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I am your personal Jesus. I enter your life and bring light and healing. Have you been hurt and damaged by another who did not value the honesty, decency and truthfulness by which you lead your life? I will soothe your fevered brow and reassure you that you are a good person. I bring calm where there is confusion and misunderstanding. Listen to me as I explain to you how the world really is. I have created paradise. I will open its gates and let you gaze upon it. Feel the love, warmth and tranquillity flow from it. This is all yours. All you need to do is follow me. That is all I ask. Come with me and I will be your world. I am everywhere and understand everything. When you are feeling down I will call you and remind you of how wonderful you are. My angels will remind you through my text messages and love notes of how special you are. You have a place reserved in my heaven. I chose it for you.

If you feel that your journey through life has taken a wrong turn, let me guide you. If the road ahead seems dark and stony, do not be troubled. Climb onto my back and let me carry you. I am your angel and my wingspan is wide enough to protect both of us from the darkness that lurks in the world. Open your heart to me. Give it freely and it will prosper under my stewardship. Listen to my words. They are imbued with wisdom and you are welcome to keep them as watchword to your heart. For too long you have struggled alone. I am here to relieve your burden and show you the wonderful, beautiful perfect love that you deserve. Just take my hand and follow me.

I am your saviour.


32 thoughts on “A Personal Jesus”

  1. With wings made of ash…there is scant chance of being carried.
    The oasis is a beach wrought with quicksand pits
    Concerns for anyone else is akin to a fart in the wind for all the depth and weight that concept holds.
    Narcissists are empty, bereft, terrified liars seeking sanctuary in another’s house under construction.
    And dare to complain about the accommodations.
    Motherless feral mongrels….the lot of you.
    Shells…echoes of your personal horrors if one listens…ive been listening.
    Though grateful for the insight…the experience far exceeded the required lesson.

    1. You are welcome, thank you for clarifying. This book is in progress and will be available in the Spring – it contains several jaw droppers.

  2. Thanks for replying. My question is: Are there methods of desensitization? of actually not being sensitive to the outputs of the Narc (social media posting, etc)? (besides gaining knowledge, besides no contact)

    1. It is not so much as desensitisation (as that is what occurs when you are numbed which is a different outcome) but rather building your Logic Defences which will shield you. This is covered in Zero Impact which you mentioned in a separate post.

    2. It helps to put it all in perspective. They aren’t Jesus, just human just like us.

      Be careful not to give them too much devine power.

  3. I can’t picture my ex-narcs as Jesus, the thought just makes me laugh.

    Midrangers, they are just so mediocre.

  4. Oh how quickly it all changes once you allow yourself to begin to believe it. I have now incurred two narcissists. The moment I asked each of them questions that disrupted the fantasy they had created with me, they backed off from full time Jesus to when-it-felt-convenient-to-them Jesus. And then eventually just gone.

    Second narc identical to the first. Never mean…just became a savior and then suddenly pulled the plug and faded away.

    Tell me, Mr. T, do you pull away because the challenge is gone? The fun for you ends when we start to take the relationship seriously? You yank my “fear of abandonment” chain by pulling back, correct?

  5. All right, HG, personal Jesus, I have yet another question for you (my several last went unanswered, I pray for this one to be addressed). A year ago (more or less), you mentioned that a book was on the making, dealing with the subject of desensitization. If I understood correctly, you aimed to enlighten us about counter-manipulation techniques.

    I tend to agree with MLA Clarece that something sounds not quite right in “I’m in NC 1 year 4 months 2 minutes and 30 sec.” You’d say: “Bullshit, that’s your emotional thinking talking”. I understand the force in that and I get that NC seems to be the only available route for us all. BUT, I have an aspiration for a “magical/subconscious” Empath/Angel Tool-Box ,that alongside the cool-hard logic vessel, allows for a thorough desensitization, without the shutting down of the senses.
    Thank you !

  6. Very interesting in light of the fact that I just listened to a recent interview with Sam Vaknin wherein he says that that narcissist makes a religion of himself and enlists others to worship him.

      1. You are number one HG and i know you wont share the podium but i do hope one day you consider doing some interviews with others in the field like sam vaknin, ross rosenburg to name a few. I think the exchange of information and thoughts would be very beneficial and interesting to hear.
        Theres only one HG! 🤗

    1. Hi horseyak…id have to agree with that statement. I watched a utube on this very topic and most narcs are athiests. If they arent theyre probably holy narcissists or dirty angels. Their ego restricts them from believing in any other higher power and the fact theyll never be accountable for their actions. They are their own god and answer to nobody.

  7. That’s certainly how it felt. The very things he was happy to support me through are now an irritant to him. The saviour is missing in action.

  8. No, just no.

    Never were – never will be.

    Like all things narcissistic, you have taken it way too far… you’re not even close, in how I think of you.

  9. Dear Mr Tudor,
    I was totally entranced with that.
    But when I got to the part “Climb onto my back and let me carry you” .. the “Gingerbread Man” story popped into my head and I snapped out of it 😂

    Your power is great ….. unfortunately 😂

  10. This is exactly how my narcs filled my voids in life. Its definitely a false sense of security. This weighs heavily on my mind daily. Fortuneatly i have my god i pray to as well and hes never failed me when i needed him most 💓
    This relationship has been the most complex situation ive ever been in. Yes emotion clouds the cold logic i do see that but it is very difficult all the same.

  11. How true. The soul spirit mind death comes when the ‘savior ‘ becomes the torturer and executioner. That’s why I left and he’s working on making me pay . No one who hasn’t lived it understands. He soaks up the praise and sympathy as he secretly cuts off my air while playing the magnanimous long suffering saint abandoned by a jezebel . Little by little he’s weaving his verbal web over my once friends & support system. I’m reading every HG book as fast as I can but he’s had a lifetime of practice and I’m a shell. Terrible to truly contemplate suicide at moments , which I’d never do only bcs of protecting loving raising my children , but to feel that low only for offering love to him? God help us. Truly.

  12. Oh, he did bail me out from bad situations (two different relationships with, you guessed, other narcs). Took care of me, nursed me back to a normal weight, helped me move, etc. But the head games started earlier the 2nd time around, when I was in the formal relationship. My personal whackadoo is a heavy drinker, which didn’t help. His IPPS is expected to drink with him, starting early on our weekends together.

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