6 Million


6 million. A couple of days ago, the 6 million threshold was reached and breached in respect of the number of hits on the blog. Once again, my thanks for your continued participation through reading, commenting and exchanging your views about the narcissistic dynamic and world. The combination of my unrivalled insights and your often articulate and fascinating comments is a winning one and yet again evidences the symbiotic nature of our involvement with one another.

The number six is relevant as some of you may know I had recently been overseas for 6 weeks which limited my opportunity for further writing. With that shackle removed for a period of time, this provides me with a rich window to provide you with new material and to that end I require your input. Do let me know which subjects you would like me to write about, there are works in the pipeline already, but is there something you feel that I should cast my dark eyes over and write about? Perhaps it is an awaited follow-up to existing articles, possibly the continuation of a revelation already made or an area of the dynamic which you feel needs greater expansion. Do let me know in the comments and I shall start adding them to my list.

I am not going to be the only one doing the work. No, it is time for you to flex your fingers too. Many of you express yourselves in an eloquent and thoughtful manner in your comments on the blog and I want to harness this. I want to see your response to the question ‘If you could write a letter now to your narcissist, what would you write?’ It can cover anything at all, from unanswered questions, through to a anger-filled tirade or perhaps a wistful lament. Maybe it is a clarion call of triumph or woe-laden words of confusion. E-mail them to narcissist1909@gmail.com and the best submissions will be published as blog articles in the future. Please keep the letter to around 750 words and include the name by which you wish to be known should yours be selected. I look forward to reading them.

In the meanwhile, there is much to be done, more information to convey to you, more for you to learn (and for me) and many, many more souls out there who need to seize the power.

Thank you for your support.

HG Tudor

292 thoughts on “6 Million

  1. Dana P says:

    HG, I have a very diiferent angle on the Narc…. The 3 I have known…been involved with were sent to/spent time in prison (I know it sounds bad…but it’s the part where ya”ll don’t believe rules apply to you)… So how does a Narc, who has to be in controll of their environment and everyone around them, deal with being imprisoned and having lost all controll?? Do you think most people that are imprisoned are Narcs?? Where are they getting their fuel???

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Not all people in prison are narcissists, but we will be over-represented in the prison population. Where do they get their fuel?
      1. Prison officers;
      2. Other inmates;
      3. Visitors;
      4. telephone calls/letters
      5. Other individuals who come to the prison – lawyers, police officers, psychologists etc.

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    Again, congrats. . You are overseas. Time to put my running shoes on? Halloween iis coming. I might around another year.

    1. NarcAngel says:


      Nice to see you! I’ve missed your comments.

  3. Mrs Linton says:

    I refuse to pay for any more therapy, not when I have this information. Something HG has given me which has not come from any other writer is that Narcs will still be infatuated (the thing we are taught to confuse with love in society) and the empath can pick up on vulnerability, because despite all the evil you are suffering. We always are taught to believe those who suffer must be saved and the victim cannot be evil. I feel my partners vulnerability and I want to save him. However this does not mean he will ever give a damn about me. Peel away the neediness and infatuation there’s nothing left.

    1. Lisa says:

      Hi Mrs Linton , I found your comment interesting . I have been thinking about this a lot , what really is love ? Doesn’t it always start with infatuation and I appreciate it should grow to a deep love that involves give and take but there’s no gaurantees with anyone . None narcs cheat and break up / divorce . I wonder if a narcs dependence on someone if they find the correct fuel source in a partner , is that not a form of a working relationship ? Just like 2 non narcs staying together through comfort when the in love stage has gone πŸ€”
      HG this is what you need to find !!
      Someone who knows what you are and it works , your fuel sources could be replaced so infidelity is not required ( yes I know your nomadic ) but for the future I mean πŸ˜€

    2. K says:

      Your comment is completely accurate, Mrs Linton. Much of the therapy out there is woefully inadequate and that is a shame.

      1. narc affair says:

        Hi K …in fact some of the therapists need therapy themselves or have no inkling about narcissism. I look to HG’s work, past victims on u tube and my faith to equip me with what i need to know and do to move ahead.
        I feel the children are the real victims both budding narc children and any child bc they have no clue what narcissism is. My hope in the future is that schools will set up education on this disorder and teach how to have a strong sense of self and boundaries. In todays fast paced lifestyles theres no family unit and so much dysfunction that the children grow up lost and with no idea about morals or how to treat people the right way. They also let anything and everything influence them and have zero boundaries. Anything goes.
        What ive learned here is invaluable and im teaching my children how to deal with these types of people as i continue to learn myself.
        Id not rule out going to a therapist again but if i sensed they were either a) messed up themselves/a narcissist or b) had no clue about narcissism id not waste my money.

      2. K says:

        Hello narc affair
        You are right, some therapists need therapy themselves. HG’s work is my focus now. Like you, I want to move ahead and be equipped with the most accurate information. The children of NPD abuse suffer needlessly and it breaks my heart to think about it. I e-mailed an adjustment counselor at a local elementary school regarding a mother of twins. I wrote that the mother is a pathological narcissist and may be abusing them (she is; I have no evidence though). Also, I wrote that the girl is most likely the narcissist and the boy is the scapegoat. Observation on my part. She did RSVP and wrote that she would keep an eye on them. There are 3 children in my daughter’s class that are most likely narcs, and another one I am suspicious of: 3 girls + 1 boy. When I have a chance I am going to speak to the classroom teacher about it. My daughter told me one of the girls “fakes her emotions”. My daughter knows all about fuel, boundaries, the pity play, the monologue, triangulation and the seduction. I couldn’t agree with you more; we live in a fast paced world riddled with dysfunction, no morals or sense of family and zero boundaries. Lost children are everywhere. There are some good therapists out there, but if they can’t recognize and properly treat NPD abuse (or, if they are narcs), then you are correct: it is a big fat waste of money.

