The Narcissistic Truths – No. 149



15 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 149”

  1. HG can I wound the narcsisst by saying they are abusive, especially towards children. The only thing I know is they were abused as a child.

      1. HG thank you very much, I didn’t want to wound them but they left me no choice. The hoovers didn’t work the smear campaign is on and I don’t even care. It appears that she is lesser and to me and my family my grandchildren are the greatest and I’ll protect them with everything I have. The envy of this kind sticks out like a sore thumb.
        Just sit back and watch them destroy themselves while silently taking notes.

  2. I am a walking disaster so I get criticised all of the time, but it usually just tickles me and I burst out laughing……..I just say……..”You really have no idea how much effort I put in to being imperfect, just so you don’t feel inadequate.”……Diva

      1. Hey K…..make that comment your own!!!!!! It is 100% blame shifting…….I can teach that narc a thing or two!!!!!!!!!!!!……Diva

  3. And how I wish (& how useless this saying is) that I could save & fix the narcissist I have concern for. (Love & concern are very different I found out….who knew? 😛)
    I recently did research & via the APA (American psychiatric association) learned that having left (escaped) or been discarded from a narcissist & his/her abuse can leave us empaths with Stockholm syndrome.
    No wonder when I see rocks, or know that the narcissist I still care for is in pain that I want to rescue him from himself.

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