The Rules of Ex Club – No. 15



15 thoughts on “The Rules of Ex Club – No. 15”

  1. So I shouldn’t have said (about the ex) ‘he is a good man who lives in the same suburb just near me & that he would do anything for me at anytime.’ Glad I did.

  2. I sometimes mention the exs. They are parts of my life and I am partly a result of them. I do not mind at all if someone mentions ex girlfriends, I like listening to stories-as long as I know nobody steps in my territory now.

  3. My ex or his ex? I praised both of them in the end and that in front of his friends. Juhu, that is the reason, why he did not find words and was speechless. I wondered why. That was not my babbling narc at all. He was not able to defend himself.
    What huge fury must have been there after that?
    Soap opera at its best. I should have won a price for that.

    I saw his friends excitedly watching him, asking themselves what will he do?
    He did nothing.
    What a humiliating, crushing defeat at that day.
    He will hate me for the rest of my life. Good to know.

    1. I wouldn’t praise an Ex to a Narc or anyone else…it’s why they are “Ex”. None of my Exes are friends of mine.

      Same reason why I never understood The Hoover from my perspective logic…

      The whole concept is repellant to me. I just want to be Done. (yes I understand shared children complicate matters but not in my situation)

  4. Right after I told him I was unhappy he demanded to know the details of how each and everyone of my prior relationships ended so I went through the list of who I left and who left me and the reasons for each and then he insisted they all left me because I have something wrong with me it was amusing because only two left me and I left the rest but in each case we ended on very good terms because the splits were all amicable and for legitamite reasons another time he said to me why did God bring such a false fake person into my life I think he was telling on himself because I’m honest to a fault I never hold anything back I just wish I knew he was a narc a long time ago I only began to figure it out around March or April of this year even though a psychologist told me he was a narc in the first month I met him of course I completely dismissed it because we were in what I know now was the fake golden period I never went back to her again and dismissed what she said until my discard

  5. Ahahahaha! Every time he tried to tell me how horrible his wife was, I told him that he should pay more attention to her, that maybe THAT was the reason she was acting up. . . no wonder I got so many silent treatments! 😂😜

    1. RS
      I did that to someone at work. I had no idea he was trying to triangulate me with his wife and I told him to spend some time with her. What an ass he was!

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