walk, to my grand mother’s house,” you answer firmly and stand as tall as you can.

“Alone?” he asks again.

“Yes. What of it?” you ask as those glittering eyes dart left and right.

“Oh nothing save that a young lady so pretty as you should not be left unaccompanied.”

“I know the way,” you answer.

“Perhaps you do but the way knows you better,” he answers and smiles showing a toothy grin.

“My what a lot of teeth you have,” you cannot help but remark.

“Yes, all the better to eat the beasts of the forest with,” he answers.

“You eat the animals in the forest?”

“Of course, how else am I to survive, anything that comes through this forest belongs to us.”

“Us? There are more of you?”

“Indeed, this forest is ours, it is our hunting ground.”

“So the stories are true then,” you declare in a tone that is a mixture of wariness and delight.

“Very true.”

“So where did you spring from, how did you know I was here?” you ask as your eyes never leave this handsome and beguiling stranger.

“Oh nearby, but it was not difficult to miss you,” he says and reaches out a hand to touch your blood red and vibrantly coloured cloak.

“This made you stand out from everything else,” he adds.

“My grandmother made it, she told me she chose red because it is the colour of danger, a warning if you will,” you reply.

“So it is and such an attractive shade of red if I may say so, so recognisable and obvious.”

“Recognisable as what?” you ask.

“Oh that does not matter,” he says quickly, “may I escort you ? I know a short cut to your grandmother’s house, just through here,” He proffers his arm as he points through the trees. You peer into the gloom and then look back at him. You pause for a moment but that gaze of his, those eyes which seem to promise so much of that which you want to experience draw you in and you have to, you want to obey.

“Of course, that is most kind of you, ” you say politely. He nods and he stands by your side as you begin to walk. You look ahead and fail to see the red glow around those dark eyes and the especially long tongue which has slid from his mouth and run across the top of all those now sharp, white teeth. He begins to talk as he steers you towards the trees and off the beaten path…..


103 thoughts on “If You Go Into The Woods

  1. ava101 says:

    Yes, as in Trapped.

  2. Twilight says:

    This was enlightening

    A walk amongst the trees durning the twilight hour…..

  3. NarcAngel says:

    Especially long tongue you say?…………lead the way……

    1. RS says:

      Good one! Hahahaha The one I saw had a very long tongue and boy did he know how to use it!

    2. DebbieWolf says:


      👅😃😃😃👅 hahaha.

  4. ava101 says:

    HG? When I was hiking in the woods today I was wondering; is a narc going into nature with me a variation of the car???

    Why do narcs like nature when they don’t feel her?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Do you mean as in the article Trapped : The Car?

  5. DebbieWolf says:


    Hahaha! Me too! 👠😊
    “Where’s me damn cape?”👀

  6. Yolo says:

    Perhaps, she shouldn’t be too sanquine. Danger lies ahead. But, her desires to fulfill her flesh overrides her gut feelings (danger is near).

    Awe, how I enjoy the darkside more than I am willing to admit. 😉😊

  7. abrokenwing says:

    I feel like going ‘into the woods ‘ tonight..💄👠🍷💋

    1. NarcAngel says:


      Uh oh. I better join to keep an eye on you. Well not you so much………

      1. abrokenwing says:

        Decided to stay at home with Frank Underwood ..( another narcissist invariably was found 😉).

        Although , I will have to get out of the house eventually and face the problem head-on if necessary.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You will have found at least two with FU.

      2. abrokenwing says:

        No doubt his wife is one too.
        She was portrayed as having a bit of moral conscience at the beginning but as I’m getting towards the end of Season 2 ( no spoilers please!) she started showing her true colours and is dropping her facade.

        I like this quote from FU and may adopt it for my own needs –

        ‘There are two kinds of pain. The sort of pain that makes you strong, or useless pain. The sort of pain that’s only suffering. I have no patience for useless things.’

        1. HG Tudor says:


  8. Mona says:

    But if that is true, Sir David Attenborough is supported by a dark narc: Fergus Beeley. I hope, Attenbourough knows what to do.

  9. Mona says:

    Thank you, HG..

