Away In A Bolthole


Away in his bolthole, he won’t come to bed,

He’s too busy surfing, a new source to embed,

The mouse clicks in the night time as he starts now to play,

And starts spreading his bullshit to all he will lay.

He knows that I am lonely, and that I’m still awake,

And I’m starting to realise I’ve made a massive mistake,

I love him no I hate him and he will make me cry,

But he said I am his until the day that I die.

So I turn on my tablet and I start my own search,

I am tired of this arsehole leaving me in the lurch,

I’m worth more than he is and I need to be free,

Now what’s this Evil page and who is this chap HG?


70 thoughts on “Away In A Bolthole”

  1. Narc angel:
    “I bet it was a creampuff Mid that came up with the cannoli.”

    Leave the gun, take the cannoli?

  2. HG:

    “Lumbered up limbo down
    The locked embrace, stumble round
    I say go, she says yes
    Dim the lights, you can guess the rest.”

    On that note, It maybe a bit of an inappropriate question HG, but it’s not meant that way:

    I know you don’t like to be touched, so if you could get the same potent fuel without having sex, would you then stop having it?

    Or do you also have lust, like all men have?

    1. Sex is purely the conduit for fuel, binding and exerting control. If baking a cake produced the same result we would be the word’s best bakers.

      1. Ha ha..
        Maybe my nex and I should have done some baking together.. I suck at baking though. (Sorry, I know it’s one of your rules not to discuss cooking or bakery, but since you mentioned the topic yourself.. ;))

  3. “Lumbered up limbo down
    The locked embrace, stumble round
    I say go, she says yes
    Dim the lights, you can guess the rest.”

    No!!! Stop implanting songs in my head!!! You’ve already caused “Never Let Me Down Again” to be stuck there by mentioning DM!!
    It is now playing a mash up with “Love Is The Drug”!!!
    (pretty good mash up actually)

    Time to throw my friend in the car and take a long ride!

  4. Speaking of altering your voice: my sister does an excellent “Englishman from India” and her “German guy speaking English” is brilliant too.

    I wonder if this is a narc trait.

  5. When I get too close for comfort and say A, you immediately become defensive and say B.

    Off course I know your real voice. When you read your texts you sometimes use it and sometimes you don’t.

    But when you interact with people for a longer period of time you forget about your voice after a while and start to talk naturally.

    I can also tell when your laugh is real and when it’s not. It isn’t that hard you know.

      1. Aren’t you the narcy Narc HG! Altering your voice… I am disappointed to realize that! Although, you never sounded as I’d expect you to on your videos and broadcasts.

      2. OK HG, you’re a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a puzzle, wrapped in a paradox, inside a mystery 🙂

      3. I’d love to – LOVE to…

        I haven’t been give the chance..

        I have the impression it is like you described the schoolyard bully.. holding my lunch money just out of reach while I jump.. and he laughs…

        1. Lumbered up limbo down
          The locked embrace, stumble round
          I say go, she says yes
          Dim the lights, you can guess the rest.

          1. I’m giving away my age but when he was in Roxy music he had the honor of starring in my first preadolescent wet dream lol

          2. Oh, this changes everything! I thought you would have dark hair! I am not into blondes. Oh well, I guess I will be on the lookout for another dashing knight, but with dark hair! Wow.

  6. Hey HG, when you do live broadcasts on youtube, is it a voice-over? Otherwise, how do you know none of your previous targets haven’t listened and know it’s you?

      1. I always know when you use your natural voice and when you embellish it a bit, because then you speak more slowly and you lower the tone of your voice until it sounds ominous.

        I prefer your real voice though, because it sounds friendlier and more human. It makes me lower my guard though and I know that isn’t a smart thing to do in your case.

        I guess from listening to your accent you’re from the south of England. It sounds posh, but you say a “k” after your “g” (e.g. thingk instead of thing) and that gives you away.

      2. I wonder if M. Tudor is ever going to show himself- his appearance (or, maybe just one eye, or the mouth, or nose, or forehead)? I would like to see the mouth as my first choice. Second choice is one eye, complete with eyebrow.

    1. I had wondered if you used some device to change your voice HG thatd be an obvious thing to do bc your voice would be a dead giveaway to any exes out there or people that know you irl. I cant imagine any of your exes not coming across your work. That mystifies me how its not happened yet. You are a walking mystery lol

      1. Even if one of his many exes did recognize his voice, most likely he would deny deny deny.It would be a losing battle anyway. Lol

  7. Away in it’s Bolthole no passion it made

    A little Blue tablet was the best it could take..

    A wank a bonus. Come was plus …

    It couldn’t shag a barbers floor if it’s life depended on it .

  8. Come join us for the blogposts, they will all set you free,

    This whole new information, a new life it will be.

    The lesser, the mid-ranger, and the greater ones too,

    they will no longer hold that tight leash over you.

    By reading and by comments the understanding will come,

    and little by little your heartache is gone.

    HG he will teach you, you can talk to him too,

    and the fuel of salvation is provided for you.

    Just listen and adapt to every word that he says,

    so you no longer have to be a part of this mess.

    His well-placed advices on the words of his kind,

    it will bring out your logic and put ease to you mind.

  9. This Tudor Carol is an absolute riot! Last February when I was on YouTube and saw the Evil heart on the right side bar, I kept thinking: who is this Tudor guy? I have to check him out.

  10. Just a question – Have any of your exes (or currents) found this site and not known it was you? Maybe even followed the site?

      1. What about pam bergner who used to post here? Asking u to pls tell her narc that she’s proud of him, and to give her regards to ur sister? I always wondered who her narc was, and how u wud have his contact info?

        Love this carol btw! Absolutely cheered me up!

    1. Hi SC…i wondered about this too but just thought maybe the stories were altered a bit and the names if course. As for HG’s voice that would be difficult to disguise. The narcissist community online is small and its definitely a question why none of HG’s exes havent found out but im sure HG has taken steps to protect his privacy. Also he moderates the blogband u tubes so theyd not be able to get posts thru.

      1. I just had a funny thought if one of HG’s exes found this blog and learned from it. Actually thatd be kind of cool.

      2. Yes names have been altered and some details altered slightly but it does not detract from the thrust of the relevant article.

      3. Hi HG…oh definitely. Even if it were completely made up the main thing is the lesson and relevance to narcissism. Its the message the story holds thats important.

  11. I found this delightful to read… comical… spreading his bullshit to all he will lay… boy, that says it all, doesn’t it…
    Unlike Slay Ride… I found that post terrifying! It actually scared me to see HG write with so much contempt. It was so mean. I guess that’s real insight into mind.

    Hope everyone’s well and enjoying a narc free season!
    Does anyone know if HG doing a live broadcast soon?

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