      3. Mrs Linton says:

        It comes to something when you have to tell the therapist how to do their job. I have every intention of being my own therapist from hearon in. Carl Jung said once (I am paraphrasing) If your therapist worked it out then good, if you did it yourself even better.

    3. Merripen says:

      Mrs Linton
      That is a brilliant line and the summation of the narcissist in a nutshell.
      “Peel away the neediness and infatuation and there’s nothing left.”

      Deeper (even) than teaching, is our hardwired, all-pervasive instinct to heal. Their suffering is bigger to us than their evil and this becomes our fatal blind spot. The idea of denying someone who is suffering, would once have seemed as unnatural as asking myself to become left-handed. However, the suffering I have experienced (and continue to), has me in a place where I am ready to amend my inherent, knee-jerk instinct to give without thought. It will be only a slight modification, perhaps, but taking that pause to be mindful will save my life.

      1. Mrs Linton says:

        Merripen I really like what you said there. You are right, our ability to see their neediness is bigger than our ability to see their evil. We can only really see what we can see in ourselves. No matter how close we get to it we have to get passed our own selves. HG keeps showing us. I feel like a lizard who needs to open her second set of eyelids!

        1. Merripen says:

          Mrs Linton

          You just made me smile! Lift the veil, right?
          (move over on that hot rock, ’cause i want to climb up to bask, too.)

          (risky for a ginger lizard)

  4. narc affair says:

    Hi HG…i know ive suggested a few things already but i thought this would make for an interesting blog if you choose to do it. Could you write about your thoughts on agenda 21,30 and 50 in relation to narcissism as well as a one world government. If you think its conspiracy theory or is a reality. I came across this on a u tubers channel and after researching it i was concerned. Id be interested to hear your knowledge and thoughts about it. Thx!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is the agenda of a socialist elite and is not going to happen.

  5. Diva says:

    Mr Tudor

    Congratulations on your success to date and I wish you every future success wherever life takes you.
    Thank you for the wealth of information and knowledge that you give so freely. Despite only being here a short while, I have gained from you understanding and many defense strategies relating to narcissists and as such, I will always be truly grateful.
    I am currently unable to flex my fingers on the topic of correspondence to my ex narc, as every time I attempt to do so, I get writers block. It is rare that I can’t think of anything to say or write, but the mind is a complex being and not always under our control. I think it has something to do with my β€œoff switch.” I love to write and maybe if it were a different topic, there would be a different outcome. If my mind unblocks, you will be the first to read about it.
    I do have a topic that I do not believe you have yet covered in any detail and it interests me from a very personal perspective. The topic is narcissism within young children. I would like to know what are the red flags, how can you attempt to correct it and what is the best way to react, as a parent, if confronted with one of these red flags from a child. I know that you have stated that you do not recall much about your own childhood, so maybe this is not a topic that you will be able to address. Many of your readers are women and therefore many of which, will have children resulting from a relationship with a narcissist. I have read that there can be a genetic narcissistic influence and as such, this is worrying knowledge to any woman that finds herself in this predicament. What is clear to me, is that how you advise us to deal with an adult narcissist in our life, is not something we can impose on a child. If there is any knowledge or material addressing this matter I would be keen to read it, as I believe there is more of a chance of reversing or addressing narcissism in a child, than in an adult.
    Finally, every time I read the words six million, I can only think of The Six Million Dollar Man, which you will probably be, once you get on The Dr Phil Show, however, your real worth to us is beyond measure or monetary value. β€œWe can rebuild him; we have the technology,” the technology is in fact this blog. If any of us have any chance of rebuilding ourselves it will be here, but only if we truly want to and Mr Tudor, I include you in that statement.


    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Diva.

    2. Mrs Linton says:

      Diva I hope you don’t mind me putting my oar in, remember narcissism in children is natural. My son is eight and quite ego centric. I only saw empathy in him once or twice when he was five or so.I see it a bit more now.

      1. Diva says:

        Hi Mrs Linton……good to hear your comment to me, hopefully I am worrying unduly. I guess it is only natural to worry a tad when you have been on this blog for a few months and the reality of your own situation sets in. I don’t really know how narcissism shows itself in children of a young age, but I would like to read more about it and specifically how to deal with it, if it manifests in their later years……Diva

  6. Ali says:

    congratulations, HG. Today 6 million, tomorrow the world πŸ™‚

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  7. Twilight says:


    A force of nature he is

  8. NarcAngel says:

    I see in going back to read the comments from the beginning that Peaceful has also made effort to bring HGs work to Dr. Phils attention, so that will hopefully up their interest in having more than one submission. (Any national attention is great but that was just my first thought as Oprah no longer has a show BUT she does have a magazine!) Along with K lobbying to have it in schools, those who have left book reviews on Amazon, and the many referrals by others here to those needing consults, education, and sometimes just plain relief and friendship, evidences the determination to bring more attention to this hidden abuse and make a difference in the life of others. What a great group pf people.

    Coming out of the shadow of pain and suffering to illuminate others so that they may avoid a similar fate demonstrates is the strength and beauty of the Empath and I daresay why the world still has hope.

    1. K says:

      The efforts that you and Peaceful have made to bring HG’s work to the attention of Dr. Phil are laudable and encouraging, and you are right, word of mouth or reviews on Amazon all help spread the word. I have written to Dr. Leonard L. Glass, associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical school and senior attending psychiatrist at McLean Hospital, about HG and his site. Dr. Glass is a colleague of Elsa Ronningstam Ph. D. who is an international “expert” in NPD. She is next on the hit list, however, I would like to read her book first. I have a copy and it is dense and a bit esoteric. There is a absolute lack of knowledge about NPD and it is appalling. It was comforting to read your comments, thank you.

