Red Flag

Know the signs so it does not happen again.

Know the signs so others are not ensnared.

Know the signs before it is too late.

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4 thoughts on “Red Flag

  1. Thank you for writing this one.The list and examples format was very helpful.

    I wish I had got to it sooner. 🙂

    1. Jasmine says:

      Perse, is it helpful for the future?

      1. Jasmine,
        Yes, it is.
        He enumerates many behaviors and traits that will help you identify that you may be, or are, involved with a narcissist. A lot of it does pertain to a possible intimate, but many traits could also apply to friend, boss, relative, category.
        It has helped me avoid at least one. He didn’t even get to first date.

        1. Jasmine says:

          Thank you for the review Perse! I’ve now added it to my arsenal. Ready to go to battle lol (prepping Anyhoo)

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