The Narcissistic Covenant



There is a covenant which exists between you and I, between our kind and your kind. It is not necessary for you to provide consent to this covenant in order for it to be binding. You do not know that this covenant exists but it does. Its terms govern the relationship between us and you, whether you are entangled with the Lesser of our kind, the Mid-Range of the Greater. It matters not. The covenant applied from the moment that we selected you to be our victim. There are ten parts to this covenant and they reflect the mind set and attitude of our kind towards you and how you and I interact. There is little doubt that in looking back at your entanglement with us you will recognise certain elements of this but whilst you were very much in our grip, you would have no idea that these were the terms which governed our treatment of you.

  1. You were chosen

Our ensnaring of you might have been portrayed as chance, a piece of serendipity but it was not. You were chosen to be our victim. The Lesser will have instinctively recognised your potential without knowing why. The Mid-Range will have applied some thought to the process, potentially dismissing less favourable candidates. The Greater identified you, monitored you and then moved in for the “kill”. In every instance you were chosen.

  1. You belong to us

You are an object to us. An appliance. Therefore, we are able to assert proprietary rights over you just as we would with some other kind of object or chattel. Since we own you, we choose what to do with you, without recourse to you or anybody else. This is our inalienable right.

  1. You exist solely for our purposes

We are the centre of your world, the heart of your universe and at all times everything that you do should be focused on us, for our benefit and advancement. You do not exist for your family. You do not exist for our children. You do not exist for your friends, colleagues, fellow members of a club or congregation. We are all that matters to you.

  1. This is forever

This covenant lasts for ever. In our minds it is one that exists in perpetuity for we do not wish to contemplate our own demise and care nothing for yours, other than it inconveniencing us by the interruption to our supply of fuel. This relationship transcends all others. You may have told us that you do not wish to be “with us” any longer. You may have broken off the engagement or divorced us. In our mind all that you have done is end the Formal Relationship which is something that people lesser than our kind engage in with one another and that which we accede to for the sake of fitting in. In our minds our relationship exists beyond this Formal Relationship. This is the Narcissistic Relationship and means we remain entitled to effect the terms of this covenant against you at all times until your last breath or our last breath.

  1. This is totalitarian

There is no limit to our power over you. We are entitled to and we will exercise our right to, govern every facet of your life, interfere in everything that you do, monitor you and control you in order to achieve our aims. You must accept that you are entirely subservient to us.

  1. You cannot end this covenant

You have no rights under this covenant. You cannot bring about its unilateral termination. Indeed, it cannot be ended at all. You are not able to state that its terms are inapplicable to you, that it has no jurisdiction or effect over you. Such protestations are invalid.

  1. We owe you nothing

We are entitled to do as we please without challenge, question or restraint. We have no obligation to do anything for you. We have no compulsion to act in your interests, have regard to your opinion, your feelings or your desires. If we do so, it will only be for the advancement of our position.

  1. Fuel provision is paramount

The provision of fuel is above all else. This is in terms of what you must provide to us and also in allows us to seek fuel from other sources, whenever we deem necessary and howsoever we choose. Concepts of fidelity and monogamy are null and void with regard to this part of the covenant. Issues of protocol and etiquette and meaningless.

  1. The Ends Justifies the Means

The covenant grants us carte blanche to do what is necessary for our purposes. This is supported by our concept of total entitlement and the fact that we have no accountability, culpability or blameworthiness for any of our actions. Whatever needs to be done will be done to ensure the furtherance of our agenda, aims and needs.

  1. We are the Victim

We are the victim in all of this. This is why the covenant exists by reason to compensate us for all of the outrageous injustices, misfortunes, unfairness and hardships that this cruel and feckless world has meted out to us.

28 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Covenant

  1. Tappan Zee says:

    I wish I could read this out loud in court verbatim. Who the hell said this was easy? THE absolute hardest thing I have ever dealt with in my life. And fighting for it (my life) STILL. I call BS on easy unless somehow I am a “bad” empath or not working it out. Codependent maybe makes it hard af. I don’t know but to hear anyone say nbd. Piece of cake. Walk away from that mf-er is either light years beyond me or lying. To themselves. Or trying to slay the narc. It doesn’t work that way. Holy..

