A Letter To The Narcissist – No. 54


moon letter to narc

 Dear Sunshine,
                            Well,you were my third lightning strike. So that means you’ve got some really good game.I wanted to congratulate you on how well you played me.Man,you really went above and beyond.
All those years of pretending to be my friend before confessing your love to me. It blows me away how much time and work you put in.Amazing job on pursuing me and knocking down all the walls I had built up. A beautiful display of love bombing. Absolute perfection.
You made me feel safe giving you my heart. I had the security of our friendship and felt that I had a pretty good idea of who you were as a person. All of it must have exhausted you. I guess that’s why your mask slipped so quickly. I knew you as the cool guy with a fun, outgoing,colorful personality, comedic with a sunny outlook on life, strong but gentle , an “open book” with a romantic heart.
And I left you as a lying, selfish, scheming ,weak,boring, creepy,irresponsible ,meth induced ,thieving , gay crossdresser . Damn, you really had me going there for a bit. I never saw it coming ,not from you.
    Yes,I left you. I left the others too. I always leave first and do it unexpectedly .Treat me right and I will treat you better, but if you decide to play me for the fool,you will have to pay the price. Before I go, you must be exposed. So I smile, pretend all is well, and act oblivious to the insanity. I watch and I wait untill I gather all the information to prove you are not who you claim to be. You never saw it coming,not from me.
Years down the road,if you are ever feeling frisky,and decide to go reaching on your shelf looking for me,don’t bother. My chord is still cut. If you don’t believe me plug it in and see. I assure you nothing will happen. Just ask the others. Stangely enough, I have a shelf too. Three lightning strikes that turned into three beautiful gold trophies. Try if you must to crush my soul and enslave me . Try to steal my inner light. You cannot because it is mine. It is protected and you can never have it. No one can.
  Game over,

12 thoughts on “A Letter To The Narcissist – No. 54

  1. Jasmine says:

    *cheers* sounds like we have much in common. Gold star for you! 🌟 Keep up the good work

  2. Ugotit says:

    Love it

  3. Bibi says:

    So many gay ones. HG, I would be really interested in your thoughts on why this is the case. Perhaps a future article?

  4. narc affair says:

    Hi moon….i really love your outlook on life and your experience. Im sorry you were decieved the way you were bit you chose to turn a losing situation into a winning one by reclaiming your power and leaving…for good! Your story motivates me in so many ways. You learning from the situation is a trophy gained!

  5. Courtney says:

    Hg please give us your thoughts on the letters. I am curious to know how narcissist would react to them.

  6. Joy jefferson says:

    … Did I write this letter? … Who did I must find you!

  7. Mb says:

    Bravo Moon! How diff you keep so much clarity & strength amidst the devaluing word salad has lighting manipulation? I was set up and smashed down emotionally so many times b4 I started to document the jelly & Hyde and predict cycle of abuse . I put so much trust faith heart & soul into believing his smooth honeyed lies and like a good believer forgave only to be hurt again and again. How did you maintain your strength of self throughout? Sounds like a hard fall he put you through.

  8. The.Thrill.Is.Gone. says:

    Great letter!

  9. Lisa says:

    Love it!!

  10. HG,

    Lovely photo cover you used for, Moons letter by the way. I absolutely love it.

    The cover photo used for Moons letter. caused many triggers for me, HG. I was unable to control my emotional thinking and broke down.
    Many nights i would find myself all alone crying to the moon because of all the pain i suffered, while being in a abusive relationship with, a Lesser Somatic Narcissist.

    Your blog is very powerful, and i am truly thankful for all that you do.

    Your like a dark angel, HG. I adore you so much.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  11. Moon,

    Game over, you won!

    Sounds like you seized the power.

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