      1. NarcAngel says:


        That is it in a nutshell. The other information out there is usually false and misleading given by people who are not qualified in the field, or they are qualified but their work is “dense and esoteric”. That is what makes HGs information and style so revolutionary and successful. There is no one more qualified than an ACTUAL Narcissist, and if youve been affected mentally and physically by one, the last thing you need to do with the minute bit of energy you have left is to slog through a lot of professional and medical jargon. By the time you are seeking help and information you dont want to know immediately about the whys and hows of the condition but more: what can I do about it today? What can I expect? Will it improve? This is what these professioonals need to hear and realize. We are real and ordinary people trying to balance the demands of everyday life while dealing with the enigma that is the Narc-we dont need another one in text. We need to hear it blunt, immediate, and it terms that we can understand as we do here.

        Im sure you can find a nice way to tell her that is why her book sales are not where she thinks they should be lol.

      2. K says:

        You are absolutely correct. The last book about NPD that I read didn’t mention empath once and suggested that we, the target, choose the narcissist; he doesn’t choose us. The book was so bad (akin to a word salad) that I stopped reading it about 3/4 of the way through. Elsa Ronningstam has been studying and treating people with NPD for over 30 years and the last thing the public needs is a hefty tome full of three syllable medical words. You are right. Who cares about the false self? These are the questions that need honest answers: How can I get better? What the hell happened to me? How can I fix this and make damn sure it never, ever happens again? The only books that make any sense are the ones written by actual narcissists: HG’s and Sam Vaknin. You can trust me on this one; I will find a nice way to let her know why her book sales are lacking.

    2. K says:

      I wrote to Elsa Ronningstam today and hopefully I will get a response. Next on my To Do List: Check with the head of Health/sex ed department regarding adding NPD to the curriculum. Also, I think I will write the Dr. Phil show, too. The more the merrier!

      1. K says:

        I wrote into the Dr. Phil show today. Hopefully, like you wrote, it will stir up interest with another submission. I will check on the curriculum tomorrow. Have a good night.

      2. K says:

        I just got off the phone with Elsa Ronningstam and she gave me the phone # for Dr. Kriesberg who just happens to be writing a book on pathological narcissism. Imagine that.

        1. NarcAngel says:

          Good job. You are obviously a woman who knows how to get things done!

          1. K says:

            Thank you! Based on my conversations with Drs. Ronningstam and Kriesberg, I do not foresee much hope for victims of pathological narcissism in the future from Harvard Medical School/McLean Hospital. Dr. Kriesberg has never heard of sleep rape, she has no concept of narcissistic supply/fuel being stale or that narcissists can be sexually fluid. I informed them about narcsite.com and that a diagnosed narcissistic sociopath, named HG Tudor, is helping me recover from NPD abuse. Dr. Kriesberg seemed curious, but hesitant. After I read more of HG’s books, I will read Dr. Ronningstam’s and reach out to her again. The teacher hasn’t responded to my e-mail re:curriculum yet and I will go see him in person if he doesn’t.

          2. NarcAngel says:

            I dont understand why these people are hesitant to investigate something different. Its not asking them to throw away all theyve learned but rather to challenge it to accept new possibilities. Things can evolve but not without investigation. In the end, they can always go back to their original way of thinking but at least they were exposed to new data. Especially when there are so many people who have identified that this way of receiving the information works for them. What does it hurt to just look? Frustrating to see intelligence that produces little due to close mindedness. Haha, maybe theyre Mid-Rangers and jealous.

          3. K says:

            It is very odd and I do not understand it at all, either. Resistance to new information is such a short sighted position to adopt. Domestic violence is a serious issue and the indifference that I encounter is baffling. It is a public health issue that can and should be addressed. The public is aware that condoms can help prevent STDs and, I posit, that No Contact can help prevent NPD abuse. The information here is stunning and accurate and if they don’t like what they see, then they can crawl back into their medieval castles and carry on with their esoteric view points. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were narcissists. The department of public health is another option I may consider. I will keep you updated.

          4. Peaceful says:

            K, It’s incredible you’re attempting to educate the Harvard Prof! It’s blowing my mind that they are appearing uninterested in HG’s perspective. I find it mind blowing in general that from my experience, the mental health professionals in general are just not interested in this perspective. I do not get it! Here we are, victims of this heinous abuse, literally being helped to heal and armed to fight back. 6 million readers. For God’s sake… what does it take? It’s like the mental health community repels it… it took a lot of convincing on my part to get my therapist on board. I sent her so many of HG’s posts and videos. I told her if she doesn’t “get it”, and doesn’t get on board with validating my experience, I’m moving on. She wanted to stick to the DSM version. I think HG’s work is going to make changes in mental health, but it’s going to take a long while for it to filter through. Anyhow… thanks for the rant. It’s so cool you’re on the tails of Harvard Profs! Love it.

            Also, does anyone know if NarcAngel heard anything back from Dr. Phil show? I submitted an email to him when this first posted. I have not heard anything back. Dr. P has narcs on there everyday… it would be brilliant for him to have HG as a guest, and like NarcAngel said, with 6 million + fans, ratings would be ground breaking!

            Also, Oprah is now on 60 minutes. We can write to her too… but I wonder…. is she a Narc?