  2. Jenna says:

    Yes, he would play the victim by blaming me instead.
    ‘You should have thought of that before loving me’ he stated once when i said i’m attached to him. Note: he kissed me first and used to say ‘i love you more.’
    But finally, after 3.5 yrs, he admitted to me that he betrayed my trust.

  3. kimmichaud1 says:

    Hg are u currently in possession of these beliefs in your personal life if u don’t mind me asking

    1. HG Tudor says:


  4. narc affair says:

    Narcissists may be rulers of this world and hold powerful positions but imo its not just about this world. Our time here is a moment in time. I look at the narcs like hitler who caused so much death and destruction and other narcissists in history and think why were they able to get away with it all and not suffer but how do we know they havent in the afterlife? Depending on your belief system you may not factor that in but i do. This weighs heavily on my mind. Our life here is very small compared to the big picture. My son and i have really taken an interest in astronomy and it puts things into perspective how small we really are in the grand scheme of things.

    1. Twilight says:

      Narc Affair

      Time is but an illusion a construct we agreed upon.

      They are in control and I believe they will continue so long as they keep us seperate.
      If You want change to happen start with the children…..I do believe Hitler said this, not sure off the top of my head. Yet with this change you can bring about control. If one looks back over time you can see this happening.
      I have heard some say the devil has no patience I disagree I believe he is very patient…..

  5. Merripen says:

    RS, yeah, it would be a hard thing to pull off!

  6. Patricia J says:

    Power? Knowledge is power is it not?

    1. Twilight says:

      You can know something yet still hand your power over, it is knowing how to use what knowledge you have that gives you power.

      Take for an example of those here that now have been equipped with the knowledge of Narcissists yet still return back. They handed their power right back with knowledge. Yet the one who takes this knowledge and never returns to another because they see the signs, retains their power.

      Yet with power comes responsibility, how one uses this responsibility dictates on which side of the spectrum they stand.

      Like in all things a balance must be maintained to much of either can be detrimental

  7. RS says:

    Good luck with that!

  8. Merripen says:

    This one has been printed out and taped to the back of my workspace.

    HG, you/we (your following), have to find a way to mainline your knowledge into the mass media. If your illuminating, inside information were so widespread that identifying behaviours and warning signs became common knowledge, discussed at the the lunchtable, you would effect global change in this type of abuse. Early or pre-exposure to even ONE of your writings would have changed my trajectory. You have invested yourself in helping victims, and once your insight gets ahead of the wave, you’ll have prevented people from ever becoming victims in the first place. There has to be some way to do this and still preserve your anonymity.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I agree.

  9. Narcsboreme says:

    Dream on in your delusional world Mr Tudor. Dictators are always toppled. You are the few, we are the many. Narcissists are like comets, appear in a short blaze of glory, then fade away. You see, you do become transparent, and then people fight back. They get wounded. Heal. Learn. Move on. There are bigger and better covenants out there….

    1. HG Tudor says:

      We are far from the few and we are the ones who are in the positions of power and influence. Your comet analogy is inaccurate – for example Comet McNaught has an orbit of 92 600 years. Hardly appearing in a short blaze of glory.

      1. I’m at wit’s end with the hoovering. I can’t get better with him popping up everywhere. I’ve read so many of your hoovering posts, and for the love all good things, I just don’t get it.

        I haven’t gone back to him at all in the last six attempts. Why won’t he leave me alone? I kindly but firmly send him away. What does he want from me???????????????

        I can’t go crazy on him the way some of the other commenters do when approached because he’s malicious, deeply malicious beneath the sparkling eyes. And I don’t even want to, that’s not natural to who I am as a person.

        I don’t know why I’m writing this out, I should just call you.

        Also, I have no idea why I picked this post to write this out. Many apologies.

      2. Narcsboreme says:

        Nonsense! So easy to take your power back…..pack up all your gear, and while King Narc is out there expanding his ego, you simply leave, unexpectedly, unknowingly. And even if a comet burns for centuries, it still dies. Time is an illusion, just like a narcissist. God, they bore me……..!

