The Narcissistic Truths – No. 206


5 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 206

  1. Oh yes!
    At least mine would admit to being a social chameleon!
    He’d say “I can go ANYWHERE and make friends.”

  2. Bubbles🍾 says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,

    Different masks for different people.
    Talk about exhausting!

    Love your memes, very creative

  3. narc affair says:

    True chameleons.

  4. Bibi says:

    It’s Thanksgiving night in the US and so I streamed off NF Liv Ullman’s adaptation of Strindberg’s Miss Julie. Quite good, even if a bit drawn out. I’m a big Strindberg junkie, yet I do think that Jean’s character reveals a great version of an Upper Lesser Narc.

    I have seen many versions, including the Alf Sjoberg’s 1951 film, as well as having read the play many times, and Jean’s character always struck me as horribly cruel, albeit his cruelty evolves over time.

    In the Liv Ullman version, you actually feel sorry for him in the beginning, as Julie is quite the bitch, but as time goes on, you can see how manipulative he is towards her. He murders her canary and then leads her to suicide. She is so weak and willing to do whatever he says.

    I just thought I’d share for anyone wanting to see a film involving a narcissist character. I think Jean is the classic Victim Upper Lesser, who ultimately leads Julie to her demise. Granted, she is not a very nice person, albeit she is very vulnerable.

    This play has always struck me as great ‘high melodrama.’ This film is not for everyone, but I do recommend.

    1. Catherine says:

      Hi Bibi,

      You’re so right about that play. I’m from Sweden and I adore Strindberg. Especially Miss Julie. I always saw it as an erotic play on so many levels; class, gender, power and control. Jean and Miss Julie go through the whole spectrum of an abusive relationship, intermittently seizing and loosing power, and I’m not even sure who abused whom in the end. I do agree though that Jean is a prototype of a narcissist, but I’m not sure that Miss Julie isn’t.

      This strikes another note in me. I’d almost forgotten. I met my narcissist ex online and the name I was using on that site was Miss Julie. I guess I should’ve seen what was coming my way, literally playing with fire that way..;)

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