          5. NarcAngel says:

            Hi Peaceful

            I have not heard anything back to date from Dr. Phil show but I am not surprised as Im sure it takes awhile to slog through all of the suggestions. Hoping with a few of us involved that they will see the name HG Tudor popping up enough and someone will look into it so I plan to keep trying. If I recall correctly, HG confirmed Oprah was not a Narcissist in responding to someone requesting some celebs who were NOT of his kind. Im glad you encouraged your therapist to get on board. They say we have to advocate for ourselves in receiving the best medical care so its best they start listening to those who can attest to what methods are successful, even if they are outside of what is currently offered. Oprah still has a magazine and an article there on HG would reach many. As well, i believe she starts a segment on 60 minutes soon-possibly this Sunday. I hope you are well and seizing the power.

          6. Peaceful says:

            Hi NarcAngel. Thanks for your reply. I’ve heard Dr. P say on his show frequently to his guests “so and so wrote to the show 12 times”. I too will keep writing. Yes, Oprah has her 60 min debut tomorrow. Her magazine is a terrific idea.

            It’s strange… I’ve been doing well, but I’m very sad today and idealizing my Nex. Maybe it’s emotional flashbacks? Or still unhealed wounds from long ago. Im tired of all the sad and negative feelings Nex left me with. And the painful hard work of recovering. Well, I’m going to try and alter my mood πŸ™‚

            I’m so grateful I found HG, this blog and all you really cool people:)

      3. K says:

        Welcome and any time you want to rant, send it my way. Harvard educated wonks don’t intimidate me at all. I just don’t get the push back. Many people have suffered from horrific and heinous NPD abuse and they (profs) seem wholly uninterested in new data. However, I think their interest was piqued because they seemed puzzled that a diagnosed narcissistic sociopath is helping me recover. I am amazed that your therapist had to be “persuaded” to come on board and the DSM SUCKS donkey balls! What a short sighted view point she harbored. I am glad you stood up for yourself and demanded that she read the posts. Has she expressed an opinion about narcsite? HG’s work is phenomenal and the best way to spread it is through word of mouth and social media. The troglodytes at Harvard can peruse their lofty tomes in Cambridge for all I care. No word on Dr Phil show, as far as I know, and Oprah may be an empath, not sure. She was abused and abandoned when she was a child, I think. I will keep fighting and writing!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Oprah is in Team Empath.

      4. K says:

        Excellent, HG! We need her on our Team; there are not enough of us around, as far as I am concerned.

    3. Jenna says:

      Narcangel, peaceful, k, and anyone else i forgot to mention (narcaffair u too since i know ur views on trump),

      I just found this. Check it out:


      Looks like dr. Phil isn’t outright answering the question pertaining to whether donald trump is or is not a narcissist. U have to watch to the end of the video to see this, or just watch the end. Or don’t watch lol!

      Perhaps trump funds his show somehow? Or maybe not. But i do not know why, w dr. Phil’s credentials, he is not stating CLEARLY that trump IS a narc. This dissapoints me abt dr. Phil. What r ur thoughts?

      P.S. i still hope hg will be on the dr. Phil show for publicity and i really love how u ladies r trying to get the word out! Hugs!

  9. kimmichaud1 says:

    I wish someday if and when hg decides to out himself if he ever does which is unlikely do to his work we could book a one hour coffee date with him imagine the fun it would be to have an hour to pick his brain but my ultimate fantasy would be for him to have his own TV show called narc bootcamp where we could send our narcs to live with him and he would break down on camera exactly how and why they are narcs I would love to see this lol

    1. NarcAngel says:


      No need for outing or wishing-you CAN pick his brain on specific issues through a consult. I, as well as many others here can attest that he is very professional, personable, and most helpful, so do not be concerned or intimidated to do so.

      1. Kim michaud says:

        Yes narcangel I’m aware I can book a consultation can’t afford to do so at the moment but still doesn’t mean I don’t want to have coffee with him I know it will never happen but I admit I think it would be fun to observe a greater narc in action I don’t believe I’ve ever met one in person and I’d still love to watch the dynamics unfold on a TV show with a house full of march trapped with each other while hg gives them a serious fuel free wounding watching this dynamic unfold would be so oddly enjoyable appeals to my sadistic side sort of a survivor mental challenge

        1. NarcAngel says:

          Kim Michaud

          Ah, you meant pick his brain about HIM. I understand and agree. He is fascinating. I like your idea with a bit of a twist.

          It would be an arena and similar to the Gladiator games. Anyone wearing the red cape of empathy gets in free and has the best seats in the house nearest the action. The opening act would be a Lesser Somatic vs a Mid-Range Victim to warm up the crowd. The Lesser of course going straight to violence while the Mid tries to save himself and overcome the Lesser with his limited (yet superior to the Lesser) intelligence and be forced to acknowledge the futility of his pathetic pleas and moaning in the face of the Lessers wrath. Did I mention they are wearing only mens thongs so that we can gauge any er… excitement or lack thereof?

          Next up will be a Upper Mid Cerebral with a Greater Elite (low on fuel to even things up a bit). While the Cerebral blathers on ad infinitum about the logistics of the match and how hes been in far better arenas, the Greater charms the crowd with his winning smile, witty repartee, and buff physique, whipping them into a frenzy. When he is sufficiently fuelled from their appreciation he cold cocks the Cerebral who is STILL going on about the poor quality of stone used to construct the arena. This ensures that the Greater is in the final which is what the crowd wants. Oh, they were both wearing fitted boxers and the Cerebral was pants by the Greater and awakes to small penis humiliation by the crowd.

          The main event will of course be the Greater vs the winner of the opening act. Wait! Whats this??!!! The Queen Empath has decided the Greater will face BOTH the Lesser and the Mid. They are all three released into the arena where they pace about sizing each other up. The Greater approaches the Lesser first while the Mid cowers afar deciding if he can scale the wall and escape. The Greater quickly enlists the Lesser as a Lieutenant by promising to endow the Lesser with his enviable porn collection and scrapbook of past appliances. The Lesser chases the Mid who is running about the arena like a female rodeo clown and finally brings him down. While he is gloating over his conquest, the Greater approaches his Ex Lieutenant (oh dear spoiler), and finishes him off to the roar of the crowd.