  10. Narcs are so passé says:

    Wow there’s a bunch of celebrities I would like to know if they’re one of “yours”…but one guy always troubled me though, his name is MARK LABETT aka Beastie on the tv gameshow The Chase… Quite the genius! and intimidating glare also, plus lovely accent. What do you think?

  11. Mona says:

    Do you know some more successful people, who are clearly not of your kind? Would you tell me two?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Sir David Attenborough.

      Oprah Winfrey.

      1. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD. says:

        Oprah is one of MY kind … but seriously… she’s an ENFJ 🤓😉

        Don’t mind me nerdin out over here….

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Get back in your crazy box you!

      2. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD. says:


        Crazy box eh? Maybe if you ask me nicely… 😏😉😁

        If anything it’s a crazy palace lol 🤣

  12. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD. says:

    It’s a little funny that I have a little red riding hood costume. 😳

  13. Sunniva says:

    This is just me beeing curious, but talking about celebrities (you don’t have to answer this on if you don’t feel like it)….
    Had a dentist appointment the other day, and in the waiting room I was looking through some old magazines….read a reprortage on the Brangelina devorce…
    Is She one of you?

    1. HG Tudor says:


      1. RS says:

        Why do you say Taylor Swift is? She has written songs about love and heartbreak since she was young. Your kind don’t feel those emotions. She also has two cats that she takes with her wherever she goes. Your kind don’t like animals. She does so many kind things for her fans all the time.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I can write about heart break and a thousand different emotions because I have witnessed them through observation and listened to them described oh so many times. You can do so without experiencing them.
          I too can use an animal if I saw it benefitted me to do so, I choose not to however.
          I do kind things repeatedly as well.

          Her track record in relationships is a major red flag especially the comments of Calvin Harris and Tom Huddleston.
          She has created a veneer of respectability through apparent philanthropy (pretty easy when you are worth US $ 280 million), Swiftmas (yes let’s make some token gestures and then corrupt the name of a festival to make it MY festival). There are plenty of other factors beyond these.

          1. RS says:

            I never thought of that before. It breaks my heart to know that about her though. My daughter has loved her since she first came out and they are both the same age. We went to one of her concerts together and we dance and sing to all of her songs. Amy (my daughter) told me “The Best Day” was a song that will always remind her of me.

            I don’t follow Taylor’s personal life so I don’t know about her romantic entanglements. Eye opening to say the least. This is one bit of news I wish I didn’t know.

          2. HG Tudor says:

            Just because she is one of our kind does not mean you have to like her any less you know, after all, you and your daughters are tertiary sources to her and therefore you will not suffer owing to what she is. What you will however do is benefit from the fact that because of who she is, she has always been driven to succeed, writes music which many people enjoy and which you do as well. Many of our kind create brilliant things for people to enjoy.

          3. RS says:

            That is true. Still, it makes me sad to know she is capable of hurting people so deeply the way your kind do.

          4. HG Tudor says:

            Written like the empath you are. Suck it up buttercup and enjoy her music, or if you can no longer stand to do so, listen to Coldplay, Chris Martin isn’t in my gang.

          5. RS says:

            I will still listen to her. It’s ironic though how many times I sent her music videos to him because they said exactly what I was feeling. I don’t like Cold Play.

          6. HG Tudor says:

            I only like Cold Play if the target does. Or they like dancing apes.

          7. RS says:

            That would make sense. By the way, I just listened to “Hush”. . . Fuck me, that was intense. I got shivers just listening to it!

          8. RS says:

            “Suck it up buttercup”. . . that made me laugh.

        2. Windstorm2 says:

          HG doesn’t like animals, but I know several narcs that like dogs or cats and sometimes both. It may fit their facade, they may use them to triangulate, and some actually enjoy the domination and affection. I’ve heard several narcs talk about cats with admiration because they are aloof and independent. They rarely do the caretaking, though. I don’t imagine TS cleans the litter box.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Nailed on WS2.

          2. Windstorm2 says:

            Thank you, HG.
            Something just occurred to me – since midrangers don’t know what they are, wouldn’t that mean they actually believe their own made up facades? They would have to lie to themselves just like they lie to everyone else, wouldn’t they? If so, that’s pretty pathetic and sad. And I guess whenever something happens that causes a glimmer of self-awareness – they run away in fear. Maybe that’s the impetus behind withdrawals and silent treatments – maybe they’re hiding from selfawareness?

