How the Narcissist Evades When Questioned


You will have questions for the narcissist. Lots of questions.

They never get answered.


Why is the narcissist so evasive?

Why do simple questions receive a response as if you have commenced an interrogation?

Why won’t the narcissist give you the answer to a straight forward question?

Why won’t the narcissist answer even when it would be in his best interests to do so?

Why must you get answers from the narcissist?

What happens when you ask a question when painted white?

What happens when you ask a question when painted black?

What happens when you ask a question when you enter Challenge Mode?

What are the ways in which the narcissist evades your questions?

What steps can you take to prevent this problem caused by the narcissists evasiveness?

Sick of the anger, frustration and hurt caused by the evasiveness of the narcissist? Then it is time to get some answers and gain those answers which will actually help you and ensure you move forward, rather than remain stuck.

Avoid the evasion and get THE answers.

Get the answers HERE

119 thoughts on “How the Narcissist Evades When Questioned

  1. Asp Emp says:

    LOL, the image of the guy against the wall……..

  2. Mary says:

    My husband uses all of these tactics. Thankfully I have found out what he is and why he does what he does. Its hard for me to not engage with him and show my emotions but I’m working on it and I’m not being effected by him as much. Oh most recently he called me a pest! So I got a kick out that last one.

  3. Roshall says:

    Narcissistic people have a deep internal shame which they love deflecting on others. Their fragile sense of self makes them hypersensitive individuals who have a fear of accountability as they believe that if they accept one thing wrong with them then they will have to accept all the shameful things(according to them) wrong with them. Public humiliation is the worst things for them as they have a deep need for validation and look for the world to fill their inner chronic emptiness.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Roshall, thank you for your observation although it is incorrect. There is no conscious fear of accountability, not any conscious belief that acceptance of one thing wrong with us means we have to accept all shameful things. It is about control. We suffered a lack of control environment (see To Control Is To Cope) in our formative years, this makes us hypersensitive (you got that part correct) but not to accountability per se, but to control. A challenge to accountability is a challenge to control, as is for example a challenge to our sense of entitlement. We must exert control and do so at all times. The vast majority of narcissists are unaware of this need (Lesser and Mid Range) and the instinctive response arises from a need to exert control. Greaters are aware of the need for control.

      1. Sundance says:

        Roshall just described my spouse. If it doesn’t describe narcissism, then what is it? It must be something because it’s destroying our life. His inability to be honest and the great weight of shame makes him repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

        1. Rod says:

          You right theydo that n dont care who they hurt. She use my kids to lie for her

  4. Narayan Neuapne says:

    Thank you so much this article has open an eye.such a awful creature do they even feel bad about what they do. Why are always low self -esteem person and empathetic person are the target

    1. HG Tudor says:

      See the book Sitting Target – empathic people make the best targets as they fulfil the Prime Aims the most effectively, are the easiest to seduce and stay ensnared longer and easier and are easier to hoover.

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