The Rules of Ex Club – No. 11


8 thoughts on “The Rules of Ex Club – No. 11

  1. Joy4Life says:

    Deeeeeeeeeeesgusting and meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean!

  2. Julie says:

    And that’s why I never truly trusted him…

  3. Recovering Narcoholic says:

    Yep. He wanted to stay “friends” with me — undoubtedly so he could use me for triangulation with the new IPPS. Fuck that, I said.

    1. sarabella says:

      Yep. Thing is, I recognized posts someone he was grooming and saw the entire pattern in her posts that I went through. Then I saw some young girl he targeted afterwards and I saw her little posts here and there. Never specifically identified him, but I knew they were for him. Yep, same pattern. in the bery brief one exchange we had 9 months ago after 6 months of quiet, he managed to work her into the conversation. He never used her name, but I am pretty sure he used MY/OUR story as a way to lure her in. I knew immediately he was triangulating me so he must have been using me to triangulate with her. So yeah, it was pretty much a “no thank you” even though it was really hard to accept how willingly he was to hurt me and not protect me. But the assumption that he would take care of our allegedly newly found realtionship blinded me and I was not cautious enough with him until it was too late.

      Yes, not thank you. I am sure he is using my story to triangulate right now, but at least I am an inactive part of his triangulating; meaning I am not hearing it or feeling any effects of it.

  4. Sarabella says:

    I wasn’t a girlfriend but there was intimacy and then he tried to make me a friend. I said No Thank You though it took a while. I sensed he was arranging a perpetual “on his terms” dynamic. No thanks. I guess he is used to it though which explained why so many of his real exes remain in his orbit, including his ex wife. Granted they have 3 kids, but she is still in his orbit I think even thiugh she kicked him out. No way in hell was I settling for that. He just wasn’t that great a person to go for that. He thought he was.

  5. Bubbles🍾 says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,

    “Potentially” from his perspective ….
    non existent from mine ..
    sucks to be him…. haha
    Just the thought of it …. Ewww… 🤢

    They think they’re gods gift to women … when actually … they ain’t !
    Delusional much !

    Good one Mr Tudor

  6. narc affair says:

    Ughhhh this is what i worry about and im sure is true to some extent.

  7. Marjorie Murphy says:


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