          3. HG Tudor says:

            Yes they do, hence the points made in ‘Angels With Dirty Faces’.

      2. Narc affair says:

        Chris martin i thought was a narc too. Any celeb i would say is highly narcissistic and close to being a narc. I cant imagine surviving in that environment and not being a narcissist.
        Im surprised you dont think hes a narcissist.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          He’s not. He will have Narcissistic traits as a performer but he’s not one of us.

      3. I knew it!! I was a huge Angelina fan until she broke my Brad. I love me some Brad Pitt, she made him look like he was a horrible father, had him crying on television, all skinny, and shit, broken- it pissed me off! I wanted to fuck her up for that, but I still am a fan. I loved them together.

  14. mistynolan01 says:

    We don’t stand a chance. 😢

  15. RS says:

    Diva: Taylor’s song “I Knew You Were Trouble” is another one that hits the nail on the head!

    1. abrokenwing says:

      She wrote a song about Mr Tudor as well ! 😉

      He’s so tall, and handsome as hell
      He’s so bad but he does it so well
      I can see the end as it begins my one condition is..’

      1. RS says:

        Wildest Dreams. . . Yes, that song does seem to be written for HG. I pretty much have all of her songs memorized.

        1. Diva says:

          But we don’t know if HG is tall and handsome as hell (as in the Taylor Swift song)…..he might be short, fat and bald……..in any case……..ignorance can be bliss……as we already know only too well!!!!! Better the devil that you don’t know than the devil you do!!!!!!!

          1. RS says:

            He has said he is 6’1 and good looking when someone asked him on a Live Q & A once. I don’t think he lies to us. I could be wrong. . . you could be right. Things that make you go “hmmmm”

          2. Diva says:

            He can be whatever/whoever he wants to be behind that mask!!!!!

          3. Diva says:

            But on the telephone line I am anyone
            I am anything I want to be
            I could be a supermodel or Norman Mailer
            And you wouldn’t know the difference
            On the telephone line, I am any height
            I am any age I want to be
            I could be a caped crusader, or
            Space invader
            And you would know the difference
            Or would you?

            Hi RS…..I know you like meaningful lyrics……this is a part of a song by Savage Garden called Santa Monica…….I don’t really understand the song…..and I don’t think it is narc related…. but when you replied above about a telephone conversation it made me think of this song…….it will take your mind off TS in any case!!!!!

          4. RS says:

            TS is already forgotten. I will still play her music as it shoots me back to a different time a place with each song. Some of the places I shouldn’t visit anymore but still do. (Ever presence, eh HG?)

          5. RS says:

            I love that last line. . . “Better the devil you don’t know than the one that you do”. That is SO right!

          6. Diva says:

            It made me smile too!!!!

        2. MLA - Clarece says:

          “Wildest Dreams” is great as is “Blank Space”. JN constantly had me drunk on jealousy…

          1. RS says:

            Is JN your ex?

          2. HG Tudor says:

            He is.

          3. MLA - Clarece says:

            Yes, JN was my first relationship post divorce that went on and off for four years and was the reason I found HG.

          4. RS says:

            Thank you. We are all so fortunate to have found this place.

    2. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD. says:

      Personally, I’m a sucker for “style” lol!


      1. RS says:

        I love that song and the video too. I absolutely LOVE the video to “Wildest Dreams”.

      2. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD. says:


        I like that one as well lol. The video is entertaining.

      3. abrokenwing says:

        Nice photo Harley! You are very beautiful 😍.

      4. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD. says:


        Thank you! That’s really sweet. It’s always nice to hear something positive after getting out of a relationship with a shithead.


      5. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD. says:


        For my 30th birthday this year I decided to buy myself a boudior photoshoot. It was very therapeutic. I got to feel comfortable in my own skin again and now have anot 20 professional pictures that capture my youth.

        I really think everyone should do a boudior photoshoot at least once.

