The Narcissistic Truths – No. 138



9 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 138”

  1. HG, I have just read your book “Chained.” Wow! I have 90 percent of these traits. It was very eye opening! Thank you for the insightful read! I was never a primary source. Makes me wonder why I do not appear to have been recognized for what I am. No narc has ever attempted to make me primary. I know I should rejoice.

  2. My ex was critical when i asked him why he stopped saying “i love u.”

    But why so many arrows pointing towards u in the pic? I think u r relaying that you’re critical as a result of being criticized.

  3. I took this to mean “I am critical” of the many “perceived” criticisms that come my way (via the arrows). I also read into this that the word “critical” can mean a point of transition from one state to another …….and therefore if all, or some, of these arrows hit the narc target then you can expect a crisis point or a disaster to occur……a narc meltdown of sorts……..On saying all of that I have a very vivid imagination…….it could well mean something far simpler…….Diva


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