The Narcissistic Truths – No. 212



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  1. It didn’t matter how attractive, intelligent, charming, humorous, playful, motivated, supportive, etc. I was.

    It didn’t matter how many times he told me he loved me and how he had never felt so strongly before and how after we would bang he would say that I was the best sex he has ever had. He’s said it all before. He would have taken practically anything fairly decent that was thrown his way.

    It’s disgusting and pathetic.

    I remember he used to say “Well, we certainly don’t have issues in the sex department. We are soooo good there.” This of course was when I wasn’t banging him multiple times a day.

    When that stopped …. any kind of semi decent behavior disappeared.

  2. Sure! That’s why they quickly replace us. He has told me so many times that I am “unique and special” but I think he would say it to everyone. By now, however, he has disappeared for 2 months since I stopped him telling him that it was all over us. And I have good reasons to believe she has found a new one … obviously she will be “unique and special”.

    1. Yes Twilight..


      Another of many repeat comments by the conveyor belt.
      …I rest my case.

      1. Dr Quinzel

        Lol creature…later I was call a demon and a narcissist. My best friend tells me I am an angel that was born in hell, then escaped. That may explain why home feels the way it does to me. Food for thought, thanks Dr.

  3. Indeed.

    Yet another projection however.

    Another con by narc..though it is another truth in projection..afterall.. these narcs have been clearly shown to do and say the same things.
    Over and over again.

    Attack of The Clones.

    We are more individual as empaths because we have different strings to our bow.. this being evident in the stealing of new character traits fron
    one empath to the other as though no end to the new and interesting..
    …which is more than can be said for the constant repeats and lack of surprises we often see from one narc to another…(mostly)

    1. Excellent! Yes, there you have it, NA.. never has anyone I’ve ever known made me question literally everything I was told.. from what he really thought about me to where he said he lived.. i trust absolutely none of it.

      I often say – if someone says “trust me” – don’t, bc if you could trust them, they wouldn’t have to say it… perhaps I’ll add “honestly” to that!

    1. K, the question is – who cares if a man thinks of you as an appliance? If you suspect that that is his mantra get rid of him from your heart and mind and start treating him as an appliance too while finding a better man. There is always someone better…

      1. Sniglet
        I am almost done exorcising that rat bastard from my emotional thinking. My goal is the end of January. Then I can find someone better, as long as he can pass the narc test. I would rather be alone than with a narc.

  4. But of course. I am the sun, the others are just clouds blocking my coruscation. I would be skeptical of anybody who would declare such words to me no matter how I perceive myself.

  5. Fall 2015: The Hatred

    My MMRN said, “You are the only one who means what you say.”
    I was baffled and replied, “What do you mean, I am the only one that means what I say? Don’t all people mean what they say?”

    MMRN: “No, you are the only one who means what you say. There’s no one else like you, you are the only one.”

    My memory isn’t great but I remember these cryptic words and I am fairly certain he told me this around Thanksgiving 2015.

    1. K,
      I know it is not quite the same thing as what you’re describing but your story tripped a different memory for me when my mid used to say “You are an amazing person, Gabrielle, you are not a bad person, you are the BEST person! I am a bad person!”

      Me: don’t be silly that’s ridiculous.

      What was that meme HG posted with the herd of sheep? Oblivious? Yup that be me.

      1. Gabs
        Yup, it was Oblivious. They do say cryptic things and now I understand why. And don’t feel bad I was oblivious, too. Sometimes it all seems like a nightmare. But we are awake now and things will get better with time. I am really happy you had your consult.

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