      6. abrokenwing says:

        I agree, great idea.
        I was thinking of doing the same this year but have to sort myself out first .☺️

      7. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD. says:


        Do it up girl! You won’t regret it. It feels awesome. 😁

  16. Another masterpiece, by HG Tudor.

  17. RS says:

    HG: Are you saying Taylor Swift is a narcissist?

    1. Windstorm2 says:

      Love the video to TS’s Blank Space – hilarious quintessential female narc!

    2. mistynolan01 says:

      I never did like her. Now I know why. Unlike with the narc male for whom I’d unfortunately fallen, narc bitches make my blood boil. She’s a greater for sure, with her mixed-message-sending ass, all dolled up and just as innocent as you please, fooling all the little girls’ mom. She can even show her ass and STILL they think she’s innocent. Snake in the grass.

      I may not have known the proper label, before HG, but I knew what kinds of bitches to keep out of my life and I had no problem telling to fuck off!

      Wow! I’ve wanted to say that in a public forum for a long time! 🤣🤣

      1. mistynolan01 me either. Makes sense. She changes men and friends like her underwear, and she keeps a squad of lieutenants. I fully agree with you about her being a snake in the grass, can’t stand that little bitch, but I do have to admit I sing the hell out of “Picture to Burn”, that’s my shit right there. Only song of hers that I like.

  18. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD. says:

    https://youtu.be/tA7SmCB0U68 😉

    Seems appropriate lol!

  19. Matilda says:

    Ahh, my favourite Tudor Tale!! 😊

    1. Matilda says:

      To my utter amazement, there are several versions of this tale. 😀

      Most probably, it originated from “The Story of Grandmother”, which was popular in rural France (17th century): a werewolf kills the grandmother and leaves some of her flesh and blood for Little Red Riding Hood to eat and drink. A cat warns her about the contents of her meal, but she ignores it, as instructed by the werewolf. Dressed as her grandmother, he invites her to bed. She quickly realises that she is lying next to a werewolf and pretends to need to relieve herself. The wolf suggests to stay in bed for that purpose [YUK!], which she refuses. He ties a woollen thread around her ankle and lets her leave the house. Little Red Riding Hood fastens the thread to a tree and makes her escape, chased by the werewolf. She reaches a river where laundresses help her across but they let the werewolf drown.

      In Charles Perrault’s interpretation (1697), Little Red Riding Hood undresses and climbs into bed with the wolf. He falls asleep soon after devouring her [made me giggle 😉 ]. His snoring alerts a hunter who cuts him open, frees both women and shoots the wolf.

      The Brothers Grimm ‘cleaned’ the text (1812) 😀 . They omit the bed scene and fill his stomach with stones instead of shooting him, which proves just as fatal. Following the story, the brothers offer an epilogue: Little Red Riding Hood is approached by another wolf, but ignores him this time, and does not stray from the path. She tells her grandmother about the incident. When the wolf comes knocking on the door, they remain silent and do not let him in [just like No Contact]. The wolf jumps onto the roof, waiting to devour Little Red Riding Hood on her way home. She fills a trough with water (where sausages were cooked in) in front of the house. The wolf cannot resist the delicate smell, falls into the water and drowns.

      How dark fairy tales really are…

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Thank you Matilda, I found that interesting.

      2. Matilda says:

        You’re welcome, HG. 🙂 I enjoyed reading them all.

        Makes me wonder how much artists such as songwriters and novelists actually knew/know about narcissism (at least about the concept if not the term per se).

        With some of them, you get the feeling that they were victims of abuse and want to warn others. And some show off what they got away with as perpetrators, sometimes portraying actual abuse in a way that it is perceived as sweetness and light by many, and laughing about the audience’s foolishness. Many song lyrics, for example, are very cynical from the perspective of someone who is in the know.

  20. Star says:

    Quite the sexy little narrative. You should write ” smut” novels HG:)

    1. RS says:

      I totally agree! I would read them all! I grew up on Harlequin novels. Maybe that is where my love for England and Ireland began? The greater swooping in and taking control. . . sigh. 😉

    2. Narc affair says:

      Star…have you listened to HG’s “hush”? That one is a keeper 😄

      1. Star says:

        Narc affair no I haven’t. I shall do so right now.. and why not it’s 130 am my time and I am wide awake. Maybe it will calm my whirling mind…thank u for the suggestion:)

        1. RS says:

          Is “Hush” a video? I’ll have to look that one up.

