The Narcissistic Truths – No. 223



27 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 223”

  1. When a song is our song it means something, but I wonder what does it mean to a narc?

    I know they mimic the taste of their current crush in the idealization phase, and they pretend to like ballads etc. when she likes them, but do they have a particular taste of their own HG?

    Can you prefer a genre of music over another? Does this music then make you “sad” or “happy” (or your fuel filling version of it)? Or is it just noise to you?

  2. Get this: his “song for me” (Ha!) was called “Makin’ Me Look Good Again.” Guess he couldn’t find one called “Your Fuel Is Better Than My Exes'” or “Your Positive Traits Are Mine Now.”

  3. Ha…John Legends’ “All of Me”….saw him in concert, and i will remember this song forever.

    Foolish me.

      1. Oddly enough, Lana del Rey is a Super Empath! No wonder she is a perfect soundtrack for narc relationships.

  4. Nex used to sing to me, while laying down next to me. He wud choose the most romantic song. Later, when i asked him why he did that if he never loved me, he said “i didn’t think u would take it that way”. Lollll! How else am i supposed to take it? Esp if he has his hands around my waist while laying together, and he is playing with my hair. Well that was yesterday, this is today – the all time basic narc rule!

  5. Dear Mr Tudor,
    I used to work in the “record” industry … in another past life.
    I dance to and hear my own tune!

    1. OMB (Buddha) … does that make me a narcissist 😱

      What I meant was … I was never in that position, but I do understand.
      They’re there without a tune 🤢😂

  6. Ours was “Did I make the most of loving you?”. It’s from Downton Abbey. Beautifull song, I still love it.


    1. He really uses song lyrics to get to me… he is still doing it. “Our” song was “Sixes and Sevens” by Robert Plant but any Zeppelin or Plant song will do as far as he’s concerned. He says the song that reminds him of me is “Whole Lotta Love” but that’s in good times…. In bad times, he sends me the lyrics to AC/DC’s song “Kicked in the Teeth.” There are too many to count. I’m about to clear out my iTunes and start over!

  7. Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”.
    I’ll always think of the fade to black finale of The Sopranos… and JN.

  8. Everpresence ughhhh….im curious what others tunes were? Did you have a song you and the narc shared?
    Ours is eternal love by the bangles but that being said so many songs trigger.

    1. Ours was a Swedish song. Kent « Utan dina andetag »

      But come to think of it, his favourite song, and I love it too, is really scaring me now. I didn’t think of it that way before but it speaks volumes now. Disturbed « The Sound of Silence »

      1. Dear Catherine,
        God Jul !
        I must be sick … cos I absolutely love
        Disturbed … the sounds of silence
        Best version I’ve ever heard!

      2. Kimi,

        It’s really powerful. And I will always associate my narcissist with this version of the song. To me it’s about total disconnection and fits perfectly.

    2. Open your heart by Madonna

      I recorded it and said it was for him,so it became “his” song. I can’t listen to or sing this song anymore.

  9. There used to be a time he was my pied piper and I would dance to his tune, but thank God I don’t hear that tune in my head anymore.

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