          The Queen Empath stands to face the crowd who are voting with either thumbs up for reward or thumbs down that he is banished to Oblivion (an island for the great unwashed and inhabited only by male Mid Rangers with no hope of escape). The thumbs are predominantly down but the Queen being an Empath and having final say places her thumb up. The Greater is jubilant as he is brought before her. He knows she has recognized his superiority and has been won over by his charm and legend of his sexual prowess.

          The Queen nods her head and a door opens. A divine little spinner with legs for days enters the arena cloaked in a magnificent red cape that bathes all about her in a divine light. Her body appears cut from the finest marble and a silky mane of hair trails behind her. The Greater is mesmerized.

          She stops before the Queen and upturns her face to a collective gasp. Her face while perfect, appears chiselled from marble also (in part due to early and unregulated botox treatments). She is expressionless with inky black pools for eyes.

          This is a Weaponized Empath announces the Queen turning to the Greater. She has been trained and weaponized by the greatest Greater Elite to walk the Earth. All hail Nartacus Tudor!! (Crowd goes wild). She has a fixed mask and is rendered deaf and mute in the presence of a Narc. She is the Ninja of no contact even when you are in the same room. She is impenetrable. ‘That means zero libido buddy’ she says out of the corner of her mouth into the ear of the Greater who is not amused.

          So collect your prize and retire to your cell. Report back here next week for your next match and with a full report on self-fuelling. (Dismisses him with a wave).

          Well you get the idea-something along those lines-Id have to work it out more because I havent given it much thought. Does that appeal to your sadistic side at all or am I on my own own here?

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Entertaining although I am not having this Queen Empath dictating proceedings, no way!

          2. NarcAngel says:


            Haha. Suck it up Buttercup. My Kingdom my rules.

          3. Windstorm2 says:


          4. Twilight says:

            Narc Angels

            I almost died…..my side is killing me

            The lessor chasing a mid……I have seen something IRL to that effect……

            Damn time to see if Best Buy guy remembers me…..

          5. Lisa says:

            Nice work NA. I found that rather well thought out…(chuckles…)

          6. Kim Michaud says:

            I love it you gave me a good laugh thanks I love the fact that they are in thongs that would be great humiliation for mine cuz he’s 6 4 but hung like a hamster

  10. I fancy myself an articulate, insightful man who would readily embrace this challenge except to say my ex-Narcissist is actually Borderline who I might add seems to display some very narcissistic tendencies. Would my tribute be acceptable under these circumstances?

  11. Scarlet says:

    HG, if you were to have the opportunity to be on a prime time show like Dr Phil or Oprah or anything that has millions of viewers whether it be a UK show or USA would you then agree to be seen and interviewed face to face ? Thanks

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yes but with suitable steps to protect my identity.

      1. NarcAngel says:

        To clarify. I did not do it with intention to cause or force any identity issues for HG. I understand he will do that in his own time. I know Dr Phil to do interviews on air with guest by phone or voice only, much as the interviews HG has done to date, so I knew that to be an option. Much as what HG does here is to acheive his own aims and we benefit as a by-product, the goal here is to get the subject of Narcissism more mainstream exposure with any gain to HG a residual benefit. See what I did there?

        Ha! I kill me!

        I’m dating myself, but points to anyone who knows the show or character that coined that phrase lol.

        In any case Television is fickle and run by Narcs so we’ll just have to hope for the best, but lets do keep spreading the word.

  12. Scarlet says:

    Hi HG , what type of therapy are you receiving or what type of therapy is recommended for npd ? Is it a particular type ? Are they psychiatrists or a different type of doctor ? Thank you

    1. HG Tudor says:

      See Confessions of a Narcissist.

  13. Twilight says:


    Have you ever “couple” with with either to accomplish a goal? In other words can they be an ipss for this purpose only.
    Random memory of something made me think of this.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Coupled with what, Twilight?

      1. Twilight says:

        Never mind it was just a random thought, I decided I don’t want to know

  14. narc affair says:

    Another area id love to see implemented is more of a mock training to test what weve learned in your articles. Scenerios would be given and feedback how to deal with them whether it be workplace, a relationship or a family member. HG youd know more than anyone which course of action would be the right one in response.
    For instance….someone arrives in the workplace being passive aggressive to others and nice to a few to triangulate certain people. How do you react. A) call them out on it B) ignore them C) let them eventually hang themselves while remaining neutral D) ass kiss to have them as an allie This is an example but i think itd prove useful to teach us empaths or anyone for that matter how best to approach your type in specific scenerios. Possibly jn a short meme format. I tgink it could be vety useful especially for us that react emotionally first instead of logically.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I have been thinking about something along those lines NA.

      1. narc affair says:

        Awesome! Ive learned to try and detach from my usual automatic way of reacting to situations over the years but i think this could help even further for myself and others πŸ‘

    2. NarcAngel says:

      Narc Affair

      Great suggestion. Even if people do not want to submit their answer in a post they would be able to gauge their progress in the answers by others who dare to.

      1. narc affair says:

        Hi Narc angel, RS and mrs linton…i think it would be beneficial. I know ive struggled in the past with dealing with narcissists and what better way to train than the black belt of narcissism HG! The books and articles of course help but specific scenerios and what best way to deal with it to have the most positive(if there is one) outcome i think could really help. As an empath i react to a narcissist the opposite way maybe a neutral would or another narcissist. I do think theres so many factors in each situation and thats why specific scenerios would be interesting to learn from. That said itd be mock or clinical in nature bc you cant 100% predict how any outcome would be.