      2. Stat says:

        Hmmm … well that little Diddy just brought me a hell of a lot of trouble in more ways than one lol.

        1. RS says:

          I just listened to “Hush”. . . it’s very warm in here!!! I shuddered just listening to it.

  21. RS says:

    That was the scariest story yet. So familiar.

  22. Diva says:

    We are all already in the woods by logging onto this blog!!!!

    1. RS says:

      True, that! Have you ever watched the movie “Into the woods?” with Meryl Streep? The song where the prince kisses the baker’s wife. I’ll have to post the lyrics. Reminds me of being involved with a narc.

      1. Diva says:

        No I have not watched that nor do I know the song which you refer to….but I will try and look it up. My narc song is RED by Taylor Swift…..Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you had never met……..Fighting him was like trying to solve a crossword and realising there’s no right answer……Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street……..

        1. RS says:

          YES!!! I know that song VERY WELL! I sent that song to him the first time I heard it. . . the first time he gave me the “silent treatment”. (the first of many) My daughter and I love Taylor Swift and went to her concert 2 years ago. She has another song called “Clean” that I can relate to. Have you heard that one?

          1. HG Tudor says:

            One of ours

          2. RS says:

            Who is “one of ours”?

          3. RS says:

            The one she is singing about? Yes!

          4. HG Tudor says:

            No TS

          5. RS says:

            I must be daft, what is TS?

          6. RS says:

            What makes you say that Taylor Swift is one of yours?

      2. Narc affair says:

        Someone on another site posted about taylor swift being a narc. She looks a lot like my daughters narc friend and acts the same way. Im not surprised.

      3. Kim says:

        Truly surprised at the TS reveal, however she certainly launches an effective smear campaign through her songs!

        HG, which cadre and school would you choose? Enlighten us please!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Greater Somatic on the cusp of Elite.

    2. RS says:

      Lyrics to “Into the woods” Lyrics

      What was that?

      Was that me?
      Was that him?
      Did a prince really kiss me?
      And kiss me?
      And kiss me?
      And did I kiss him back?

      Was it wrong?
      Am I mad?
      Is that all?
      Does he miss me?
      Was he suddenly
      Getting bored with me?

      Wake up!
      Stop dreaming
      Stop prancing about the woods
      It’s not beseeming
      What is it about the woods?

      Back to life, back to sense
      Back to child, back to husband
      No one lives in the woods
      There are vows, there are ties
      There are needs, there are standards
      There are shouldn’ts and shoulds

      Why not both instead?
      There’s the answer, if you’re clever
      Have a child for warmth
      And a baker for bread
      And a prince for whatever
      It’s these woods

      Face the facts, find the boy
      Join the group, stop the giant
      Just get out of these woods
      Was that him?
      Yes, it was
      Was that me?
      No, it wasn’t
      Just a trick of the woods

      Just a moment
      One peculiar passing moment
      Must it all be either less or more?
      Either plain or grand?
      Is it always “or?”
      Is it never “and?”
      That’s what woods are for
      For those moments in the woods

      Oh, if life were made of moments
      Even now and then a bad one!
      But if life were only moments
      Then you’d never know you had one

      First a witch, then a child
      Then a prince, then a moment
      Who can live in the woods?
      And to get what you wish
      Only just for a moment
      These are dangerous woods

      Let the moment go
      Don’t forget it for a moment, though
      Just remembering you’ve had an “and”
      When you’re back to “or”
      Makes the “or” mean more
      Than it did before
      Now I understand

      And it’s time to leave the woods

    3. RS says:

      The lyrics for “Into the Woods” is in response to what you said.

      1. Diva says:

        Look up lyrics for Taylor Swift…..BLANK SPACE…….another NARC song…….Cause darling I am a nightmare dressed like a daydream……..Oh my god look at that face……you look like my next mistake……AND THE TITLE OF THE SONG COULD NOT BE MORE APPROPRIATE!!!!

        1. RS says:

          Learning new things every day.

        2. RS says:

          I don’t have to look it up. I saw the video when it first came out and I know all her songs by heart.

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