      3. K says:

        Don’t apologize. He wants your fuel, that is why he is playing his psychotic game of whack-a-mole. Ignore him completely. Hopefully the hoovering will stop soon.

    2. Twilight says:

      So long as they control our emotional thinking they keep us separated.
      Media is a big one used to control, many watch the right hand and never see what the left is doing.
      Do you know who controls the media?

      Just my opinion on one perspective

    3. Shellbell says:

      They are not the few I’m afraid, they are bloody everywhere when you learn how to recognize them. They’re not all outlandish and flamboyant, most are covert and appear normal and quite charming. It fascinates me how all the ones I’ve encountered are so different in character and personality. It’s their lack of empathy and sense of superiority that defines them as narcs. I believe so anyway. Depends on the relationship you have with them too, it’s rare to be devalued/discarded if you’re not a primary source, which makes it harder still to recognize as you experience a very long if not permanent golden period.
      Don’t get me wrong I’m totally on your side! I’m an empath/narc magnet maybe a codependent. I hate the bastards.
      I do have a soft spot for Mr Tudor however :-/

      1. paul says:

        The question I wonder about is, are they mainly pathological narcs or quasi-narcs?
        My Def’s:
        Pathological = having no empathy, just driven by the need for fuel; closely following their three-stage structure to relationships. Given to uncontrolled moments – rages.
        Quasi: = having some empathy but frequently exhibiting the traits of narcissism in relationships; no special need for fuel; stay in self-control. Highly emotionally manipulative.

    4. Tappan Zee says:

      Are you a narc? Your responses baffle me. Which school if so? Valid question. Not snark or sarcasm. Most would simply move on if “normal.” An empath would value the info. A narc would challenge, criticize, devalue, wound, show contempt and jealousy. That is what I gather. My construct could be telling me this rather than logic. I am curious if you know what you are NBM. I have no idea what you are. Truly. Maybe this is what a non narc and non empath looks like.

  10. Mandy says:

    This only truly works, in the end, if the supply is codependant or doesn’t reach out to learn & figure out what tf is going on. I burned that fucking covenant! I was too hardheaded & independent with him and even more so now! He can think what he wants in his f’d up head but that doesn’t exist in my reality..thetefore it has no control over me!!! I year of learning..a lifetime left to live & be happy! 😁

  11. Anne says:

    An invisible string! Even though I’m doing ok without him, it feels like just that. A soul walk of sorts. Again, this is no mental illness! A deal with the devil maybe? Laugh if you want, but what i saw was nothing less then hate, anger, and when you see someone’s eyes turn black, and what comes out of them in rages. Idk?

    1. Fiona says:

      Invisible string indeed Anne!

      I actually was always amused by his outbursts “what the f is wrong with you?!, You are a psycho!!!, if you don’t stop accusing me of things, I will stop talking to you forever, I am sick of this shit and it has to stop NOW, etc…”

      The only reason I calmed down in the past was the fear to lose contact with him. Now I cut contact myself, so yell all you want, I don’t care 🙂

    2. Adele says:

      Pure evil light blue eyes to black, creepy! 20 years of knowing the narc f..k spending the rest of my life with him on my tail, hurt me enough and still going through crap after separating they take your soul away and more.

    3. Adele says:

      My Narcs eyes turn from Pale blue to dark, I agree with you Ann it spooked me out they have a deal with the devil

  12. Twilight says:

    That contract was signed at the dawn of time…..

    Pleasure of Love last but a moment
    Pain of Love lasts a lifetime

    Bettie Davis

  13. Fiona says:

    I told him I can’t do this anymore and would cut communication. He said it was sad but he understood. Lately I’d been monitoring his thing with the new IPSS closely and it angered him beyond belief (while calling it “offensive false accusations”).

    When he said “sad, but I understand” after all of this, does it mean he will leave me the hell alone HG? I know you say it is never final but even when I pissed him off so much and affected his golden period? I feel he is relieved to see me go forever.

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