    3. RS says:

      Narc Affair. . . I love this idea!!! Please do this, HG!

      1. Mrs Linton says:

        Hello Narc Affair and RS I agree completely with scenarios. I would love to tell my boss that in actual fact she has know idea what I am thinking. But I don’t know how.
        I would like to tell the man Narc I share with someone else that his “stress” has nothing to do with me. Etc. It would give us all a big boost of confidence to seize the power even more.

        1. RS says:

          You know, I need someone to practice all this new-found information on. I am currently narc-free, and while pleasant, what’s the point of all this knowledge if I can’t apply it to someone?! πŸ˜›

        2. RS says:

          . . . what was his number again?. . . 721-35_ _?

    4. Mrs Linton says:

      Hi Narc Affair,
      I would guess C on that one. HG?

  15. NarcAngel says:


    What about an article or book addressing the younger generations tendency to claim things as their own, or as a fad and only happening to them in the dating world by using cute little terms such as Breadcrumbing, Ghosting, and Stashing instead of what it is and has always been: Narcissism. They may be shocked to find that it is not limited to dating, has been around forever, and has likely been experienced in their own families under topics other than those with a romantic association. Narcky bunch those young pups- take credit for our music and now want to claim our psychoses. Just a thought.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Excellent idea.

    2. blackunicorn123 says:

      Lol! I like it… I was musing about the definition of the term “fuck boy” only the other day!

  16. analise13 says:

    Massive thunderous applause to you HG and congratulations on the 6 million.
    A letter to my ex narc, he would love to get a letter from me professing my love.
    I will sent my thoughts to you instead. That is Safer.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you analise13.

      1. analise13 says:

        I have sent you my submission HG.
        It was helpful to write it out.
        It is a wonderful exercise for those of us have been ensnared or loved a narcissist. Thank you 6 million times for all you do that helps and heals.

  17. Just Me says:

    Mr. Tudor, your work is second to none. Nothing pierces through the darkness like the cold, hard reality of your words. Thanks to you, I can now say “it’s not my fault”… and know it heart and soul. Forever grateful. I was shackled by the false guilt, you gave me the key.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome, keep seizing the power.

  18. nykeypad says:

    Thank you for your enlightenment that helps me empower myself. BTW, when you write numbers, one through nine are written, and the number symbol is used from 10 on . . . Congratulations for reaching six million blog hits.

  19. CC says:

    My letter to him would begin the same way my emails and group messages to him do: “I don’t know why I’m even bothering to write this since you probably don’t know how to read anyway.” (He can. He’s smart but he didn’t go to college)

  20. Restored Heart says:

    Congratulations. πŸŽ‰ And like many others have requested, I would like more about you personally, the creature, the inner sanctum, therapy & so on.
    From a personal & selfish perspective, more on the relationship, why you believe they left & impact of the person in the piece ‘Don’t fail me’. I realise that may be a big ask & one done in your own time. (Of course..)
    As for the letter, I have written the Greater many without sending them to him & it has been very cathartic. Unsure at this point as to whether to submit one. I will know in the coming days. Funny, since reading this opportunity a couple of days ago, it in itself has helped. I guess it’s still the prospect of feeling heard & validated & an attempt at closure that at this point I still can’t get with him.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you RH, I have made a note of your requests.

  21. Maggie says:

    Congratulations on getting to 6,000,000 HG! Are you going to celebrate 6,666,666 since its evil!?! You definitely should! Maybe with another live chat? A girl can dream…

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you. You never know.

    2. Cβ˜… says:

      6+6+6 = 18/9, the vibration of LOVE (3+6+4+5 = 18/9), so 666 is definitely about seeing the silver lining in any situation

      1. Twilight says:

        6 is about compassion/love
        69 yin/yang

        Engery is mathematical

        Do you believe in numerology Cstar?

        1. Cβ˜… says:

          I have studied it and implement it when trying to make sense of things. The Universe is based on numbers, so, yes, I believe there is more to it, than we know

          1. Twilight says:

            I agree

            It is something I have studied for awhile now, myself.

      2. I am really confused here, I feel like Twilight, is the one with a Psychology Degree here on the blog. You are well spoken, kind, very understanding, lady like, you speak the truth, you do not judge anyone, you don’t run with crowd; not a follower, and you never make excuses for anyone, not even yourself.

  22. Victoria says:

    Congratulations HG! AS I predicted you will reach 10M by December. The work you do and the help you provide to us empaths is evident in your following. I will anxiously await for any new work of yours!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I see 8 million by December, 10 million Feb/March.

      1. DebbieWolf says:

        Place your bets…..haha 🎲🎲

  23. Merripen says:

    Congratulations on achieving critical mass HG! Your efforts, commitment and tenacity are admirable. That huge number 6 is cogent proof of the multitudes you are reaching. I am tentatively excited to step in now, too.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Merripen.

  24. nikitalondon says:

    This blog and your books helped me alot go free of toxic rel and understand all about it. Congratulations for those 6 mio.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Nikita.

    2. Merripen says:

      Thank you NarcAngel. I appreciate that. I SO enjoyed your cheeky, salty description of a multi-tasked day in the life of HG (almost as much as he enjoyed it, no?). You are the sharp end of the stick. I love that and I want it back for myself, too. Thank you. It has been a long. dry. spell.

      Nice restraint with the hot, wet joint, btw, cause that was hanging way out there, just saying…

      1. NarcAngel says:


        I have a request. I cannot find the article you wrote that outlined your day play by play and the fuel collection from each interaction. I would really love to read it again if you would be so kind as to post it again or remind me of the title so I can find it. Thank you.

  25. angela says:

    Mas libros en espaΓ±ol por favor

    1. Merripen says:

      “By the time you got it, it was hot and wet…” Oh, RS, I like you so very much! Am grinning. Thank you for that, dear one.

      HG, your community is certainly having a powerful effect on me. Who would have thought that your dark hand could would be the one I grasped to pull myself up. There is no denying the energy between a narcissist and an empath, but I am newly appreciative of the synergy that comes from the dynamic of one Greater Elite orchestrating the empowerment of multiple thousands. THAT is some serious energy. Enough for us all, so we can all drink to that!

      1. RS says:

        Aww, what a sweet thing to say! I like you too and I’m glad I made you smile. 😊 The rest of your remarks about HG and the blog were perfectly said, in your naturally flowing, poetic way.

        1. NarcAngel says:

          I would like to acknowledge the effect the blog has had on my personal growth.

          I suppressed any comments to the reference of a hot, wet, joint.

          Welcome Merripen.

          1. RS says:

            I would like to acknowledge the effect the blog has had on my personal growth.

            Yes, mine as well. It’s too bad we can’t talk to each other outside of this blog. I don’t have that many close friends, and it’s so great when you “click”with someone like I have done with so many on here.

            I suppressed any comments to the reference of a hot, wet, joint.
            You’re no fun! πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰

        2. Merripen says:


  26. Stefanie says:

    All the information you provided lies in front of me like a colorful patchwork rug. I couldn’t`t be any clearer thanks to you. I think your books need to be translated into more languages e.g. German. Because here in Germany we definitely have too little information about the subject. Further topics I would be interested in would be how the child becomes a narc. When and how the breaking point happens to create and stay with the false self. The development. What goes on in the childs head or is it just imitating a narc parent for example? What are the decisions the child makes etc.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I am looking at further translations Stefanie. Thank you for the suggestions that you have made.

      1. NarcAngel says:


        I contacted the Dr Phil show to implore them to check out your website narcsite.com, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and your many books on Amazon. Told them you have over 6 million blog hits in less than 2 yrs and it is gaining momentum. Relayed that your information is second to none on the subject and that Dr. Phil would be the perfect person to interview you for a show to expose the many facets (not just Trump like behaviour) and devastating effects of Narcissism. I added it would be guaranteed ratings because of course we on the blog will all be tuning in. Gotta get this info out there.

        Hope you dont mind.

        Now onto Oprah……harder to get an in there.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I am appreciative of you doing so NA, thank you.

        2. Lisa says:

          Now that would be a treat NA!! Good on you!!!

      2. narc affair says:

        Thatd be great if dr phil had HG on his show! I hope you hear back soon πŸ€—

        1. RS says:

          I hope you realize, of course, that when HG does hear back from Dr. Phil, this group will never be the same again. He will hardly have time to answer any of us on the personal level that he does now. I wish him all the worldwide recognition that he deserves but things could never be the same again, it will never be the fun little group that it is now.

          1. Fool Me 1 Time says:

            RS yes the group would not be the same, but just imagine how many more people or should I say victims HG would be reaching, helping, teaching, and yes saving!! As much as some would like to keep him right here. He has so much more work to do and I honestly do not think anyone else could do what he is doing!! I also believe he will be the one to let the world know about narcissists! Knowing that I would not be alive right now if it were not for HG is a very frightening reality for me to have to face! Allowing the group to change for him to save lives is something I think we would all want. Have a wonderful night!🌻

          2. NarcAngel says:


            Its seems just a matter of time whether its this opportunity or the many that will follow. Despite the triple tracking, hes just one person and cant exactly delegate at present due to the issue of anonymity. I cant imagine how he does it all now. The blog, FB, Instagram, Twitter, and writing the articles and books in addition to his professional duties and travel. Then theres managing the 4 cell phones, the client consults, his appointments with the good doctors and Depeche Mode concerts. Not to mention the scheming, the maintenance of the scrapbook, being seen in all the best places while scoping new prospects, and the current attention and general mindfuckery of his current fuel sources.He also has to eat, sleep, shower, and workout somewhere in there to keep himself worthy of attracting new appliances. Im exhausted just writing all that and its not the half of it. I know hes a machine but it appears something has to give.

            My day on the other hand started with contemplating the necessity of wearing undergarments when you are home alone with no plans to go out before moving on to what I could put on toast to satisfy all of my nutritional requirements and I am EXHAUSTED. Such is the life of a little toaster.

          3. HG Tudor says:

            Are you angling for that P.A. position NA?!

          4. NarcAngel says:


            Haha! Testament to your exceptional sense of humour. I cant imagine what fresh hell your P.A. would face on the daily, not to mention the secret Santa, so I would not be a candidate for that highly rotational position. Hmm…Im not much for arts and crafts so the scrapbook is out…

            Chief of the Compartmentalization Cabinet?
            Purveyor of Porn?
            Taskmistress in charge of Triangulations?
            Head of Hoover Assignment?
            Director of Devaluations?

            Im sure there is a more suitable position.

          5. HG Tudor says:

            Some excellent suggestions there NA.

          6. Cβ˜… says:

            I don’t know how he does it either…. I get exhausted just contemplating getting out of bed in the morning (or afternoon)….HG is a “clean, mean Narc Machine”, a force of Nature to be reckoned with

          7. blackunicorn123 says:

            “…the Depeche Mode concerts”…πŸ˜‚. Lovely juxtaposition! Can’t stop chuckling..
            Blast from the past too. Speak and Spell was one of the first albums I ever bought…

          8. HG Tudor says:

            Puppets is my favourite track from Speak and Spell.

          9. RS says:

            I had never heard of this group before being here. I just looked up this song and the lyrics. . . it is indeed your theme song, HG!

          10. Cβ˜… says:


          11. Lisa says:

            Hi RS, oh yes when HG becomes world famous and has global domination , we minions will be discarded and no doubt he’ll deny he ever engaged with us 😜

          12. HG Tudor says:

            Oh ye of little faith!

          13. RS says:

            Then I shall keep my faith till the end!

      3. narc affair says:

        RS…i agree so we better keep HG under wraps πŸ˜‚ on a serious note i was thinking this very thing but i do hope his work can be recognized worldwide one day. We need to blow open the lid on this type of abuse and get it into the school systems to catch it before more narcissists are created. Both narcissists and victims lose in life. Abuse of any kind is a tragedy and waste of life. The only good thing that comes from abuse are the beautiful strong souls that thrive and help others as a result.

        1. RS says:

          I absolutely agree with everything you said.

      4. Lou says:


        HG, being your PA, wouldn’t that be like being sort of your primary source but without the fabulous sex and the golden period?

        Niet spasiba.

        LOL… Just joking!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Ha ha, no, you would be either a NISS or IPSS.

      5. Lou says:

        “Ha ha, no, you would be either a NISS or IPSS.”

        I know.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Please you are learning.

    2. E. B. says:


      Great suggestions to promote HG’s work in America !!
      First he takes Manhattan, then he’ll take Berlin !!!

      1. Merripen says:

        Haha! Leonard would be smiling, too, E.B. πŸ™‚

      2. Merripen says:

        RS, As HG gets spread thinner, we’ll come to lean on each other more. I can imagine that those of you who have been a part of his community for a long time, would miss his frequent interaction with your thoughts.

        (i want to bogart the narcissist)

        1. RS says:

          Yes, that is what I fear will happen, but happen it must. HG is too great of a treasure to keep to ourselves, he must be shared with the world. πŸ˜”
          So tell me, what does “Bogart a narcissist” mean? I’m intrigued. . . .

          1. Merripen says:

            Haha! Sorry, RS, that’s kind of a subculture reference to people who smoke pot. To “Bogart” the joint is to hoard it for yourself, taking too many hits from it before handing in on to the next person.
            I actually am looking forward to the day HG’s critical mass falls over into the mainstream. Think of it: the sweeping epidemic of narcissists being met on the battlefield with a newly weaponized army of empaths! It will be the battle of our time and we are here in front row seats to witness it happen!

          2. HG Tudor says:

            I’ll drink to that.

          3. Twilight says:

            I have a bottle of wine I am opening that day, saving it for a special occasion

          4. HG Tudor says:

            HG approves.

          5. RS says:


          6. RS says:

            I didn’t know doing that had a name. πŸ˜„ I had been to a few parties in my younger days when that was done – by the time you got it, it was hot and wet. . . The joint, not the person.πŸ˜‰

            Yes, that would certainly be a show to see and having front row seats would be fantastic!!!

  27. E. B. says:

    “Do let me know which subjects you would like me to write about.”
    I would like to learn more about Lessers’ and Mid-Rangers’ weaknesses, if possible.

  28. Sophia says:

    Congratulations!! πŸ†I love your blog. I enjoy passing your posts along. πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» To many more! Cheers! πŸ₯‚

  29. Patricia J says:

    Yes. Nice work..indeed.

  30. Karma says:

    Congrats and a big thank you HG! After two years of hell… the passed 6 mo after finding your blog I’m finally free! I’ve couldn’t have done it without your books, blog and private consultations. He is hoovering like a mad man now and it doesn’t even bother me anymore…. I have a check-list with everything you taught me and man it’s scary that I have been able to simply tick off every odd behavior. You gave me the answers and my closure πŸ€—
    I will stay loyal and follow your work to stay focused and happy… happy I’m able to sleep, eat and live a great life. A letter will arrive in a few days.
    😊 Thank you!!!!!

  31. Sandra says:

    Without taking away from the serious nature of this blog, I thought I would suggest something interactive along the lines of your polls.

    I watched all 7 seasons of Game of Thrones to divert my attention from contacting The Narc, while also reading and rereading every post in this blog over the summer. I was struck by the orgy of megalomaniacs everywhere in GOT. I find myself doing it more and more: identifying narcissists in every corner of popular culture and I feel it has been good practice.

    So what I suggest is maybe a weekly poll or test to identify well known narcissists in our shared media experience. Perhaps a proposed gender/school/cadre and we reply with nominees and supporting theories for discussion. Or you select a fictional archetype/real figure and readers attempt to identify based on Tudor criteria. The idea could be applied to Empaths as well, or instead.

    I just watched T2:Trainspotting and actually stood up and pointed “Lesser!” at Franco Begbie. Renton comments that Begbie doesn’t do drugs…he does people. Just so.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are correct about Begbie.

  32. foolme1time says:

    Congratulations HG! You have helped so many and I hope you have more continued success! You are an amazing man and a brilliant writer! I also wish I could read some of your other works that have nothing to do with narcissism. Thank you so very much for all you have done to help us all! Xxx😘

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you very much FM1T.

  33. Natalie says:

    Congratulations!! What an awesome accomplishment!! I love the idea of writing a letter to the ex. There are things I would want to say if I ever got the chance but would not opt to bc I would like to continue to maintain not contact as well as the appearance that I was not bothered by his manipulations. Thanks so much for providing up with the chance to release.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Natalie.

  34. M. says:

    Well deserved,HG. You are one of a kind, a league of your own. Although you say you cannot feel happiness, I wish you to be happy for this-in your own way. For what you are doing for so many people and for what you are doing for yourself.It is unique and it is important.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you M.

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